2 ways to alter the Resolution of your Screen within Windows 11

Please find out the various ways to change the Resolution of the screen. Learn the multiple ways to change your screen's Resolution in Windows 11 with our handy guide. Setting the proper Resolution for the monitors you use is essential for PCs. If you choose the Resolution too low for your monitor, the Display will look odd. Likewise, specific older applications run better with lower resolutions. Changes in resolution settings may resolve specific display issues, too. If you have a reason to alter the Resolution, you can use the four methods within Windows 11.

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1. How I can change the Resolution for the Display by using the Settings on Windows 11

The Settings app is where you can alter the majority of options available on Windows 11. The app also has a display tab where you can set the Resolution and a variety of other options for monitors. Here's how to adjust the Resolution in Settings:

Windows 10 - How To Change Screen Resolution and Size, Source: Youtube, MDTechVideos 

Select the Resolution you want to use on the Resolution dropdown menu.

Click the Apply button to save your chosen resolution choices. You can read how to get Google reviews for more information.

2. How can you alter the Display Resolution using keyboard shortcuts on Windows 11

Windows 11 doesn't include any built-in hotkeys for resolutions. But, you can configure keyboard shortcuts to various screen resolutions using The HotKey Resolution Converter (HRC) that is fully compatible with the entire range of Windows platforms starting with XP.

This freeware application allows users to create keyboard shortcuts that modify the Resolution each time they press. To configure resolution hotkeys using HRC, follow the following steps' instructions.

Windows 11Windows 11, Source: Proreviewsapp

That after that, double-click HRC within its folder that has been extracted to open the dialog that you see in the image directly below.

Then, you can click on an option to select a selector for hotkeys' Resolution and select the Resolution of an appropriate keyboard shortcut.

You can get more instruction by reading how to get google play reviews.

How to change desktop resolution through keyboard shortcut (nircmd.exe setdisplay), Source: Youtube, furulevi

Hit on the Switch option located on the right-hand edge of the Hotkey Box.

After that, press the hotkey you'd like to change the Resolution using, then press the Resolution Set button.

You can also choose other colors and refresh rates as keyboard shortcuts that you can apply to the hotkey's second 2 dropdown menus.

Then press the hotkey you set up using HRC to alter the Resolution of your Display.

You can create nine-resolution keyboard shortcuts using the HRC application. For more shortcuts, select the number of HotKeys dropdown menu, and choose the number 9. If you are frequently required to change resolutions, having nine hotkeys will help you out.


You can alter the Resolution of your screen at any time using the various options above. The Settings application's display settings could suffice for the majority of users. However, Intel Control Panel is a better choice. Intel Control Panel includes more customizable custom resolution options. Setting resolutions using hotkeys is undoubtedly the most efficient method.

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