10 tips you must know to Increase Your Real Instagram Followers

Instagram has many ways to be seen. There are many ways to increase followers and likes. These are just a few ideas to think about

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1. Provide Real Value

 Educate, or entertain. Motivating accounts are best.

Except you're a celebrity, your followers might not be interested in what you do for dinner or your weekend. If you make your Instagram account about you, it's easy for followers to get bored.

How to Provide Value on Social Media // What Does "Providing Value" Even Mean?!, Source: Youtube, Essetino Media - Create Profitable Content

Instead, focus on high-quality content and engaging your followers. You can share your knowledge on Instagram. You can help others organize their money if you're a finance expert. If you're interested in fitness, share your top tips for building and losing weight.

Your accounts can be more reachable if you have the proper knowledge. You can use images, artwork, and memes to create relevant content.

2. Create a community

We suggested in the past that you join a group. It is possible to create your community. 

If you want to create a community on Instagram, it is essential to find common ground. If you have a business account, other users can upload content to it.

One of the best ways to build your community is to engage with other users. Be open to meeting other people who share your interests. Once you have established your network, you can begin to think about how you can use Instagram to make money.

3. Get the best advice from Instagram users

Many resources are available on Instagram about what, when, and how to post. You can try different methods to discover what works for you. Research can sometimes be contradictory. Each one should be tested.

Instagram Tips and Tricks w/ REAL INSTAGRAM EMPLOYEE | Alex Costa, Source: Youtube, Alex Costa 

According to the 2022 study, it is recommended to post early in the morning (3 AM-6 AM) or late at night (7 PM-11 PM) but keep essential posts to weekdays.

The more you like the hashtags you choose, the higher your chances of being featured in top posts. You get more exposure.

4. Use the correct hashtags

If you don't use hashtags or pay too much attention to them when you post, you'll lose the opportunity to gain more followers. You can filter and sort Instagram content using hashtags.

Instagram allows you to add as many hashtags to a regular posting as you like and as many hashtags to a story. In your captions, you shouldn't use too many hashtags. Use hashtags that aren't pertinent to your topic.

Instead, focus on specific hashtags. You can learn how to use hashtags to promote causes, businesses, and events.

5. Analyze your Stats

Look at the options, and then find which ones work. You can see which images are doing well with several excellent Instagram analytics tools. 

How to analyze Instagram analytics?, Source: Youtube, Metricool

You can change your Instagram account to a Business or Creator profile to get free Instagram analytics. Go to Settings to switch to a Creator or Business profile. You will be able to connect to your Facebook page or an existing account using Instagram's guidance. You will receive analytics on your stories and posts and additional call-to-action buttons.

An account for a Business or Creator can help you better understand your followers.

6. Tag others in your photos

For many reasons, you can tag people and their products in photos. If you've been to live events, organize the organizers or entertainers. This is a trick you shouldn't use very often.

Spam other users. Tag them only if they are interested in the image. Do not tag them multiple times.

7. Geotag Your Photos

Your community can be seen by adding your location to photos. When you upload an image, you can add the site.

How to GeoTag your Instagram Posts in 2022, Source: Youtube, The Rubicon Show

Photos can be tagged with unique geotags and placed in different places. When creating a geotag, think about who you are targeting. 

8. Takeover of Instagram

Guest posting is an excellent way of increasing your exposure. An Instagram Takeover is also known. This can be a one-day or several-day experience that can benefit both parties. These opportunities may be found in your locality.

Reach out to other accounts that have them, and you can obtain an Instagram takeover. Dana Nicole tried it and shared some tips.

  • Create an account with content that is relevant to your niche.
  • Your pitch should highlight why you are an excellent fit for their brand. Also, describe the takeover and what they can expect from their followers.
  • Ask questions in captions to engage with your account followers. Engaging with them will increase their likelihood of following your account and learning more about you.

An Instagram Takeover could be organized. You could also host an Instagram Takeover if you can get a well-known user to take over your account.

9. Don't forget to include your bio

Include information that will help your followers connect with you. You only have 150 characters, so make sure you use them all. There are only 150 characters, so ensure you include at least one hashtag. This will ensure you show up in search results.

How to Create the PERFECT Instagram Bio (5 EASY STEPS to get MORE Followers!), Source: Youtube, Vanessa Lau

Remember to include the website link. Instagram doesn't allow clickable links to be embedded within photo captions. This is the only way to promote external content.

10. Go beyond the app

Although you must focus only on Instagram's features, cross-promotional opportunities should be considered. In other social media accounts, including links to your Instagram account. If possible, connect your accounts.

Go to Settings> Linked Accounts to link your Instagram account with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media sites. Go to Settings > Linked Accounts. You can post an image to Instagram, and it will be shared on other social media platforms. To notify Facebook friends, you can link your Instagram account with Facebook. This will increase your exposure.

Another great way to promote Instagram accounts is via email. An email signature can include a link to your Instagram account. In your newsletter, send the link to your subscribers.


You can use many tricks and tips to get noticed on Instagram. These are the best. We hope this post will be useful, thank you.

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