App marketing 2022: Fundamentals on how to market a mobile app

In this post, we will go over the App Marketing fundamentals. They're not complicated. However, I'm sure most people don't know these. Let's get started! We will not start with the standard SEO-related stuff such as " for sure you came here to learn how to implement App Marketing in 2022 " and increasing downloads for your mobile game or app. "... This is not going to do that anymore! In the present, getting back to the critical stuff growth of a mobile-based business in 2022 isn't significantly different from the way it was in 2023 or even in 2024. It's not too distant, but it's different from the previous years. The apps stores changed, and the fashions changed, and there's now an increase in than ever before... The one thing that hasn't changed is that the product is crucial to the success of any digital enterprise, regardless of whether it is desktop or mobile. You still need to be able to download absolutely.

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Downloads will be the primary source of App Marketing in 2022

Downloads - the internet is obsessed with getting app downloads! This isn't for nothing. The app is ineffective if they're not there (and consequently the users). In any event, it is essential to remember that the installs of a game or app are just the beginning of the journey of any mobile company... There's much more! Retention, communication, monetization...

Important note Remember that reviews and ratings generated by users are a crucial element in the overall puzzle. Just as installing and reviews, the more reviews, and ratings are the most favorable. User reviews have a direct influence on stores' visibility as well as the rate of conversion to download.

App Marketing 101: How To Get More Downloads and Installs, Source: Youtube, ThinkLions

I'll share one thing: the downloads are designed to GENERATE income by using the apps. The more installations (provided that they are from genuine users, obviously), the more earnings. Although it might appear "weird," the more downloads you have, you will see more downloading. It's that simple! Knowing this, you'll need to start working on increasing installs and, consequently, earning money. This is precisely the subject of this post: how to install the app and the best way to conduct App marketing in 2021. Let's go!

It's a fact... Here's another tip: To gain downloads, you need to be marketing regardless of. There's no other method. You can accomplish this in different ways, but you must follow the rules.

I have identified, based on their sources, three kinds of downloads. What is the start of the downloads? from the developer's consoles (App Store Connect and Google Play Console) or through an attribution Partner (SDK), but " this is another story that should be told at a later time."

Three types of downloaded files are

Free installations (yes, it's FREE!)

Organic downloads are free (yes, it's FREE). They can help reduce the acquisition cost in the case of active investment in user acquisition, and they are generally high-quality downloads.

FREE INSTALLATIONS, Source: Youtube, Tyler Falbo

They could come from app stores (ASO - App Store Optimization), from the mobile web (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) App Store Optimization) or from mobile web searches on Google (SEO Search Engine Optimization) Search engine Optimization) or even from your channels. They generally are "the "great overlooked":

ASO (App Store Optimization)

I'm always saying I always say that ASO is by far the most vital component of any app marketing strategy. It is because App stores are like app stores.

Advanced App Store Optimization (ASO) Strategies to Double Your Downloads, Source: Youtube, App Masters

ASO As you be aware, it is the process that optimizes the listings of mobile apps to increase its exposure and the rate at which it converts to download through the stores for apps (App Store and Google Play) and to maximize the number of downloads from organic sources. The downloads that are organically generated by an effective ASO strategy could come via the "browse" sources (Top Charts, Related Apps or features ...) or search queries generated by the users. It's not just that; however, if our app Marketing strategy is based on paid campaigns, ASO will significantly influence the acquisition cost of these: the higher the conversion rate for downloads, the less cost of acquisition. ASO is fantastic! How do you analyze and improve the ASO for your app or game? By using App Radar, which is the most effective ASO tool available.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Did you be aware that when optimizing your store's listing in ASO (on metadata) as well as optimizing it for SEO?

SEO For Beginners: A Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Higher Google Rankings, Source: Youtube, Ahrefs

The app you publish in the App Store or Google Play is an open URL, which Google (and the other major search engines) examines, indexes, and ranks. Be careful; being well-optimized for your listing is not enough. You require links... Then I'll discuss this in a separate article.

Downloads of your channel (OWNED)

Utilize one of your channels to get downloads for your applications. This type of installation is free, and you need to devote some time.

Your site

Have you got a website with mobile traffic coming from smartphones or tablets? Please make use of it to generate downloads for your application. You could, for instance, make use of "Smart Banners" or pop-ups, in addition to other possibilities. Have you got a site to promote your mobile-friendly product? It's a good idea to...


Have you got a subscriber list? Contact them via email and encourage them to download the app!

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat... Use these accounts on social media to make downloads that contain the content.

The product you are selling

The app also can get downloads directly from it. How? Member Get Member, shares, app invites, etc. Explore everything you can think of. What if none of these worked? Find something NEW!

Installs made through paid channels (PAID)

Most people do not have the funds to spend on user acquisition; however, should you consider trying specific effective channels and evaluate their effectiveness about the amount of investment (incomes).

How To Earn Money Online With Pay Per Install (PPI) | Earn Up to $1 To $10 Per Install, Source: Youtube, Online Guru

In addition, it could aid in increasing organic downloads and traffic... 

Apple Search Ads (ASA)

Apple Search Ads is the advertising platform from Apple that is part of its App Store. In essence, it's a replica of Google Ads in which advertisers attempt to rank their goods either games or apps specifically for searches made by users.

Apple Search Ads Tutorial, SOurce: Youtube, Darius Mora

ASA is a beneficial option for empowering your mobile-based business. We suggest this excellent guide to ASA if you're looking to understand how to get the most value from this advertising network.

Instagram Advertisements

Get the most benefit from the potential for segmentation of Facebook's ecosystem to bring high-quality users to your app!

You can also purchase paid downloads through TikTok, Twitter (Twitter Ads), Pinterest, Snapchat...

How to Run Ads on Instagram - Complete Instagram Ads Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Howfinity

If you want to know what platform is the most effective for generating paid downloads, I'll always say the answer is "it will depend." It is contingent on the kind of application you're using, your goal country, business model, and many other factors. This is why my suggestion is to try all the possibilities until you have those that work the best and yield a profit.


In the past, I mentioned that downloading is a way to earn money through apps, but that's not the only ingredient in the recipe. They are, however, the beginning point. Everything begins with downloading! However, please ensure that your app or game is not putting user retention or even communication with users be a thing of the past. The process of gaining downloads for an application or game which doesn't perform or generate a profit is not worth it.

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That's all for this article on how to develop an app or game that is mobile and not lose your heart in the process. I hope that you find it useful.