Top Tax Apps in 2022

If you want to file your taxes with the application, all you have to scan is your tax return or other documents using your camera. The application will convert your information to the proper tax forms. It is also possible to import the previous year's tax returns.

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The best overall experience: TurboTax Tax Return App

The Reasons We Choose it: The TurboTax Tax Return application is well-designed, simple to use, and operated by a highly regarded, publicly-traded company called Intuit. While you'll have to pay more for the best plans, you'll receive an exceptional level of customer service. In addition, taxpayers who file for free will receive unlimited assistance from a tax professional via the app when they file their tax returns by the 31st of March, 2022.

TurboTax is an affiliate of Intuit, a well-known publicly-traded company established in 1983. Its main office is located in Mountain View, California. Alongside TurboTax, it is also part of the other Intuit brand names, including QuickBooks (a top accounting software) and Mint (a personal budgeting and financial application).

Maximize Your Self Employed Deductions - TurboTax Tax Tip Video, Source: Youtube, TurboTax 

TurboTax lets you pay your taxes with its tax software online or mobile tax application and desktop-based tax software. The cost for filing your taxes through the mobile application is identical to what you'll have to pay for the online tax software. 

TurboTax can handle various personal tax issues, such as self-employment, business income, rental income, and investment. 

To secure the account you have created, TurboTax will send a single-use code to a trusted device following the time you've entered your username and password so that you can log in safely. Additionally, you can take a few security questions before logging into the application after entering your password. The Face ID feature, Touch ID, and data encryption are also offered to protect you.

The TurboTax application is available on iOS as well as Android devices.

TaxSlayer Free Tax App

Why We Choose It: With the TaxSlayer free tax application, anyone can access unlimited tech support via email or phone. In addition, the business has an extensive library of customer support tools available on its website. Additionally, its most popular plans offer assistance from a tax professional for less than the other companies we evaluated.

How To Use TaxSlayer - TaxSlayer Tutorial For Beginners, Source: Youtube, Knowledge By Marcus

What We Like

  • All users get unlimited support via email and phone to help you with any questions regarding the application.
  • Assistance from a tax professional is available with the most expensive plans, which are more costly than other plans.
  • TaxSlayer is owned by a family business with a solid name and a good.

What We Do Not Like

It isn't possible to scan documents (e.g., W-2s, for example) to the app by using your camera. You can prepare your state and federal tax returns using TaxSlayer at no cost. If you have other income streams, work for yourself, or wish to benefit from deductions that aren't included, the three plans are paid for an increase to $47.95 for filing a federal return and $36.95 for individual state returns. 3

The TaxSlayer application is available on iOS as well as Android devices.

Best Tax Filing Service for Free: Cash App Taxes (formerly Credit Karma Tax App)

The Reasons We Choose it: Not only is the Cash App Taxes application free, however, but you also will not have to be charged anything to file your state and federal tax returns. You could even file taxes on your own if you're in highly complex tax circumstances, for example, being self-employed or earning investments.

What We Like

  • Even those with complex tax circumstances, such as self-employment earnings, can complete taxes for both states and federally at no cost.
  • You could upload information from prior tax returns even if you did not file them using the Cash App.
  • Audit support is accessible to all.
  • The privately-owned company has an excellent reputation.

Things We Do Not Like

  • There is no one-on-one help from a tax professional.
  • The app cannot deal with all tax issues, such as penalties for underpayment or multiple tax returns for different states.
  • Certain tax returns for state tax aren't accepted.

It was initially created under Credit Karma Tax; Cash App purchased the service in November 2020. We rated Cash App as the most effective tax-free app since even those with complicated tax problems can submit their state and federal tax returns without cost.

The Cash App Taxes app is free for users, but those with diverse tax issues can complete their tax returns at no cost. This includes tax returns that are simple and more complex tax returns for self-employed and those who earn business income reported to Schedule K-1 and even those who have investment income. In addition, when you completed your previous year's tax returns using a different service (e.g., TurboTax) 

Cash App Taxes 2022 Review (Formerly Credit Karma Tax) | Walkthrough and Pros and Cons, Source: Youtube, The College Investor

Cash App Taxes utilizes data encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security measures to safeguard your data. Help is available through the Cash App Taxes help center, and you can also write to the team to receive assistance, but you aren't able to obtain live service from a tax professional. Furthermore, everyone who submits their tax returns using the Cash App Taxes app gets access to audit defense for free. You typically need to change to one of our most popular plans to gain this kind of assistance.

Its Cash App Taxes application isn't without its flaws. It isn't able to handle every tax situation, such as filing multiple tax returns for state taxes or filing state tax returns before you've completed a Federal tax return. It's also not able to handle penalties for underpayment if you did not pay the required federal or state taxes during the tax year.

