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Puzzles that twist your mind, reimagined classics, and more for beginners and experts alike. The boredom (and anxiety) each has a way of making people look at their phones and other screens. If you're bored from scrolling on Instagram or squirming at Twitter, may you consider a time-saver with a game that you can play on your phone? They're a fun and interactive method of embracing and accepting tablets and smartphones as an integral aspect of our lives, particularly these days when a lot of other distractions and activities are not allowed. A lot of games on mobile devices are fun, creative, cooperative, and intelligent. Additionally, most games are basic yet smart enough to be enjoyable for players of all levels. The games listed below can be played on both Android and iOS-compatible devices, but they are designed for smartphones, as opposed to tablets. Most games are entirely free to play with the cost of purchase mentioned; most are also available with premium options to eliminate advertisements, unlock upgrades or unlock more features, among other things.

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Dots the basic definition of simplicity. The screen comprises 36 beads of various shades, set in rows to create the shape of a six-by-six-inch square. The aim is to "connect dots" by drawing lines between dots that are a similar color. Doing this earns you points and cleans these dots off the screen.


The Dot Game That Breaks Your Brain, Source: Youtube, Vsauce2 

Connect dots upwards, downwards, and along the sides but not diagonally as many dots are connected in one swipe, more points you will earn once you have eliminated beads in chains and drop more dots down the grid from above. (Meanwhile, joining four dots together to create a square will remove all bubbles of the same color off the table.) The game continues to add colors and roadblocks until you're out of moves.

It's a great, maze-like game that lets players apply some planning while scratching that matching puzzle itch.


Have you had the chance to play 2048? It's a well-known mobile game where you must move cards around a four-by-4 board. Each card displays an amount that is two times the size. The goal is to force cards in one another to add their numbers together. By swiping decks in all four cardinal directions across the board and adding their respective values in the end, you will get to the desired total of 2048.

However, true mobile puzzle game lovers consider 2048 a lesser derivative of the most popular number-combining game ever: Threes, which launched on app stores in February 2014 and was predated by 2048's release by a mere month. Threes took the crown critical review for its beautifully minimalist design, easy to play with a well-scaled difficulty, but 2048 was soon to surpass its popularity because of its cost that was "free"; Threes, which is now completely free, initially cost $1.99.

How to Beat Threes!, Source: Youtube, Polygon

Threes players claim that 2048 Threes fans claim that 2048 players aren't getting. The method Threes operates is like 2048, but with a more appealing playing board and a much more difficult target. The new cards appear in empty areas on the board, with an amount of 1, and you have to combine them to create three. The remainder of the game involves mixing cards that have identical numbers, and all of them have multiples of 3or, i.e., you could combine two 3s to create the number 6, then two 6s to create the 12 and two 12s to make the 24 and so on. However, you cannot combine a 12 with a 24 to make 36. The game will end when there are no more ways to move the cards around to get to the final goal of 6,144.

Making intelligent moves when playing Threes is more complicated than in 2048. It's more about simple multiplication. Threes have more to do with treating every move as if it's the last to get the most points possible, which is something that very few have ever achieved. It's a rare game of math and puzzles that are incredibly fun with just the right amount of demand.

Disney Emoji Blitz

The matching of objects with similar colors can give pure, simple joy, for instance, the above Dots. Many players enjoy variations of match-three games such as Candy Crush and Puyo Puyo, which are staples in games that follow the "match three or more similar colors" formula, as they add an element of fun. Disney Emoji Blitz can be one of the most popular choices, particularly for Disney enthusiasts who get giddy over stacking emojis inspired by their favorite characters.

Disney Emoji Blitz Gameplay iOS / Android, Source: Youtube, Android/iOS/Nintendo Switch Gameplay - PROAPK

There are hundreds of cute takes on Disney and Pixar characters that are filling Disney Emoji Blitz and are begging to be placed in sets of at least three to get rid of the board. (These Emoji-inspired characters can be "collected" to make an emoji keyboard that you could use when texting if that's something you're also interested in.) As with any match-three game, Disney Emoji Blitz allows players to race against one another to beat their best scores. It's a cute twist on an old-fashioned style.

Scrabble Go

You likely remember Words With Friends, which was a hugely popular game in 2010. The game is akin to Scrabble and allows two players to play using letter tiles, each with points, and spell out words on a piece of paper. Once a player is finished playing, the game will ping their opponent to reply.

Scrabble Go: Introducing Part One, Source: Youtube, Link

We're saying that Words With Friends (which is, in fact, still very well-liked on Facebook and other platforms, although there's less massive an event in the way it was in the past) is Scrabble. However, Scrabble is now accessible as an authentic, genuine mobile app. The basic idea is to ask your friend if they'd like to join a fun game and then play a word in turn on the game board. Scrabble Go also offers more challenging modes of play, such as ones that allow advanced strategies such as swapping tiles and playing with an opponent. If you're not looking to play against anyone at times, we'd instead test ourselves! There's a single-player mode, too.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume can be described as quite simply a fantastic video game. It's a joy to lose yourself in and is the most simple, low-risk mobile game to play. You have a backyard where cute stray cats may come out, beg for food, and stay time to engage in a game. If you meet an animal first time, you can take a photograph of it and then give it a name. You can buy pet toys for cats and provide them with simple as well as expensive foods.

Neko Atsume Gameplay IOS / Android, Source: Youtube, Chill Gaming

It's not difficult to find cats you can efficiently "collect," but aside from feeding them, there's little other you can do. This means that checking into your account to check what cats have visited your home and are waiting to feed them feels like a warm greeting from a friendly neighbor. They don't constantly or eagerly paw towards the entrance until their bowls are replenished. They aren't at risk if you do not return for days, hours, or even longer. Care for Neko Atsume kittens is easy and rewarding. The game is calming, enjoyable, and tranquil. It's even therapeutic in these ways, by enticing players with the tiny satisfaction of smiling, grateful cats stopping by to say hello.


Florence is among my most loved games ever -an stunning unique game that is perfectly designed for mobile platforms. It makes use of music and a variety of fun, story-driven minigames to tell the tale of Florence and Krish, the two protagonists who fall in love in the same way as they walk out of it.

I read Florence to Polygon during the game's Valentine's Day 2018 release, where I urged anyone with a desire to take an hour to play the story-driven, beautifully scored puzzle game from beginning to end.

Florence (Full Game, No Commentary), Source: Youtube, Joshiball - No Commentary Gameplay

Designers of emotionally challenging story-driven games may be inclined to focus on telling stories, often at the expense of gameplay—mountains (the company behind Florence has worked out how to build an integrated package. The story is told in a way that has each aspect of Florence and Krish's connection being said by minigames that use touch.

The scene at Florence's computer allows us to manage her finances by selecting the correct numbers to ensure that everything is balanced out. Tapping notes from music leads Florence towards Krish when they are in the room where they first meet. With every tap, the sound becomes louder until the pair meet face to face. The conversations between them function like puzzles made of jigsaws. The more passionate they are, the fewer pieces needed to connect.

The game is brief, but it's a story-centric game, and the minigames are played out precisely the same way every time, making it less appealing to some. Florence is a game worth returning to, but listening to its rousing score and watching its stunning animation move a moving story forward. 


If you have an Android or a tablet, you can play a game on your mobile. It's straightforward to begin, especially since many free and user-friendly games. They're the ideal thing to go to whenever you're tired of opening the same apps over and again and can offer the most enjoyable and exciting way to play with your smartphone. If you're looking to unwind or get yourself excited trying to solve a problematic task, there's a game there to play.

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