What is Huawei's New Super Device System?

Huawei's Super Device could change the ways you work for the rest of your life. Here's how it works. In MWC 2022 in 2022, Huawei revealed its most comprehensive laptop and the first tablet with E-Ink, its first-ever printer, its top notebook, and a variety of great products. While each of these devices is fantastic in its own right, they're the applications Huawei has developed that pave the way for a connected future. We were so thrilled that we decided to award it a Top award at MWC Award. Huawei has dubbed it a "Super Device" to provide a more advanced intelligent office environment. What is Huawei's Super Device, how does it function, and what will it impact the future for competent offices?

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What is Huawei's newest Super Device?

The latest Super Device integrates a software platform that connects Huawei products to give you an unrivaled productivity experience. Huawei perceives your computer and laptop to be the central point in this Super Device universe, which is equipped with a Huawei Control Panel app that is built into. This is where you'll be in a position to connect with other Huawei devices to your PC.

HUAWEI Super Device - Super Multi-tasking Between Devices, Source: Youtube, Huawei Mobile 

The Huawei Control Panel app shows nearby Huawei devices in a similar format to a map when enabled, but only as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Other machines available appear as floating icons that you can move to the center of the screen for connecting and pairing them with ease.

Huawei Super Device: A Seamless, Smart Office Experience

Huawei Super Device is not just about connecting devices. It's about connecting them to create an intelligent office experience that facilitates simple interaction and seamless collaboration. An opportunity to set up a workspace comparable to the corporate office.

You may have noticed Super Device functionality will be especially beneficial to users who work from home using several Huawei devices. Connecting ecosystems isn't new. Huawei's Super Device takes connectivity a step further by enabling two-way communication. In other words, Huawei's strategy allows more flexibility.

HUAWEI Super Device | The All-New Smart Office Experience, Source: Youtube, Huawei Arabia 

If connecting your device to your computer, you can make the tablet an additional display instead of being a storage space to access documents from. However, that's not all!

You can also access documents from your laptop on your tablet if you require. Aren't you amazed?

It's time to boost the performance of The Huawei Devices

Super Device is here to give users greater control over all of their Huawei devices, allowing them to share functions between the devices.

HUAWEI Super Device – Enhanced Productivity with Extend Mode, Source: Youtube, Huawei Mobile 

Apple's ecosystem is known worldwide, and Huawei's approach to unified technology could be better in the long term.


Huawei has put itself in the position of facing quite a big task; however, if it can succeed in delivering on the many potentials it is putting together, it will be a game-changer. 

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