The app is available for iOS as well as Android devices.

THE BEST APP FOR SIMPLE Returns: TaxAct Express Application

The Reasons We Choose It: The TaxAct Express tax application lets you upload documents directly into the tax application by scanning them using your smartphone. This allows you to have simple tax returns that are filed quickly.

What We Like

  • It is possible to file basic federal tax returns at no cost.
  • Live assistance from a tax professional is included in any plan, provided they pay.
  • You can upload documents to the tax application by scanning them using your smartphone.
  • TaxAct has earned an excellent reputation.

Things We Do Not Like

  • You'll need to pay to prepare each state tax return regardless of the "free" plans "free" program.
  • You will only receive live assistance from a tax professional if you pay for it.
  • Its most expensive plan is among the highest-priced programs we examined if you decide for support via live chat with an expert in taxation.
  • Like most tax applications we tested, the free version is compatible with basic returns.

TaxAct Review by a CPA | Pros + Cons | Watch Out On Your State!, Source: Youtube, Logan Allec 

TaxAct is a privately-owned tax preparation firm founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Alongside helping taxpayers file taxes online, the company also offers numerous products for download and programs created specifically for business. 

TaxAct Express tax app supports all of TaxAct's online tax software plans. This includes basic tax returns as well as taxes for self-employed persons. It's ideal for tax returns that are simple as it's easy to scan the most critical data with your smartphone (e.g., your driver's license or W-2s) and then have it automatically populated on your tax return.

The app can even provide personalized assistance throughout the tax filing procedure. Additionally, you can move between the application and the tax software online if you wish to work on your personal computer.

If you are filing an essential tax return, you can submit the federal tax returns at no cost. If you're in more complicated tax issues, The price for a federal tax return varies from $24.95 up to $64.95. If you have an income tax return for the state due to being filed, then you'll be required for $34.95 to $44.95 for each. 4

If you're looking for live support by a tax professional, it's offered for a cost for every plan. For some tax software, however, you're only able to avail of this kind of support only if the upgrade is to the most expensive methods. You can't help it on low-cost plans.

Touch ID and Face ID Touch ID allow you to log in securely to the app. The app itself is accessible on both iOS as well as Android devices.

The best app for self-employed: H&R Filing and Tax Block App

Why We Choose It: Although the H&R Block Tax Prep and File app can assist individuals who have a variety of scenarios and situations, the straightforward advice that you receive from a tax professional is especially beneficial for self-employed individuals. If you're stuck, you could get a tax professional to assist you in filing taxes.

What We Like

  • H&R Block is a publicly-traded company that has an excellent standing.
  • You can avail support for a fee from a tax expert should you require it, and there are offices across every state.
  • The W-2 can be scanned in the app with the camera on your phone.

Things We Do Not Like

  • The most popular program is among the highest-priced tax software we looked at with assistance from a tax professional.
  • Like most tax applications we tested, the free version can be used with simple returns.
  • H&R Block is a publicly-traded tax preparation firm that was established in the year 1955. Apart from tax preparation assistance for professionals, H&R Block offers do-it-yourself tools like online tax software for filers who are individuals or even an H&R Block Tax Prep and File application.

H&R Block Review by a CPA | Pros + Cons | Walkthrough | Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Logan Allec 

Through the H&R Block Tax Prep and File app, you'll be able to utilize your smartphone to complete your taxes with the same tax preparation plans available in the tax software available online. Like all the services we examined, the app is free to use the app, and you'll need to pay when you're ready to file your tax return. It's possible to file basic federal and state tax returns at no cost. If you're in an additional tax issue, the price for a federal tax return is between $49.99 to $179.98 plus an additional $36.99 fee per state tax return.

Taxes from the previous year can be imported regardless of who created the tax returns. You can also utilize your smartphone's camera to upload and scan your Form W-2. Standard data encryption and security tools are employed to safeguard your data.

Live tech support via chat or telephone for no cost. If you'd like to get all-inclusive assistance from a tax professional is available at a cost with all of H&R Block's tax online software plans (the most expensive we listed includes this cost). This is an excellent alternative if you're self-employed but aren't sure how to file your tax returns. You can also pay an accountant to help you prepare your taxes for you in case you're caught up (it starts at $80 for a federal tax return).

Similar to the other applications we have reviewed, it is possible to effortlessly change between the mobile app and the online tax software. It's accessible on Android as well as iOS devices.


We picked the TurboTax tax application as the most effective overall, as it is user-friendly and is supplied by Intuit, which is a highly regarded public company that is publicly traded. 

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