Top JavaScript IDEs and Code Editors

There are many JavaScript IDEs to pick from but picking the most suitable one is becoming difficult. Before you dive more profound into the realm of JavaScript IDEs, we must first know what a JavaScript an IDE is.

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What exactly is JavaScript IDE?

  • "Integrated Development Environment" (IDE) is a term used to describe "Integrated development environment" (IDE) refers to a computer-based development environment. It's software for developing applications that give standard programming tools in a unified user interface. IDEs increase programmers' efficiency by combining routine software development tasks like making executables, editing code, and debugging into one application. 
  • Source code editor: A Editor of source codes is a place that allows you to write code to the program.
  • Local automated tools: When making a local build application, These tools are utilized to automate basic and repetitive tasks, such as compilation.


The most effective JavaScript IDEs provide powerful tools to automate the creation of code and testing and debugging. In the end, it can save money for small and large businesses.

What is the main difference between IDEs as well as editors?

The word "Integrated Development Environment" (IDE) is an advanced programming tool that makes programming easy. Some people prefer the ease of a basic code editor since they're easy to use and perfect when you're just starting with programming. Here are a few distinct differences between IDEs and editors that are table-based for ease of understanding.

Code Editors vs IDEs : Why you NEED to STOP using IDEs, Source: Youtube, Ishan Sharma 


  • AIDE is a collection of development tools designed to make programming easier. 
  • It integrates many advanced capabilities like code creation and building and testing all in one framework.
  • The key features are editing Text, compiling and debugging compilers, GUI syntax highlighting code completion, unit testing, and many more.


  • A code editor tool is a programmer's tool that allows the source program code editing.
  • It's an influential text editor with specific functions to speed up the writing process of code.
  • Some key features include syntax highlights multiview, indentation autocomplete, preview window.
  • Atom, Notepad++, Sublime Text are some of the most popular editors.

Top JavaScript IDE

Here's the list of the top JavaScript IDEs that can execute your code.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is Microsoft's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to assist in developing consoles, GUIs, and GUIs. Online applications, Web applications, mobile apps, cloud Web services, and cloud. You can write native and managed code using this IDE. It uses Microsoft's diverse platform for software development, including Windows Store, Microsoft Silverlight, and Windows API, among others. 

Visual Studio Code Crash Course, Source: Youtube, 

Key Features

  • Multi-language support is offered (such as JavaScript, TypeScript).
  • Debugging capabilities, such as connecting running applications and adding breakpoints.
  • The editor for code supports syntax highlight.
  • Automated code completion with IntelliSense
  • Code Editor supports bookmarks for quick navigation.
  • Many extensions add more functions.
  • Designer tools such as Windows form designer, class designer, web designer.


  • Support for cross-platforms for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • A free version of Visual Studio is also available.
  • It has a superb navigation system.
  • VS helps you search for, filter, and look at what you're writing with.
  • It permits further customization as well as the inclusion of third-party extensions.
  • With Visual Studio Visual Studio, you can develop native applications to run apps on Android, iOS, and Windows all from one location.


  • VS might take a while to install and then update Visual Studio.
  • While it's reliable, it can be costly in some cases compared to alternatives available in the market.
  • If you upgrade the older versions of Visual Studio to a newer version, previous versions might not work with the latest IDE.
  • The Community of developers complains about the complexity of JSX.


GitHub developed Atom as an Integrated Development Environment. It's a basic yet powerful editor for Text. It's open-source, accessible, and has the most effective GitHub integration available. Atom lets you do rapid project browsing and editing within a single window.

What Is an Atom and How Do We Know?, Source: Youtube, Stated Clearly

Key Features

  • Includes an integrated Package Manager.
  • Atom is a multi-pane device.
  • Tools for finding and replacing Atom are handy. Text inputs in files or across the entire project may be found to be viewed, edited, or changed.
  • Debugging in real-time is an attractive option for Atom.
  • Atom also comes with intelligent auto-completion.


  • It is straightforward to connect Atom with GitHub
  • It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • In addition, it's available for free.


  • It's slower and more unstable than the other widely used IDEs.
  • There is no execution of code in Atom.


WebStorm IDE is a Jet Brains software editor tool specifically designed for developers, as its name implies. It's the most sophisticated JavaScript editor to create web mobile, server, and desktop-based applications. Both server-side and client-side applications can be made with the help of development. It allows front-end development using Angular, React, or Vue.js and server-side or back-end development using Node.js and Meteor mobile development using Ionic, Cordova, and React Native and desktop applications development using Electron. This is built upon an open-source platform IntelliJ.

Overview of WebStorm, Source: Youtube, JetBrainsTV 

Key Features

  • You can find your code quickly using WebStorm.
  • It can be rolled back to earlier versions.
  • WebStorm has a broad selection of templates and plugins.
  • It comes with an integrated terminal.


  • The UI is highly familiar and looks like IntelliJ.
  • The intelligent auto-fix feature is highly beneficial.
  • It is pre-integrated with Angular, TypeScript, Vue, and React.
  • Debugging with WebStrom is fantastic.


  • It's hard to keep track of Git graphs and Rebates.
  • Favorites and bookmarks can be more efficient (bookmarks aren't separated into folders, and choices cannot be kept in file cabinets).


IntelliJ IDEA is yet another IDE developed by JetBrains. Two versions are available of the IDE: Community and Ultimate. This Community version is offered for free, whereas the Ultimate editions require a license purchase. IntelliJ IDEA is one of the most well-known IDEs, which has the essential goal of increasing developers' productivity. It also supports different programming languages that aren't Java and JS. 

Creating your first Java application with IntelliJ IDEA, Source: Youtube, IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains

Key Features

  • Static code analyzers can be built-in.
  • Most application servers include tools for deployment and debugging.
  • It is equipped with sophisticated code completion.
  • It is easy to integrate into Git.
  • Database editor as well as UML designer that comes with a variety of options


  • It is equipped with built-in version control, which means it is possible to go back to the previous version or state of a site you've saved.
  • There are numerous extensions and plugins that you can test.
  • Autocomplete can be extremely easy to use, and the feature of debug mode can be used on any platform and is available in any language.


  • It's pretty costly.
  • It uses a large volume of resources for computers, including memory.
  • The built-in console of the IDE is a bit slow.


Brackets is a no-cost text editor that is open-source and designed especially for web designers. Brackets is a web-based design tool for web developers and designers, created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, focusing on preprocessor and visual means. Support. The mixture of graphic tools will ensure that you receive the right amount of help when you need it without disrupting the process of creating. It's a more effective, straightforward, and enjoyable way to code.

My favorite text editor - Brackets, Source: Youtube, Caler Edwards 

Key Features

  • Inline editors let you develop code in tandem without the hassle of pop-ups.
  • The live preview feature enables users to view changes on the screen immediately.
  • It also supports preprocessors.


  • The interface for users is easy.
  • The live preview feature lets you check the changes made to the screen in real-time.


  • The launch time is extended.
  • It cannot be easy to manage projects.
  • When you are working with large files, performance is affected.


Based on our opinions, this is a brief overview of the best JavaScript IDEs. It is crucial to understand the requirements you have before selecting an IDE. I hope that this article can help you choose the best JavaScript IDE to meet your needs.

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