How to Create an app Gamification Methodology for Mobile User Acquisition and Retention

Your mobile acquisition efforts could be wasted if your company can't keep your existing user base. In this regard, the apps' Gamification Strategy is a vital issue to improve engagement with your users. StriveCloud's study has shown that it boosts retention of users by up to %500. It's hard to imagine anyone not wanting to double the retention rates of their users, wouldn't they? Let's begin by discussing the concept of gamification in mobile apps and the best ways to implement this strategy to increase user acquisition and retention.

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What is gaming in mobile Apps?

Simply put, gamification refers to the process of incorporating the elements of a game and adding dynamic features to your application to increase the engagement of users and their retention. In reality, we're all familiar with the topic of gamification since our childhood. Do you recall the expression "let's make learning enjoyable? Teachers used to incorporate games and challenges in their lessons to draw the attention of young children. That's gamification, in simple terms, and is extensively used in educational apps.

How much Money does my Free Mobile Game Make?, Source: Youtube, Sam Hogan 

Duolingo is a prime instance. However, it isn't the only area where you could benefit from the benefits of the gamification process.

Gamify the areas of finance, productivity apps, fitness and health, and virtually any other subject you can think of. It's entirely dependent on your level of imagination. All you need to do is include gaming elements in your non-gaming applications.

What can you do to make your app more gamified?

You can employ several methods to incorporate gamification into your application. Let's look at these.


Rewarding yourself is among the most satisfying emotions. When you exert the effort and earn something in return, you will research this topic.

How I earned AMAZING Vegas rewards by playing games on my phone! (Best rewards without spending $$), Source: Youtube, Nick Magnuson

Games constantly use this principle, and you could also reward users for activities that relate to your specific type of app.

App Name: Keelo


Don't get stressed right away. We're not talking about random tests in high school that the strictest teacher administers. These are generally fun tests that will keep you entertained and help you learn quicker. Duolingo is just one of them, and, as we mentioned earlier, it is possible to use this feature in different app categories.

App Name: LingoDeer


Level up, level up, level up, as Ciara said. Levels can have the same effect on our minds, providing the motivational rewards products, as they encourage you to achieve your goals.

I Made a Game with Infinite Levels, Source: Youtube, Sam Hogan 

You'll see the application of this option within Health and Fitness apps, where you are ranked from novice to a king depending on the activity you have done within the app. Yes, it's weird, but "the beast" is the standard.

App Name: Fitocracy

Progress Bar

Florence Chadwick, the first woman to complete in the English Channel in both directions, chose to swim along the California Coast to Catalina Island. It was cold in the water, and the night was cloudy with fog, and 15 hours later, just half an hour from the coast, she called the quits. The reason for this was not fatigue or cold, but instead fog. She claimed she could make it if she could have seen the coastline.

The only thing you can do by incorporating a progression bar in your gamified apps is to let your players see the ocean. If they can observe their progress, they're more likely to develop the habit of regularly using your app, hoping to make progress even more visible.

App Name: Py Learn to code.

Add Friends

"Whatever your actions are in your life isn't legendary as long as your loved ones are watching it," as stated by Stinson. Stinson. And, that's true. In the virtual world, too.

How To Add Friends On Roblox Mobile, Source: Youtube, Foxy Tech Tips

Therefore, including this feature in your app may be beneficial since users can interact with one another more. When implemented correctly, this method can also bring you significant organic downloads because your loyal fans will help spread the word about your application.

App Name: Nike Run Club


The human instinct to compete is natural. Games use this instinct every day by adding leaderboards that allow players to have more fun beating one another and gaining higher rankings. You can also incorporate this feature into games that are not gaming to create the feeling of competition and encourage users to spend more time with your application.

App Name: Adidas Runtastic

What are the reasons to consider gaming your mobile Apps?

Since it is in sync with human psychology.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Have you heard about Maslow's hierarchy of needs? This model explains that the human brain focuses on the conditions based on these five levels. If it doesn't meet the first, it can't proceed to other requirements.

If you look at the table above, the fourth and third levels should bring back the aspects. Are you joining friends, being rewarded with leaderboards, indeed? You can see that these games fit in Maslow's hierarchy of requirements. For instance, having friends fulfills the need to feel a sense of belonging. Leaderboards and rewards are a way to provide standing out and being recognized. The users may not be able to achieve self-actualization by using your app. However, you will reach your goals as a business using this method. You can inspire users to return to your application by triggering a feeling of satisfaction.

This is the reason you should think about developing a strategy for gamification in your app:

It also increases app retention and engagement.

Why Are Most Mobile Games SLEAZY, RECYCLED CRAP?, Source: Youtube, gameranx 

Rewards, tasks, and leaderboards will encourage users to return more frequently. Additionally, because it gives users a more enjoyable experience, they will stay for longer.

It makes it easier to onboard users.

The improvement of user experience during onboarding is easy through gamification components. It's possible to show how your app operates using basic tasks and rewards. This way, your users will be able to learn about your app's features faster and better so that they can utilize it for longer.

