Why do programmers get so rude? 3 main reasons

The press has a perception that programmers are rough and enjoyable to be around. However, many programmers are very pleasant and aren't undesirable or uncivilized. The majority of programmers are rude due to their detailed-oriented personality traits, work pressure, and focus on detail. In addition, about 4 percent of software engineers have autism spectrum disorder, which might be why people view them as rude.

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General information about programmers

The challenge to the status quo and traditional working methods is an essential part of being a great software engineer, but it could result in a sour colleague if it is not done correctly.

As a cautionary note to this article, the vast majority of programmers are fantastic and have:

  • Fantastic Time as well as Task Management
  • Quick Learning Ability
  • A Positive Attitude
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Deep and broad technical experience
  • Amazing teamwork abilities
  • Big-Picture Focus

But the topic of rude programmers comes frequently, so, for the sake of this question, we'll generalize certain behaviors and then dive into the reasons why programmers are rude.

What is it that makes programmers rude?

Programmers may be rude due to their personality type, the stress of their jobs, and the development of having high self-esteem; however, they are also self-conscious. Additionally, 3.6% of programmers are diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) which could be why they are seen as rude by their colleagues.

Let's examine why software engineers can be rude and the variables that impact how software engineers behave at work. We'll also look at why some developers might not be friendly to work with.

Personality Types

Programmers and software engineers usually have two distinct personality kinds. Each of the Myers-Briggs types has nicknames, but the most popular ones in the field of software engineering include:

The Inspector ISTJ The Inspector is focused on detail and strives to ensure the law. They are highly analytical, responsible, productive, reliable, and generally practical, which is why they are excellent problem solvers. However, they tend to make ISTJ personalities judgmental, rigid, rigid, and intolerant of other types of characters. Many top designers have this type of personality, but there is an inherent risk that they could be challenging to work with.

How to become a Programmer? | Rude Advise, Source: Youtube, Alexey Smolyaninov


The Mastermind: INTJ The Mastermind is rational and strategically-minded in their thinking. It is generally a successful problem-solver, which is why there are so many software engineers. In the work environment, they are innovative and interested, and they can work in a team. However, INTJ personality types can be highly critical, demeaning towards others, and dismissive. The effort to be analytical may be perceived as dismissing others' opinions.

Personality Traits that make for Good Programmers, Source; Youtube, Lets Build That App

Positives and negatives characterize your personality type. Once you've identified the kind of personality you possess and your strengths, you can place your weaknesses and improve your weaknesses. This means it is possible for ISTJ people to be more accepting and INTJ people to be less hostile.

Take this Myers-Briggs personality test to understand your personality and learn how to improve your communication with others.

Stress in the workplace

Engineering software is a lucrative job that provides the perfect opportunity to continue challenging themselves. But every business operates differently, which could make a developer's position difficult.

Stress is not a reason for developers to be rude. However, everyone reacts differently under stress, and for some, it manifests as being unruly and disrespectful to your coworkers.

As deadlines get closer, people may get overwhelmed and become unnecessarily combative. For many developers, delivering huge work parts is a crucial stage in their 5-year plans.

High Ego, Low Self-Esteem

The term "programmer's illness" that refers to having powerful self-esteem and ego is oversimplified. However, you'll be hard-pressed not to have it happen at the very least in your career.

Programmers and software engineers receive satisfaction and self-esteem through their jobs. The traits they have, as described above, mean that they want people to think as they think and feel that opposing ideas are not worth the effort. 

High ego Low self single | S1 E10 Dating Documentary Podcast, Source: Youtube, The Dating Doc

To counter this, programmers possess an intense feeling of being imposters. This means they may have a considerable ego and low self-esteem, which is a dangerous combination.

This could be a sign of people who believe they're great but are very defensive and do not want to be tested in work environments. They think they have great ideas but lack the inner confidence to be challenged or apply a different approach.

This is merely an opinion, and even the happiest developers have had moments of imposter syndrome while thinking they're doing an excellent job.

Software engineers aren't rude

In most tech companies in the tech industry, rudeness or inability to cooperate with colleagues could be grounds for dismissal. Some people can get away with it, and it can happen, but primarily programmers work well as a team.

But, it might be better to examine attitudes in software engineering in other areas. Perhaps, the competitive developers dismiss the ideas of others, or more experienced developers are focused on climbing the ladder. However, it is not as compared with other fields.

How software engineers work in teams (UI Designers, Product Managers, software engineers, etc.,), Source: Youtube, TechLead 

Students at law school are battling each other constantly to gain a higher standing with their classmates. They fight for a few spots at the top companies and are relentless in their search. Medical students in their first year are being pushed around by those who are just a few years older than them, and the senior doctors are not kind to them. Other fields of technology such as mechanical engineering and veterinary medicine are brimming with unprofessional instructors and students trying to be the most effective.

They require long hours and a determination to achieve excellence, which means that the people working in them may be rude.

However, the workplace of today is evolving. Businesses are more aware of their employees' feelings than ever. Behaving rough and abrasive every day regardless of the field will not make you any progress. It all comes down to the organization you work for and how they recruit their employees. Some of the most disrespectful and rude programmers must be eliminated during an interview.


Programmers can seem rude because they tend to be detail-oriented working in stressful situations and have unsatisfactory self-esteem, coupled with colossal self-esteem. Furthermore, 4 percent of developers are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which is why they can seem rude to other people.

Keep in mind that most engineers working in software are friendly and can work as a team. There are negatives in every field, therefore don't get influenced by negative online reviews.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.

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