How to Increase Your Growth through the App Store through Search Tab ads

The best part about using this segmentation technique is that it allows you to be aware of which users offer the most outstanding value, and, as such, you'll be more secure an advantage over the other users. It will also be easier to analyze and take action from the information you have collected through specific population demographics, which are not mutually exclusive.

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Connect with customers before they search

Before we get into the potential strategies, let's be accustomed to the idea of Search tab campaigns. When users go to the Search tab in the App Store, they'll be greeted with an advertisement in the area below before entering any keywords into the search bar.

Connect With Customers On Google Search And Maps, Source: Youtube, Search Now Gmb Business Listing On Google Search

This is the premise that drives Search tabs Campaigns. There aren't keywords. Thus, it completely disintegrates the traditional structure used in Search Campaigns such as Generic, Brand, Discovery, and Competitor Campaigns. Instead, we have the maximum cost-per-thousand-impressions (max CPM) bid determined at the Ad Group level.

Pricing and Budgets for Search tab campaigns

Search tab campaigns have introductory pricing that is similar to results campaigns. It is possible to set up the daily cap and a budget for your campaign the same way we do for results-based campaigns at the campaign level.

An impression is assigned every time at least 50% of your advertisement is seen for one second.

What kind of apps is Best for Search tab campaigns?

We don't have a metric such as "keyword-based intent" for the Search tab, so it's a little more challenging to identify the "best user base" for your application. There are a few techniques you can benefit from that will aid you in optimizing your Search tab campaign. In addition, some applications are more likely to be featured on the Search tab due to their specific niche.

Apple Search Ads Search Tab Ads, Source: Youtube, Paid Media Pros

Based on our experiences in Search tab campaigns, we have found that the best results from Search tab campaigns are in similar apps: Apps that target a larger population. This could be a Delivery App or a Health & Fitness app.

Targeting Possibilities for Search tab ads

As stated in the previous article, Search tab campaigns have a distinct structure from regular search results. Because this type of ad placement is relatively brand new, it has many methods that aren't yet recognized. To find the strategies, you should experiment with the metrics that can be changed under the ad group setting: CPM Bids & Targeting Opportunities. You can play around playing with CPM Bids or employ targeting strategies in various ways. Target strategies are also beneficial to determine the most profitable audience for your application.

Local Targeting

Particularly for apps that require local labor, such as transportation apps or delivery apps, the concept of location-targeting is up-and-coming.

Google Ads Local Campaigns, Source: Youtube, Paid Media Pros

You have an app, and it is available only in a city. In these cases, we see that targeting that specific city instead of focusing on the entire nation reduces the cost of user acquisition by 30% while increasing efficiency by 20 percent. For highly localized applications, the use of location targeting is one of the most effective methods.

Age and Gender Targeting

Alongside location-based targeting, it is also possible to experiment with different audiences of users by creating multiple segments based on gender and ages and then test them to identify that segment with the highest ROI. You can see an example of a possible segmentation strategy in the image below. To implement this strategy, it's crucial to create an "all users" advertisement group to avoid leaving out any of the audiences.

Strategies for Audience

Strategies for Audience

Once you've created your Search tabs or you begin using targeted strategies, you'll require an automated system in which the system can take all necessary actions on your behalf.

In this case, for instance, you will need to organize your CPM bids by the cost per subscription that you own. You can easily design the Apple Search Ads automation cycle, which will take charge of the CPM bids about the cost per subscription.

Let's take a look at an example. If we have a Cost per Goal that is less than EUR6, We can raise the amount of our CPM offer by fifteen percent.

Google Ads Audience Manager and Audience Targeting - Complete Video Guide to Audience Types, Source: Youtube, Surfside PPC

Add Automation Rule I

For the ad groups with greater CPG values, such as those that fall between 6-9.5, we could slow down the action by a mere five percent increment.

Add Automation Rule II

Similar benchmarks are being analyzed using our AI system, and, as such, we can optimize using the most efficient automated structure with the most valuable models.

Search tab ads enable you to connect with users before even searching for apps.

Ad placements targeted for these apps work best when apps have enormous audiences.

The use of location targeting can be very effective for apps that provide physical services, like delivery or transportation.

Automated rules can be implemented to improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns.


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