It's a fantastic source of income for the success of your customer acquisition efforts.

Gamification is an excellent method to boost the amount of organic traffic. Better user experience means more users. Simply because people will speak about your app when satisfied with the experience. Furthermore, elements that encourage gamification like adding friends and challenges, rewards, and leaderboards are additional reasons users will talk about your app within their networks. They'll wish to share their experiences of their achievements and badges with their friends and will also want to challenge and compete against them.

How can you incorporate gaming into the Mobile App?

Let's now discuss how you can add gamification to the Mobile App.

It is all about your imagination. However, following some effective techniques won't hurt.

The type of app you are using can be a determining element. For instance, adding quizzes to your finance app will not give you the same results as learning apps. That means that certain features work better in particular specific categories.

Gamification in Educational Apps

For educational apps like quizzes, daily activities and rewards are the primary gamification components to look out for.

Top 4 Gamification Techniques, Source: Youtube, Gamify

They not only enhance the educational experience but also make it enjoyable. Users can be given the option of adding their friends to test them on quizzes and take on the leaderboard.

App Name: Headway Self Growth

Gamification in productivity apps

In-app rewards can be added to encourage users to complete more tasks. The tips could be as straightforward as a star or a message that says "good job." Todoist is an excellent illustration of this. It helps businesses organize their work from one place. It tracks the progress of projects, and it awards you with stars once you finish an assignment.

App Name: Todoist

Gamification is a critical feature in Health and Fitness Apps

Challenges, leaderboards and stages, progress bars, and adding friends. The category Health and Fitness offers many opportunities to gamify. You can monitor the frequency of users returning to your app and encourage them to keep going.

How to Make Health and Fitness App | Workout Manager & Health Calculator | Free Source Code Download, Source: Youtube, FREE CODE

If your app provides an option to track calories, then progress bars could be an excellent idea. They can monitor the calories consumed each day and their progress towards hitting their weight goals. They can also invite friends to join them and push them to complete the workout routine. You can assign them different statuses depending on their progress in the app. So they might be motivated to achieve more tasks or reach higher levels.

App Name: Impulse Brain

Gaming in Finance Apps

Financial apps are mostly about managing money, aren't they? You can monitor your income and expenses, invest and save. What can you do to make this more gamble? Progress bars can be a good starting place. Your customers may have financial goals they would like to reach or items they'd like to purchase. It is possible to add the concept of a progress bar into your app and assist them in remaining on track to achieve their objectives.

App Name: Mint

How to Create an Effective Gamification Strategy?

You now know the meaning of gamification, and it is being employed in different categories of apps. What is the best way to create an effective strategy for app gamification?

The first step is to make sure you know the facts. What do you know about your current retention rate? Are you able to generate sufficient organic traffic? It is essential to have a defined baseline and a specific target that you're trying to achieve.

In the next step, you must learn about your target audience. Are you able to appeal to older or younger people? Does your app get used more by men or women? What kinds of content pique the attention of your users? Please make a list of your intended audience before you develop an effective game-based app for them.

How To Create Effective Strategies In Any Game, Source: Youtube, Skyline

One method of completing this is to base solely on your beliefs. You would not be here if assumptions were the answer. Instead, you must conduct market research, analyze competitor behavior and find out the ways other apps are playing using different strategies within your industry.

You can, for instance, look up the most popular creatives according to their category on the ASO Intelligence tool and discover your competition immediately. You can evaluate their business models and find which features are popular.

Differentiation can be the key to making the difference; however, what happens inside your application. Therefore, take lessons from your competitors, tweak their practices and enhance your app.

Based on the information you gather Based on your findings, choose which gamification elements are most appropriate for your specific niche. Remember to include these elements into your application to enhance the user experience. Keep your updates short and easy to use.

The next stage makes it easier for people to find out about it. You can create the ideal gaming app, but it will not be effective if people don't know it. Also, again, you need to collect information about how your competitors promote their apps. What is the most sought-after advertising creative format? Are there established standards or strategies for your specific area?

An Overview of the Top Gamification Apps

Let's look at some of the most successful apps that use the concept of gamification.


We've mentioned Duolingo along with its value-added propositions a few times. Let's concentrate on their strategies for gamification. They employ gamification tools like leaderboards and progression bars, and even quizzes to create an improved learning experience. They make learning enjoyable and enjoyable.

Duolingo in Three Words: Free, Fun & Effective, Source: Youtube, Duolingo

You can observe that they have an overall rating of visibility of 93 which means they are highly prominent in the app store thanks to their success with ASO strategies. Another indicator of their performance is their satisfied customers, who express their appreciation through reviews or ratings.

Aren't you happy that your users assist you in acquiring mobile users? Furthermore, this is on the store for apps. Imagine how many families and friends members know about Duolingo by the reviews of happy users.


If done correctly, gamification can boost your productivity by a significant amount. Request a demonstration by our professionals right now and begin building your game's gamification strategy!

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