The top Android cloud apps to protect your smartphone's data

You likely have a large amount of the most crucial information on your phone. In the end, you're better off using the most reliable Android cloud-based apps that external suppliers provide. There are also several advantages if you decide to utilize these apps. For instance, you could make a document at the office, work on it with your tablet traveling, and then communicate with colleagues at any time, wherever. We'll show you the most effective Android cloud-based apps.

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The cloud is for Android Online space for storage on the operating system

What about Google's operating system? The sad fact is that, up until now, Google hasn't provided a method to save a complete backup in Google Cloud. Google Cloud. One reason for this is that the app data stored on Android devices such as, for instance, is protected in that apps with legal rights don't have access to the data. To download, for example, scores from your favorite smartphone game after a crash, you'll require root access.

Computer Fundamentals - Cloud Storage - What is Online Storage and How Does it Work Explained Google, Source: Youtube, Professor Adam Morgan

This method of unlocking a phone comes with negatives and also benefits. First, you'll end your warranty which is the reason you should carefully consider this route. This is probably why the major Android cloud app makers do not include app storage via its root descriptions of their products.

If you don't want to, at the very least enable Google Backup within your device's settings to sync your contacts, calendar entries, emails as well as your Gmail account to all other devices that are connected with the Google Account - provided, of course, you've got one.

External cloud applications for Android

Android cloud applications are smartphones that let you save files to cloud storage rather than local disks and access it on any device you've authenticated (e.g., by using the password-protected share link).To protect your mobile data size and battery life, you can ensure that backups are only activated when you are connected to a WiFi connection or traveling with the UMTS or LTE. Some android cloud apps allow you to back up all applications installed, including personal, configuration, and access information - if the device you are using has been "rooted."

Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android in 2021 | Free Cloud storage Apps | Avs Edutech, Source: Youtube, Tech Hence

It is good to understand what constitutes an excellent cloud for Android before downloading it for less well-known services. In these cases, cloud storage services, the same quality standards apply to clouds generally:

  • As big memory as is possible (at minimum 1 GB in case of infrequent backups)
  • The Free version is intended for private and occasional users.
  • high speed of synchronization means that uploaded files can be immediately retrieved on other devices.
  • Smooth user interface and optimal user-friendliness
  • Additional features like sharing of files as well as folder structure and software integrations
  • The highest degrees of security of confidentiality (connection to the internet, encryption, server locations, and privacy policies)
  • A tremendous price-performance ratio for Pro versions

The top Android cloud applications

Certain cloud-based Android apps on the Play Store are generally more well-known than others, but the number of downloads should not be the sole criteria to consider when choosing a cloud app. The various cloud-based apps available for Android work similarly but provide different sizes in storage and multiple pricing plans and other features. The only way to determine which one is the best fit for you is to test it. Little details such as the design of the user interface or the menu structure could evaluate. This article will assist in the selection process.

Google Drive: 15 Free GB

Management of folders and data synchronization to the Google Cloud and file sharing (with other Google users or via external links) is easily managed by clicking the "+" button at the top of the page. Photos can also be saved in the cloud using Google Photos, even in a way that is automatic when they are taken. Integration with most popular Google Workspace applications: Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Presentations is another advantage of the application.

How to download more than 15gb in google drive| Google Drive Unlimited Storage Free, Source: Youtube, MovieNest

However, you need to transform documents created using Google Drive into Office Format before downloading them and working offline. In addition, Google Drive convinces its efficiency, resource-saving features, and rapid speed of synchronization. Two-factor authentication systems and encrypted connections provide adequate security. However, most Android users aren't going to wish to give their private information in the hands of a huge IT company.

Dropbox: well-known

The company was founded in 2007, and the widely-used Dropbox is among the first companies in the field and was even regarded as synonymous with the cloud. The desktop app and the Android cloud application have remained virtually unchanged since. 

The app's fast synchronization speeds are typical for Dropbox due to its exclusive technology. The technology was developed over time and comprised several parts: Delta Sync always updates only modified, single segments rather than a complete file. LAN Sync gives priority to files that are part of the same network. Additionally, with Streaming Sync, downloading documents starts when the first bytes are transferred to the cloud. This allows for record-time and synchronization across all of your devices.

Dropbox Review: Best Cloud Storage for File Sharing?, source: Youtube, cloudwards

The advantage is that Dropbox's servers are within the USA. However, the free storage space is not unique: 2 GB is much less than the 15GB available from Google Drive, but you can boost this amount up to 16GB by enlisting new Dropbox users - for each new user who is registered, there's 500MB more.

Similar to its competition Google, Dropbox also offers its word processing software named Dropbox Paper. It is required to download and connect to the application. Although it's not nearly as robust as a Microsoft Office program, it is linked directly to both this and Adobe Acrobat products. Dropbox Plus with 1TB in storage capacity is offered for $9.99 monthly. The Business version is available by contacting the manufacturer. It's about the same price and comes with 2TB of storage per user.

Microsoft OneDrive: full Office integration

One of the most significant advantages of OneDrive is clear: Being an Android cloud application from Microsoft, it is integrated into various Windows applications. For instance, it's possible to upload documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations directly from the particular application to the cloud. The desktop version of the mobile application is installed with every new Windows version, starting with Windows 8.1 - the perfect starting point for sharing files among families, friends, and colleagues who would prefer to work within their desktop environments rather than using their smartphones to share data.

How to use Microsoft OneDrive, Source: Youtube, Kevin Stratvert

You sign and get approvals by using hyperlinks with expiration dates which guarantee additional security. There's been some resentment globally due to their servers being located in the USA. However, there haven't been any significant issues with hacking or incidents, thanks to the modern TSL encryption of data connections.

Super Backup Best price

Be wary of the advertisements on the free version or the somewhat unsettling voice output. The external Android cloud application "Super Backup: SMS and Contact" and is referred to within the Play Store can undoubtedly compete with the top producers. Its strengths lie in its storage of contacts and SMS and calendar entries, call lists, and pictures that can be saved locally on the internal memory or your SD card. The manufacturer does not have their cloud; however, Super Backup is compatible with the Google Cloud and Dropbox. The backup of your files can be delivered directly to your Gmail email account.

Super Backup & Restore Review | EtazTecH, Source: Youtube, Etaz TecH

Yet, despite all its potential, Super Backup offers relatively very little functionality. Each category has to be manually restored and saved. Furthermore, backup settings can only be altered to a specific extent. Premium users pay the tiny, one-time amount of approximately. $2 to stop receiving ads permanently.


If you're trying to find the most reliable cloud application that works with your Android device, you should ask yourself, What amount of storage space do I need? How much will I need to pay? What are my experiences with the hardware and software? IT departments of both companies and private individuals can select from a range of paid and free Android cloud-based services.

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