What is the best way to connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to Any Device

Do you need to know how to connect Samsung Galaxy Buds with an Android phone, iPhone, or Mac? Here's how. Alongside Samsung's smartphones, its wireless headphones sold under the Galaxy Buds brand are also very well-liked. Samsung offers various models that meet the demands of different customers and all provide high-quality audio, greater battery longevity, and other options.

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How do I connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to every Android Phone

Even though Samsung has only announced compatibility with newer Galaxy Buds models like Buds Pro, Buds Live, and Buds 2 with Android, you can connect them to any device you'd like to.

There are certain features with devices that do not support Android equipped with earbuds. However, there are also solutions. Follow this guide to discover what you need to do to join and use the Galaxy Buds with Android devices, iPhones, iPad, and Macs.

Select to start and then give access to the needed permissions to the app. It will then search for devices with which it could pair.

Samsung Galaxy Buds How To Connect to any Android Phone, Source: Youtube, GregglesTV

A Galaxy Buds should appear in the list of devices that scan. Press it to initiate connecting. It is possible that the Galaxy Wearable application could download another set of plugins.

Use the button on the pair when asked.

In HTML0, the Galaxy Buds are now connected to your Android handset. If you have a Galaxy phone and are associated with your Samsung account, the earbuds are automatically linked to other devices that are connected to the phone. This will make it easy to switch between devices compatible with Samsung gadgets. You can get android app reviews for more detailed instructions.

You can utilize Galaxy Wearable. Galaxy Wearable application to alter specific aspects of the earbuds like the left and right-hand gestures on the touchpad Bixby vocal wake-ups, Equalizer settings, and enabling certain features that are considered experimental. Make sure you can only alter the firmware of Galaxy Buds. Galaxy Buds using an Android phone.

How do you connect Samsung Galaxy Buds With an iPhone or iPad?

Samsung's latest earbuds, including Buds2 and The Galaxy Buds Live, Buds Pro, and Buds2, aren't supported by Apple's iPhone or iPad. They're incompatible with the Galaxy Wearable app, for the iPhone does not support earbuds.

It is possible to pair these earbuds with the iPhone or iPad just like regular wireless earbuds; however, they don't come with features such as 360 stereo or Dolby Atmos.

connect Samsung Galaxy Buds

Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds, Source: Proreviewsapp

Verify that your earbuds are not connected to your device, as you won't be able to begin your pairing procedure until you've completed this step.

  • Begin in the settings and then choose Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Lock the charger of your Galaxy Earbuds and then wait some time.
  • The earbuds will be listed under the Extra Equipment category on your Apple device.

Select the device's name to start the pairing process.

After connecting to your earbuds:

  • Click the after-connecting button.
  • Click the icon beside the name of your earbuds.
  • Select the kind of device you want to use as headphones.

It is possible to connect your Galaxy Earbuds to an Android device

Suppose there is no companion application available for iPhone or iPad. The earbuds will function precisely as they do when you use them using either an iPhone or iPad. But it's not possible to use features like 360-degree audio or Dolby Atmos.

Galaxy Buds+ How to Connect to any Android Phone, Source: Youtube, GregglesTV

Because the iPhone doesn't support the AAC Bluetooth codec, that's the codec that it will use. Galaxy Buds will use when they pair.

Another disadvantage is that there isn't an automatic device switch, meaning that the headphones will not automatically connect to your iPad after switching to an iPhone. In further, you'll need to take the Galaxy headphones from the device before connecting them to a different device. You should read how to get app store reviews to know how to connect with iPhone or iPad.

The earbuds might try to connect to the previous device they were attached to instead of the device you're using now. In these situations, you'll need to open the Bluetooth menu and make sure you manually link them with an iPhone or iPad.

How do you connect Samsung Galaxy Buds With Your Mac?

Samsung doesn't have a Galaxy Wearable application to run on Mac. But you can connect and use any Galaxy headphones on your Mac like you would with the headphones you usually use.

As with iPhones and iPad but it's not able to alter the gestures on your phone and manage alternatives. In this situation, it's necessary first to pair your Galaxy Buds with an Android device and create them under your preferences. Then, pair them with the widget on your Mac.

This charging case is open on Samsung Galaxy Buds to put them in pairing mode. Be sure they're not linked to another device when pairing. Try to buy macOS app reviews to have the right info.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to Mac!!! EASY!, Source: Youtube, Solely Tech

Navigate to the preferences for your system and then select Bluetooth on your Mac.

Make sure that Bluetooth is active. The Mac will scan the entire area to look for Bluetooth equipment.

When the Galaxy Buds appear in the list of devices scanned, connect it. To connect.

You'll need an Android Phone to set up The Samsung Buds

Whatever device you select to use the Galaxy Buds, you require an Android phone to configure the earbuds properly. After the touchpad control and other options are set, the earbuds can connect to any device with no problem.


If you do not own an Android phone and also have a Samsung phone, using Samsung's Galaxy Buds will become quite challenging, as you'll not be able to modify or even understand the gestures that are available or change different settings.

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