The 8 Top Apps for Couples to Strengthen Your Relationship 2022

Are you experiencing a rough or dull relationship? It's usually because you're not trying new things; however, these apps could assist you in doing just that. Every relationship can stand to be improved in one manner or another way. It could be learning to respect the love of your partner or understanding them with fun and engaging quizzes and questions; relationships require something fresh to shake their foundations. Here are the top apps to go through right now to reignite the spark that you share with your partner.

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1. Love Nudge

It's a short 30-question test on the app that you and your partner could both take to find out the primary language you're in love with and how well you do in the other four languages.

Love Nudge for Couples, Source: Youtube, Gary Chapman

When you've completed the quiz and discovered your partner's most powerful relationship language, this app will help you accomplish the tasks and goals based on your partner's love language. For instance, let's say that your partner's language of love is Quality Time. In this scenario, the app provides an example of what you could do with your partner, such as having an evening of movies, playing cards, or dining out together.

2. Lovesick

Lovesick is an excellent application for couples who wish to learn more about their partner and find ways to keep the flame in their relationship. It has questions cards that are great for dinnertime that feature unique prompts that aren't just boring "What's your most-loved animal?" type questions.

Love Sick: Interactive Stories Hack ✅ GET FREE Keys & Diamonds in Love Sick Cheats [Android/iOS] Source: Youtube, tokiomotel28

There are many creative ideas for a date, but it's the responsibility of you or your partner to think of something exciting to do. And if you need some other ideas for how to make an opulent gesture or to spice your relationship, Lovewick has you covered for that too.

Lovesick also offers an area in the app called Forget-me-nots. Both of you can fill in this area with personal information, such as your preferred comfort food or coffee shop order. This will help you when you want to surprise yourself with something sweet, or you're trying to locate the right anniversary present.

3. Have been Together

The idea behind this app is simple. When you first start this app, type in the date you began dating or the date of your wedding anniversary. The app then calculates the number of days since that anniversary date.

Been Together Memory - Love Counter Application Free For Android, Source: Youtube, Anh Đạt

You can also upload a photo you share with your partner and alter the background to make it more personal. You can mark any number of anniversaries you'd like, such as the day you first kissed or even said "I am in love with you" to your partner.

4. Desire

It's a fun game that you can play with your spouse to play now and then or even all the time throughout the day. It's Truth or Dares in app form, but it's just daring.

The game offers various categories to pick from, including Dress Code, Outdoor, and Love Sensations. Every dare comes with points that correlate with the level of difficulty. The app constantly uploads new dares every week, which means there's always something new to test.

Desire App ¿cómo funciona? Source: Youtube, Candela Shop

When you and your friend make dares, the points will add up. If you're competitive in your game, this can be an exciting way to challenge your friend to see who has completed more dares.

5. Honeydue

While many budgeting and money-management applications allow sharing of your partner's profile, they aren't specifically made for couples. That's not the case with Honeydue. 

Honeydue Review - A personal finance app for couples, Source: Youtube, Money at 30

The best thing about Honeydue is that you can chat inside the application. This allows users to check out precisely what their counterpart is discussing when they talk about an error in a bill or an estimated date for the payoff for a credit card. It is also possible to split your cost with whatever percentage you wish, set reminders, and other options.

6. Between

It's Between app is an excellent alternative for couples to meet many different requirements in their relationship. It is easy to keep photos, videos, and notes inside the app. If you do change phones, later on, you'll be able to access everything as it's stored in the app.

Episode 15: Between App Review, Source: Youtube, Loved At Launch

In addition, you can converse privately on the internet with your companion, and you can even do video chats for no cost. You can also view a calendar that lets you see your partner's entire calendar and you are coming events. You can also track special occasions and swiftly check the number of days remaining until the anniversary.

7. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

A Couple Game is an ideal application to know more about your spouse or If you love spending time with them while answering fun questions. It comes with questions packs that cover a variety of themes like Looks & Beauty, Health and Hygiene, Date Night, Leisure & Vacation, and many more.

Who Questions for Couples / Couples Quiz Game, Source: Youtube, Mindful Play

Each pack of questions is full of fun and open-ended questions, which will get you and your partner talking about issues that you've never talked about before. There are also conversations starter questions and coupon templates that will give you unique ideas to impress your spouse. You can also make yourself coupons if you do not see one you like.

8. Lasting: Health of the Marriage

The app you are using is intended for couples requiring additional assistance with settling significant problems in their relationship. Lasting is a therapy for couples application that makes it cost-effective and easy to help your relationship improve on a more fundamental scale.

Episode 14: Lasting Marriage Health, Source: Youtube, Loved At Launch

If you're not planning to invest any money from the beginning, the app has many free resources. The Lasting Foundation series includes five sessions that focus on the basics of health in relationships. Plus, all of the app's conversation-starters, relationship reminders, and single sessions are free.

There's also the option of Premium, which grants both you and your partner access to a wealth of information. There are sessions on trust, communication, appreciation, money, sexual intimacy, emotional relationship, and much more.


The act of downloading one of these apps and getting to know more about your partner and the relationship is a good step towards an appropriate direction. A healthy relationship is about sharing information and learning about your partner. That's the purpose of these apps. 

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