How To Handle negative reviews of your mobile App

With the recent update up to iOS 10.3, developers can now respond to reviews on the Apple App Store, and Android developers can do so on Google Play Store. There are many actual results caused by app reviews that affect the performance of your App.

  • Findability: your application will be seen by more users when everyone is talking about it.
  • App Store Conversions: if you examine the chart below, you'll find that the reviews impact the decision of users to install an application;
  • App Ranking App Ranking: The higher the number of positive reviews received, the more prominent your application.

Everyone knows that reviews are classified into positive thoughts and negative ones. In the first instance, it's very satisfying to appreciate users' opinions, and it is relatively simple to express gratitude for their sharing their experience. The second scenario is more challenging from various perspectives, and we'll discuss the best ways to handle the bad feedback.

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6 Ways to Resolve Negative Reviews

Every app developer gets unhappy when their creation gets criticized after-hours developing it.

5 Tips on How to Respond to Negative Reviews & Internet Trolls, Source: Youtube, Nextiva

However, you must be professional and approach this situation best.

Recognize The Issue

If your App is at the heart of the problem, your first step is to apologize and assure the user that you will do all you can to resolve the issue. Making it clear that you are aware of why the problem occurred will make them feel that you're there to help them and are willing to improve the application.

Don't take it personally

After reading the review, the most common reaction after reading the thought that you are unhappy with is to become angry and slam the study's author. Refrain from your response and take an instant.

Airbnb Negative Review: Don't Take it Personally, Source: Youtube, STR University

It could be that the user is correct and your App was the cause of stress, or perhaps he suffered a bad day, and your App had nothing to do with the issues. Whatever the case, you must keep your fingers on the pulse and find out the root of the problem.

Compensate Bad Experience

Sometimes, it's not enough to let users know that you're sorry for the problems caused by your application. You can demonstrate your point when you provide them with virtual items or other benefits associated with your App to make them feel more positive about your App. Also, you can prove to them that you didn't intend to make them feel wrong about your work.

Redirect to a Private Channel

Following the launch, every App will have its own set of issues. No matter how small, they're inevitable since it's impossible to please everyone. However, it is preferential for negative impressions are not made public outside your app store.

How to Turn Your Competition's Negative Reviews Into a Positive For You, Source: Youtube, Private Club Radio

Make it clear to all users that you are available via different channels such as an email address or a support area within your application. If one of your customers is looking to leave negative feedback on the app marketplace, be courteous, follow the steps above, and try to shift the conversation away from the eyes of other users.

Be calm and ignore the Trolls

As we've already mentioned, there are instances in which the review isn't necessarily about your application. It's not worth paying any attention to such individuals. Communicate it in a friendly manner to ensure that you don't fall into their trap and ruin your reputation.

5 Strategies To Avoid Negative Reviews

We'll share some practical ways to improve your App's reviews on the app store.

Keep Users Up-to-date with Bug Solutions

As we mentioned earlier, it is vital to inform your users of the changes you have made to your application and let them understand that you're on hand to keep everything to their satisfaction. It is essential to demonstrate that you listen to what they say. In our mobile-based success story on Slack, you'll notice that the primary strategy used by its founders was to get feedback from their users in every way, which allowed them to achieve the speed of expansion.

Troubleshooting App Description

Because no app is perfect, Perhaps you're aware of the most common issues generated by your App that your users could easily handle.

Application Troubleshooting Best Practices, Source: Youtube, Server Gyan

Include some easy steps in the description of your App to help users if they find them with these situations.

Enable In-App Support

It is essential to ensure that the path from the customer to you is quick. To avoid the situation where an unhappy customer posts a complaint about your App in an app store, you must create a solution within your App. This will assist if users encounter issues with your application. It should be visible to all users who open your app and ensure that any problems will be resolved.

Prompt: Only Prompts for Happy Users

To do that, you should solicit users to provide opinions. Still, it is essential to concentrate on active customers and not interfere with their activities within the App. This brings us to the next step.

Use Social Media Channels (Get Feedback and Request Reviews)

Social media platforms are beneficial since users are more likely to voice their opinions via social media platforms and establish a lasting relationship with their clients.

How to Get More Facebook Reviews + FB REVIEWS LINK, Source: Youtube, Delaware ShoutOut

We encourage you to go through the article 3 Feedback Channels that Engage Users for Creating Exceptional Mobile User Experience to gain valuable insights into how to better communicate with your customers.


It can be very challenging to manage negative reviews about your App. However, it's not an end in itself. There are more critical matters in the world than a negative impression of your application. Instead, please think of this as a chance to enhance your App and improve the experience for the people who think it is suitable for their requirements. Encourage users to share their opinions, but ensure that only the positive ones make it to the store page for your App.

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