How to use FaceTime for Android

Have you an Android phone and want video chats with your iPhone-using buddies? Here's how to use FaceTime for Android. FaceTime is a video-calling application developed by Apple as well as, like many other Apple applications, it's only available on iOS devices. It is likely to be among the most frequently used iPhone users due to its ability to make video chat extremely simple. There's good news that it's possible to use FaceTime for Android. However, you're able to take part in FaceTime calls using invitation links generated from Apple users. This means that you can't start the FaceTime call or utilize FaceTime in the absence of an invitation code on Android. Let's look at how we can do it.

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How FaceTime Functions on Android

As mentioned earlier, as previously stated, you cannot install the FaceTime application on Your Android device; however, there is a way to FaceTime with your other friends who have iPhones or iPads. You can also FaceTime with your Macs via invitation hyperlinks.

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If you wish to talk via FaceTime, you'll need to request an iOS device friend to create the invitation URL. In addition, as it functions on the web, you have to have a supported browser, such as Chrome, installed.

FaceTime provides features such as SharePlay and a variety of options to hide/show video and mute audio, switching between cameras or grid designs. However, certain elements aren't available to Android users. 

Can I participate in a FaceTime conference on Android?

To participate in a FaceTime call using your Android device, you will need the invite URL from an iOS device's acquaintance. You can share the Link to a preferred messaging app, provided it is listed in the share menu. Check out the following if they require assistance in creating the Link.

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You'll need to use FaceTime on the Chrome browser. Therefore, you must install it if you don't yet have one. After you receive the Link, follow the easy instructions below for joining the conference:

Start by clicking on the Link you received. You will be taken to the default web browser. This is likely to be Chrome. If it isn't, you can copy-paste this Link in a new Chrome window for it to be opened.

When the Link is opened, the page will pop up with a prompt to type your name. Enter your name into the box, then tap Continue.

Then, a screen with a blue Join button shows up. Click Join, and the Apple user will be notified of an invite to join. The user has to take this Join request to join this call successfully.

Group video chat using FaceTime on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, Source: Youtube, macmostvideo

You have successfully joined the conversation. You'll see the toolbar, which has several options for controlling the call, such as an all-screen button, muted button, show/hide buttons for video, flip button to the front or rear camera buttons, switch to left, and many more.

A user who has the iPhone, iPad, or Mac has more outstanding control options and more features; however, what you do have is enough for a complete FaceTime call.

If your call has ended, you can tap your screen then the toolbar should appear. Choose to leave to close the ring.

The ease of accessing FaceTime via a browser can't be compared to the application's simplicity. However, the quality is excellent, and it's a good option for connecting Android or Apple users using FaceTime.

How do I create an iPhone FaceTime Link on iPhone?

Creating a FaceTime invitation link for iOS phones is a quick procedure. The invite link will be the sole requirement to use FaceTime from an Android device. So, be sure to notify your iOS acquaintance in advance and request them to create and forward the Link to you to join the possibility of a FaceTime session.

Apple users can generate invitation links within FaceTime. FaceTime App following the steps in the following steps:

On your, iPhone Find on your phone, locate the FaceTime App from your home screen, and open it. If you're using FaceTime for the first time, you must create your Apple ID if you're already registered, then log in to join.

After the app has opened, press the create link button to generate an invitation link within the conversation browser. You can also name the Link however you like; however, it's unnecessary.

How Use Create Link FaceTime Feature IOS 15 | Call FaceTime From iPhone To Android & PC User, Source: Youtube, iUnlockTech 

You've created an invitation link that you will find within the Upcoming section of the application.

Once you have located the Link that was generated after you have found it, click the button near the Link, and you'll receive options such as FaceTime Sharing Link and delete Link.

To send the Link to an Android acquaintance, click the Share Link button. Select the person you wish to send the Link to by clicking on the top row. Or, you can share the Link via messaging apps such as Messages, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other compatible messaging app.

The person who created the Link can delete the Link, and if they do, the Link will not be opened when you tap it.


If you've been thinking about how you can video chat with friends who are using Apple devices, you now have the answer. You can now join in the excitement of FaceTime using your Android tablet or phone. With the FaceTime invite code and Chrome as the browser that supports it, you will easily connect to FaceTime.

The good thing is that making the Link for every iOS device is easy, and your family members won't be burdened by making the Link for you.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.

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