The War of the Century Between Microsoft and Apple

Did you know that for over a decade, the Apple industry has been dominating the technology industry? The products from Apple have revolutionized the technology markets for a very long time. With their innovation, the various categories of products create a big difference in the market. The dominating Apple silicon and powerful iPhone processors are part of the evidence that the technology has been dominating over the other firms. However, of late, Microsoft has joined the competition creating products that seem to be more innovative, less costly, and more feature than the Apple products. Currently, Microsoft has been overtaking the dominance of Apple in the technology industry.

The overtaking of Apple’s dominance has led to the war of the century between Microsoft and Apple.

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How did the introduction of Windows 11 signal the beginning of the war?

Microsoft has tried to catch up with Mac OS by adding more features to its latest windows version. Recently in June, the Microsoft Company launched Windows 11 for both computers and android. The introduction of Windows 11 signals the beginning of the war of dominance between the two firms. The reason is that Windows 11 appears more of the MacOS with most of the features improved. However, to make the customers crave it more than Apple, windows have more specialized features than the macOS features. The improvement on the features includes:

● The compatibility of the new windows 11 is more strict; it requires TPM 2.0 chips and a graphic card. Unlike the macOS, Windows 11 is compatible with all the personal computers that are eligible. Thus most individuals can install the software on their windows enabled android phones and personal computers. Thus, Microsoft has been viewed to catch Apple’s dominance.

Windows 11 Windows 11, Source:

● The companies announced that the operating system could run in sideloaded apps to provide Microsoft users with various options. Thus, they’ll be loosening the window store for the app developers.

Microsoft partnered with the Amazon AppStore whereby Windows Customers will be able to discover Android apps in the Microsoft Store and purchase them through the Amazon Appstore.
- Microsoft creates flexibility and choice of commercial platforms
Many developers love the Microsoft Commerce platform for its simplicity, global distribution, platform integration, and its competitive revenue share terms at 85/15 for apps and 88/12 for games.
Starting July 28, app developers will also have the option to include their own or third-party commercial platforms in their apps, and if they do, they don't need to pay Microsoft any fees. They can keep 100% of their revenue.

Microsoft and Apple fightMicrosoft and Apple fight, Source: Internet

For Apps with revenue over 1 million USD, App Store and Google Play are still 30% commission fees. What a bargain for app developers when developing apps on the Windows Store. Microsoft is really making Apple hot when touching its 50 billion dollar piece of cake


Microsoft breaks the monopoly of Apple

The rise of Microsoft was a shock to Apple, as the company broke apple’s monopoly in the technology in the personal computer markets. Microsoft has now achieved a faster critical mass in the industry with cheaper and good-quality products. The main cause leading to the rise of Microsoft was the smart idea of not selling to IBM, an operating system. However, Microsoft had all their operating system licensed to IBM.

Thus, this allowed Microsoft to sell its operating system to others continuously. It has led to the products of Microsoft have gained mass critical. Microsoft also broke apple’s monopoly by the innovation of the best features on both their android and computer operating systems at a lower cost, thus winning the race on breaking the monopoly of the apple industry.

Competition of Microsoft and Apple in various aspects

Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft has improved the simulation of the various human intelligence processes by the various computer systems they have developed. Unlike the Apple industry, Microsoft products provide the best machine learning, robotics, and data sciences processes, especially with their new features on the updated version of their windows.

Microsoft Artificial IntelligenceMicrosoft Artificial Intelligence, Source: Microsoft

Thus, the new AI tools Microsoft develop helps the users to have the best experience while using the tool.

Cloud gaming

Microsoft has made a drastic step with the cloud footprints with the Xbox Cloud gaming. Cloud gaming has been very popular among many users, making most users request Microsoft to use both the IOS and windows.

Microsoft Cloud gaming XboxMicrosoft Cloud gaming Xbox, Source: Internet

The move to accept this has increased the dominance of Microsoft on cloud gaming as most users can access the game from the browsers in more places at different times. Apple had refused to budge to the move citing the breaking of its regulations, but the latest news of accepting shows that the Microsoft industry is now taking over the cloud gaming industry.

Virtual reality

The Microsoft Hololens provides the best improvement features for the virtual games compared to Apple's, which the users can use on an Apple-powered device. The new holo lens from Microsoft has a large storage space, memory, display optimization, and microphone array to improve the reality of the virtual game.

HoloLens 2 Microsoft

HoloLens 2 Microsoft, Source: Microsoft

Most users prefer using the Microsoft holo lens to the virtual gaming products from the Apple industry.

Cloud computing

Both Microsoft and Apple have rolled out the cloud computing strategy. Apple introduced a beta of to allow the users to receive the notification of the online posts they made.

Cloud computingCloud-computing, Source:

In addition, it also supported document-wide discussions. However, Microsoft chooses a more efficient and collaborating feature moving Mac Bu to Exchange Web services. This move was to improve its reliability, performance, and compatibility with its users.

Personal computer

Most computers in the market are either run on the Windows operating system or the Mac operating system. There are differences between the two computer systems. However, in the computer market, Microsoft dominants over the Mac Operating system. The reasons may be the window-powered computers are generally less costly but with the same features or even improved features as the MacBooks.

Computer connectThe computer connects; Source: Internet

Some experts also argue Microsoft computers are more secure than their counterparts, thus leading to more people adopting the windows operating systems. The new Windows 11 will lead to more users preferred Microsoft computers due to the improved features.

How do users benefit from the war?

The war between Microsoft and apple leads to innovations every time from either company. These innovations come with various benefits to the users of products from the two companies, which may include:

1. Customers get the products at a lower price. Some years back, the prices of the apple commodities were only affordable by the rich individuals only because of its high cost of purchasing and maintenance. Thanks to the rise of cheaper options from Microsoft has led to the production of products at lower prices.

2. Users of the products from these companies get products with new features and improved features more often. Each company produces goods with improved features to compete with the other company. For example, the users have benefited from the new, improved features on windows 11. Windows 11 comes with more improved features that will improve the computer’s efficiency and user experience.

3. Users have a wide range of products to choose from as many products are produced continuously by the two companies. Both the Microsoft and the apple companies are producing various types of products. So the user has the benefit of choosing the choice they feel is the best from the various categories.


Microsoft has come a long way in breaking Apple’s monopoly. In recent years Apple was the best company in offering various technological needs. However, with various innovations, the new Windows 11 playing a critical role has led to Bill Gate’s technology firm beating the Apple industry in various aspects, including the computers industry. The war and competition between the two technology firms bring various benefits to the products’ users, and we have just witnessed the start of a war of the century.

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