The top 3 tools for managing social media in 2022

Social media is among the most effective tools available for small and medium-sized companies. You can use it to find new customers and drive traffic to your website. Stay in touch with customers who are already in contact. However, as with all tools, you need to know how you utilize them. It is challenging to manage multiple email accounts and post on various platforms, and keeping things on track is almost impossible with the standard apps for users. For this to be done correctly, it is necessary to use an app for managing social media. Automate sharing or cross-post without lifting a handThe most effective social media management tools allow users to manage their social media presence from one place. It is easy to automate, analyze and manage all your accounts to concentrate on creating the type of content that your followers love. After selecting an app for managing social media, you're ready to make it more effective and efficient by automatizing it. Check out the ways you can automate your social media marketing. If you're predominantly on Instagram, Here are three ways to automate publish to Instagram to promote business.

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What is the best Social Media Management Tool?

How do we assess and test applications?

Have one goal: they are designed to help you manage your company's social media presence effortlessly and efficiently. The majority of small companies don't have the resources or time to post updates individually and check each website a couple of times per day. In this light, we set out pretty specific criteria for what we thought was an excellent tool for managing social media:

It's easy to spend time on social media, whether posting for your own business or personal. It shouldn't be an all-hands-on task that requires time each day. This is why we needed applications that would allow you to plan future updates and posts to batch your social media activity into a few blocks every week. It was also ideal if apps could provide the ability to access your social media accounts far from the feed, which means you could respond to customers without being sucked into.

Social Media Management Tool

How do we assess and test applications? Source: Proreviewsapp

All the apps needed to be affordable for medium and small-sized businesses. There are a lot of influencers or enterprise-focused apps that charge premiums for features you'll never utilize. The price wasn't the main problem as the value for money.

It's also important to know that each app comes with an initial trial for free or the option of a completely free plan. Do not decide only on our experiences. Try the three or four which seem like they could be the best fit for you, then proceed from there.

Buffer (Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Pad is among the oldest social media tools, primarily aimed at scheduling posts, but it's been through multiple changes, shifts, and variations. It works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Free users can join up to three accounts on social media, including Facebook Pages and Groups.

When you sign up for your first social network, Buffer will create a schedule for you. Go to settings and then the Posting Calendar to modify at any point, remove or add time slots, or even deactivate the entire day. The more places you have there, the more posts you'll have to schedule; however, making updates easy is a breeze using Buffer's intuitive dashboard, mobile applications, and a browser extension.

Buffer provides web browser extension extensions that work with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari for scheduling content on the internet. Select the Buffer icon on your toolbar (or utilize a keyboard shortcut) and then compose your update and select add to the queue to create a schedule. There are mobile apps available to each iOS and Android, which allows you to plan your schedule while on the move.

Buffer - Small Business Social Media Management Tool, Source: Youtube, Buffer

While the free plan offered by Buffer is sufficient to get you started but if you're looking for an even more comprehensive solution for managing social media or want to work over three accounts on social networks simultaneously, it is necessary to pay $6 per month for each social network for The Essentials Plan. You'll have access to comprehensive analytics and engagement tools that allow you to communicate with your users directly through Buffer. (Also, should you wish to add team members to the same platform, Buffer goes up to 12 dollars per month per account on social channels.)

With Zapier, it's simple to connect any other application you're using with Buffer. For instance, you can automatically add blogs to your calendar via WordPress or the RSS feed.

Buffer Cost: The free plan includes three accounts and one user with ten posts per profile. It starts at $6 per month for each social channel under the Essentials plan, which provides for total queued posts per account, and from just $12 per month for each social channel with the Team plan that offers unlimited users.

Hootsuite (Web, iOS, Android, Chrome)

If you're seeking a comprehensive solution for all your social media management requirements, Hootsuite will take care of everything. It is compatible with more than 20 social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Additional network connections are accessible via Hootsuite's Hootsuite application directory, although they may be unpredictable.

Hootsuite has a complete scheduler to queue posts at the times you choose. You can build your schedule or use Hootsuite's AutoSchedule feature to plan your posts at optimal times to engage users. By uploading a CSV file that contains ready updates by using Bulk Composer, you'll be able to keep your queue full for weeks, days, or months or even the entirety of a social campaign. After you've filled your line, you'll be able to access your posts through the Planner and change your schedule of updates with easy drag-and-drop.

One of Hootsuite's strengths is analytics, but you'll need to choose one of the higher-priced plans to avail of the complete set of analytics. It helps you comprehend the social impact of your actions by drawing upon more than 200 indicators to assess your organization's performance. After you've produced reports, you'll be able to export the reports as Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV files to use within your company. You can also run similar reports to gauge individual or team performance.

HOW TO USE HootSuite | Social Media Management for Small Business (HootSuite tutorial), Source: Youtube, Stewart Gauld

Hootsuite will also allow you to keep track of social media with customized social streams. These flexible feeds will enable you to look over social media for mentions, new followers keywords, hashtags, keywords, and engagement. You can create distinct streams that contain or exclude specific terms, types of posts, as well as locations and languages. For example, Suppose you're a business selling customized portraits. In that case, you might focus on the term portrait:( filters: images to locate negative posts that include the term "portrait" and have an image attached. It is possible to advertise to these users using your own company.

For larger companies, You can give various levels of access to multiple team members to ensure that passwords are not shared with everyone. The unit can utilize Hootsuite's content library included in the service to create updates using on-brand content that you can choose from. Hootsuite comes with free stock photos and GIFs thanks to GIPHY and the ability to join Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive to draw inspiration from your sources or on your paid account services such as Adobe Stock. It is possible to assign tasks to colleagues (like responding to messages and comments) and then make sure you approve replies before they are sent.

Hootsuite price: Free plan includes one user, three profiles, and 30 scheduled updates Starting at $39 per month (billed each year) with the Professional Plan, which provides for one user and ten profiles with unlimited scheduling; Plans for teams start at $129/month (billed each year).

SocialPilot (Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

With the many applications in this category, if you wish to outsource social media management to someone else within your company, you'll have to pay a high cost. (You can give them passwords to log in to conserve money. However, this comes with an array of security issues.) If you're using SocialPilot, however, it's a Small Team plan that starts at $50 per month and includes two additional team members, as well as twenty social media profiles. If you use Buffer or Hootsuite, you'd have to pay thousands of dollars extra each year.

SocialPilot Review For LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool, Source: Youtube, Pearl Lemon Group

Although the interface for users of SocialPilot is outdated, it's beneficial. A sidebar is a place for managing your posts and accounts accessing your inboxes, analytics, creating posts that come from RSS feeds, and adjusting your client and team setup. The features you'd expect from a practical social media management application are available, but it's the options for teams that are the most interesting.

The team members may be assigned roles according to what you would like them to perform. For example, you could make it so that authors submit their posts for approval or let managers make changes and schedules; however, you still have final approval. This enables you to give responsibilities to people you collaborate with without being required to grant them freedom.

SocialPilot is also compatible with Zapier, which means that you can add content into your SocialPilot queue when something happens within the other apps you are using the most.


With these 3 tools you will easily manage your social network, hope the article will help you.

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