The Best Front End Frameworks 2022

Whatever the complexity of processes and functions is running within an online site's background, the user experience needs to be smooth and seamless. It is the primary goal of every major project. It is necessary to use frontend frameworks to simplify the frontend creation of user-friendly, interactive websites for seamless operations. In this post, we'll examine the top frontend frameworks with their pros and cons but first, let's take the time to look at the different frontend frameworks and why it is necessary to utilize frontend frameworks.

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What exactly is Front End Framework?

Framework for Front End is a mix of two different words, Front end, and Framework. The front end refers to the visual page of any website or website; it is the component of the web page that a user interacts with. It is important to note that the backend component that includes API calls for database connectivity, authentication, and other things Framework is an essential support structure for an object. The object is a web page in this case.

Understanding Frontend Frameworks – Dirk P. Janssen, Source: Youtube, VMware Tanzu

Formally the term "framework" refers to an application development platform that provides a base on which software applications can construct. Frontend frameworks are the software applications that offer pre-written code modules, standard frontend technologies, and pre-designed interface blocks, making frontend development more accessible and quicker. With a framework, you can build robust web applications without the necessity of writing every functionality or utility from scratch due to the inclusion of development tools within the Framework. The majority of frontend frameworks utilize JavaScript as their primary language.

A few examples of Front-end frameworks include React, Vue.js, Angular and jQuery, and many more.

Top Front End Frameworks


Created and developed with the help of Facebook, React is one of the top open-source frameworks currently and employed by 40.14 percent of developers, as per StackOverflow survey of 2021 developers. React was created to respond to maintaining code issues due to the constant introduction of new features on Facebook. It is distinctive because it has the Virtual Document Object Model. React is designed to be used with other libraries to facilitate state management routing, APIs, and state management. A common rule of thumb is to Use React when your application is likely to be a source of significant traffic, and an established platform is required to manage it.

What is React (React js) and why is it so popular?, Source: Youtube, Programming with Mosh 


  • Components within React can be reused in various segments of React.
  • The Virtual DOM provides an unmatched and seamless experience.
  • Changes can be made quickly without disrupting the flow.


  • JSX is difficult and complex to comprehend for novices.
  • The React framework is constantly updated, making it challenging to write good documentation.


Created and maintained, developed and maintained by Google, Angular is a single framework based on TypeScript. It was released officially in 2016 to fill the gap between technical requirements and traditional ideas. The distinctiveness of Angular is due to the feature that Angular includes a two-way bound feature.

What is Angular? (Explained for Beginners), Source: Youtube, Andy Sterkowitz 

Two-way binding allows components of your application the ability to exchange data. Utilize two-way binding to simultaneously monitor changes and event notifications between child and parent components. There is real-time synchronization between the Model and View. That means any changes to the model will be immediately reflected on the view, and the reverse is true. It is responsible for the creation of web and mobile applications and the ability to create multi-page or single-page applications. Companies like BMW, Forbes, Xbox utilize Angular.


  • Real-time model-view synchronization of models is possible through a built-in function.
  • Developers can create interdependent components of code. The code components can be separated with the help of dependency injectors.
  • With the help of Directives in HTML, programmers can experiment with document object models and produce rich content with HTML.


  • The Angular programming language is challenging to master due to the variety of options and built-in functions.
  • It has been discovered that dynamic applications built using React might be slow at times regarding performance.


VueJs is among the most well-known, simple, easy-to-use, and modern JavaScript frameworks. It is claimed that the designers of VueJs have taken the best features of the current frontend framework's most delicate features to build Vue.js. The Framework is well-suited to remove the challenges Angular developers face with two main advantages: the visual DOM (also known as Document Object Model), component-based programming, and two-way binding. It's possible to create web applications, mobile apps, and web-based applications that are progressive using Vue.js. A few of the most renowned companies like Alibaba Xiaomi use Vue.js.

Vue.js explained in 100 seconds, Source: Youtube, Fireship 


  • The availability of comprehensive and detailed documents makes them easy to understand.
  • Vue.js allows the creation of both complex and dynamic applications and small-sized applications.


  • It is in the development process; therefore, there is not a massive base of community support.
  • Most plugins are written in Chinese; there is an issue with the Chinese language.


The jQuery framework is among the first frameworks to be that was introduced in the year 2006. It is unique in the technological world due to its simplicity, ease of use, and the lack of requirement to write complex JavaScript codes when using Vue.js. Another benefit of jQuery is that it is constantly being developed to become an improved version with each passing day. It is, in essence, an application that is used to modify CSS and DOM to enhance the interactivity and functionality of a site.

The Legend of jQuery in 100 Seconds, Source: Youtube, Fireship 


  • One of the most simple frameworks, with minimal programming skills, you will be able to start with jQuery.
  • It is a great tool to build dynamic applications. The components are easily removed or added thanks to its flexible DOM.


  • Numerous alternatives to jQuery are today that work better.
  • The jQuery interface is very light; as a result, there could be issues in a long time.


Jack Lukic invented Semantic-UI and launched it in the year 2014. Semantic-UI is a relative newcomer to frameworks and is moving towards becoming the most well-known front-end framework globally. Its goal is to empower developers and designers by establishing a language that allows communicating the user's interface. The use of natural languages makes its codebase easy to understand. Semantic-UI was designed to facilitate the seamless creation of interactive user interfaces.

Getting Started with React Semantic UI, Source: Youtube, Atypical Engineer


  • It is among the most modern frontend frameworks, offering the functionality that comes out of the box.
  • It has a rich set of UI components


  • Developers using this feature must be skilled enough to create customized requirements.
  • It's not suitable for students who are not experienced in JavaScript.


Swiftly. The Framework is built in MVC (or Model View Controller architecture, MVC architecture View is responsible for executing component logic. The collections can be used to separate the models and create projects with different kinds of users. When you are developing applications using Backbonejs, it is possible to employ tools such as Thorax, Marionette, Chaplin, Handlebars, and more to make the most efficient application of Backbonejs.

What is Backbone.js? - Backbone.js Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Ngo Quang Dat


  • It is among the lightest and fastest JavaScript frameworks.
  • It's easy to learn and implement.


  • It provides simple tools for application design and does not provide a user-friendly structure.
  • The boiler plate's code has to be translated.


You are welcome to explore the frameworks discussed above by creating projects. In addition to the frameworks discussed in the previous paragraphs, there are many other valuable and essential frameworks, and you'll be able to learn about these once you begin creating projects. Learning through experience is what future development needs to accomplish!. Because there are numerous possibilities to select from the frontend frameworks, you might be unsure of which one to pick. Still, in every case, it is suggested to look at the issue statement and select the appropriate Framework to complete your project.

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