Top mobile attribution partners in 2022

It may not be accessible when it's time to find the best partner to provide Attribution for games and mobile apps. There are many options available, and each has its strengths and unique features. Let's review the best MMPs to be used for attributing in 2022. We're here to assist you in discovering the best fit for your company and advertising campaigns. So, in this article, you'll find the top choices out there and the unique features that make them stand out. Note: MMP is a shorthand as Mobile Measurement Partner.

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Most popular MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners) in 2022


AppsFlyer is among the most powerful tools for mobile attribution tracking available. It focuses on attributing app downloads due to its technology, which allows determining which campaigns and media source comes all the downloads.

AppsFlyer Conversion Paths for People Based Attribution, Source: Youtube, AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer lets you create the connection between app installations and marketing campaigns. This allows you to optimize your campaign's user acquisition and retargeting. One of the main goals is security and privacy, making it a reliable choice.

It is suitable for all companies (including users who have more than one thousand monthly installations) and provides users with advanced analytics and performance metrics. It also supports deeper linking as well as fingerprinting.


Adjust is an additional important attribution system that comes with the most sophisticated Fraud Prevention system and a reliable cloud system that makes it among the most secure attribution partner on this listing (most platforms utilize cloud systems from third parties).

What is Adjust?, Source: Youtube, Adjust Video

Adjust isn't just safe but also incredibly powerful. It offers an array of information on the most critical metrics, such as organic installs, clicks to ads, in-app events, and so on, and mobile analytics as a whole, as well as the ability to remove and restore data. Adjust allows users to create audiences and keep track of all the information they need.

Adjust is a platform that only works on mobile devices and can connect mobile users to the advertisements they engage with. In comparison to AppsFlyer, it is better suited for small and medium-sized businesses with fewer downloads.


Kochava provides a complete user platform that allows Attribution, data management, and essential analytics. It's not only accessible for mobile, but also the web, OTT, and more. The platform allows you to create alerts whenever the main KPIs are changed (by SMS, emails, and Slack) to ensure that its users will remain informed and up-to-date in the event of a significant shift in installation and conversion rates or revenue.

Kochava Foundry, Source: Youtube, Kochava

Kochava could be an excellent deal for indie developers since Kochava offers a no-cost program to those willing to provide access to their data. Kochava can also detect ad fraud and shield users from being harmed by it. Another benefit to Kochava is that users don't have to integrate the SDK into the app: The installs are linked directly by cloud integration.

When it comes to the size of a company, Kochova is a good choice since it is suitable for businesses of all sizes and can support over 5000 users per month.


The Branch is among the newest platforms for Attribution and is among the top ingenious. It is a contextual platform that uses deep links. This means that it lets users follow up on the entire funnel.

Branch Overview, Source: Youtube, Branch Metrics

What differentiates Branch from its rivals is that it has influencers analytics. Branch also allows integration with other services like email provider services and analytic tools that will enable users to send out-of-app emails to users and track the effectiveness of these messages.

The Branch is a branch that works with and supports any size company.


Singular is a highly efficient platform that can provide both marketing campaigns and data on Attribution. It has more than a thousand integrations with all major advertising networks.

Singular - No BS Mobile Attribution Webinar, Source: Youtube, Singular

Singular gives its users many insights and allows users to assess the effectiveness of any money spent on advertising, which makes it a fantastic tool to improve conversion. Since it blends marketing campaigns with the attribution process, it's an excellent choice for marketers and developers to improve everything in one platform.

The platform is designed for small or medium enterprises with more than five media sources.


Dreamdata can be described as a mobile attribution and analytics for revenue designed for B2B companies. The goal of Dreamdata is to provide its users with an easy view and analysis of their earnings and the factors that drive their success.

Dreamdata intro, Source: Youtube, Dreamdata

The platform offers a comprehensive analysis of the Return on Investment (return of investments) of all marketing activities and each B2B activity funnel.

Dreamdata can handle any download size and can be adapted to small and medium-sized enterprises.


It is evident that by 2022, there will be numerous applications for mobile advertising and, even after having some more about each one, you might still be in doubt. The best thing to do is look at the ones you believe will best suit your needs. You can check to see if it's effective for your company...

Are you able to find the ideal platform? Are you able to find it on this list? Or do you know of a different one that we should include? Please let us know via the comment section!

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.