Tech Tip: Are You Guilty of using weak Passwords? The Password Management for Windows 10 is a Must!

Passwords are the key to the realm of hackers; therefore, it is essential to create secure passwords and safely store them. The most commonly used passwords change frequently, but they're straightforward and are well-known to hackers because they are widely shared online.

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The importance of password

The most popular Password currently is 123456. This is then 123456789 and qwerty and Password. If you're now using any of these passwords or similar ones, we recommend changing them immediately and promptly. Certain people choose to use an official name. However, this is not an ideal practice unless it's unique and not related to someone you're familiar with or even your pets (many of us are guilty of using the pet name!)

The Importance of Password Security, Source: Youtube, Connectability IT Support Toronto

The passwords should not be recorded anywhere where an outsider could access the information and not be saved in emails or other digital materials. We suggest that users store their passwords in a "password manager" application. There are third-party software programs; however, Windows 10 users don't need to buy one. They can utilize the program built into Windows 10. It stores passwords safely and automatically generate the appropriate Password for each occasion on which they are needed.

But, even with a password manager, secure passwords are crucial for password security. It is also essential to have a password the user can remember if they have to use online services, applications, or services. Or elsewhere.

What is a "strong" secure password?

The more characters a password can be longer, the more secure. We suggest passwords have a minimum of eight characters long.

How to Create a Strong Password, Source: Youtube, Safety in Canada

  1. Passwords should consist of a combination of numbers and letters, and the letters must be a mixture of lower and upper characters. To make numbers easier to keep in mind, numbers could represent letters. For instance, if a user wanted their Password to read "IWannagoback" (a song lyric from the Demi Lovato music video), They could change it to it IWanna71521311 using the numbers substituting "go back."
  2. It shouldn't contain any personal information, such as your street address, your children's birthdays, your pet's name or children or pets, etc.
  3. It is not recommended to take it from publicly available data, like your social media or website accounts.
  4. To be easier to recall, passwords may be easy to remember yet not very obvious. Here are some examples:
  • An alphabetical list of primary letters of every word in the sentence that you are familiar
  • A song or poem that you love. with a lyric
  • A profound line from a book or movie
  • A phrase or a set of words with significance only to you. (Avoid commonly used terms like"I'm in love with you," would you be my bride, etc.)

It is also a good idea to regularly update your passwords (we suggest every 90 days), Not just the Password for your Windows 10 password, but any passwords you use for other services and applications.

For changing your Password on Windows 10 (If you usually use VPNs, make sure you're connected first. VPN ensure that you're connected before doing so):

How To Change Password In Windows 10 [Tutorial], Source: Youtube, MDTech Video

  • Click the keys CTRL+Alt+Delon your keyboard
  • Choose the option to change your Password
  • Enter your password from your account as well as a new one you prefer (twice)

Change your Password using your Remote Desktop environment, like NearCloud:

  • Use CTRL + Alt+Endon your keyboard
  • Click on the button to change the Password
  • Enter your password from your account as well as a new one that you like (twice)

If you're having difficulty making changes to your Password, call for assistance at the ITS Help Desk or your IT support staff to get help.


A secure password can aid in protecting your account from hackers.

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