Top Tips to Get the Most Use of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy Buds live? It's essential to be aware of these critical strategies to make the most value from these devices. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are excellent wireless earbuds made of true wireless with a unique bean design. They are great to listen to, comfortable, are easy to wear, and are incredibly long-lasting. If you're proud to be a user of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, Here are some helpful tips to ensure you maximize the use of your earbuds.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Buds: Wear the Buds in the Correct Way

This may seem obvious; however, first, ensure that you wear the Buds Live correctly. The design is unique and distinct from the Galaxy Buds and Buds Plus in the end. Incorrect use could diminish the quality of sound and render touch functions useless.

When the speaker is facing inward and towards the bottom, make sure to look for the "L" and the "R" to determine the proper ear. Place the Earbud first in the lower part of your ear. Then, turn the Earbud to ensure that the upper part fits into the concha of your ear.

Galaxy Buds Pro: How to Wear & Care | Samsung, Source: Youtube, Samsung

If your earbuds are loose, play around with the tips provided by the manufacturer to ensure they're secure and won't fall off. You may need to use various sizes of information for each ear. You can buy google play reviews to know which correct way to wear this ear.

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds: Clean the Buds

Anything that is in your ear over a long period is sure to be soiled by the earwax and other particles. It is essential to keep your ears clear of debris so that the speaker and the air duct are not blocked. If you don't do this, your Buds Live may sound unbalanced.

Samsung Galaxy BudsSamsung Galaxy Buds, Source: Proreviewsapp

Wash your buds using a dry, clean cloth to clean any obvious dirt. It is also possible to employ a soft brush or a cotton swab. Don't use liquids to aid in cleansing, even though the Buds Live come with an IPX2 rating which means they can withstand tiny amounts of water that drips, it's not worthwhile to take the chance.

3. Make sure to keep everything up-to-date

There is a time that devices did not change following the initial configuration. Today, nearly everything gets improved through software updates. This is also true for Buds Live.

To ensure that you get the most enjoyable listening experience, make sure you provide that all the components of Buds Live are up-to-date. This includes your phone. If you're using a Samsung device, you can do this by clicking settings > software updates > Install and download.

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Buds Pro How To Update Software & Keep Your Galaxy Buds Pro Upto Date, SOurce: Youtube, Android Doctor

You can update your Buds Live using the over-the-air service. To do that, open the Galaxy Wearable application and then click Earbuds software to update. Let's buy google play installs to download the newest version for your Buds.

Remember to ensure that you keep your Galaxy Wearable app up to date too!

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds: Modify the touch function

If you're making use of your Wireless Buds Live on the go, you shouldn't have to be worried about taking out your phone to alter the volume level or stop a track. Buds Live has lots of various touch functions that allow for easy adjustments, and it is also possible to customize the actions.

The default touches functions include:

  • Single tap: Play/pause
  • Double-tap: Track next or answer/end a phone
  • Triple tap Previous track
  • Touch and Hold: Enable active noise cancellation or decline of a call

You can alter the function of holding and touch by using the Galaxy Wearable application. Navigate there to select the Touch controls section, and then under the Hold and Touch section, you can tap either left or Right. You can choose between active noise cancellationVoice commandVolume down/up, and Spotify.

In addition, it's not necessary to enable Bixby to use Bixby on your Samsung phones. Below are the steps to deactivate Bixby for all Samsung Galaxy phones.

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds: Enable Active Noise Cancellation

Aural noise cancellation (ANC) is a feature of Buds Live. Buds Live's feature reduces unwanted background noise (like the train's rumbling) but still allows you to listen to important sounds (such as announcements from overhead). It is not necessary to increase the volume -- activate ANC.

Samsung | Galaxy Buds Pro: How to use Active Noise Cancelling, Source: Youtube, Samsung Australia

To enable this, open to launch the Galaxy Wearable app and tap active noise cancellation. In addition, if you don't have altered your touch function, it's faster to touch and hold the Earbud for a moment to activate ANC. 

6. Reduce Audio Delay

Bluetooth devices may suffer from delays in audio. This is when the audio you hear does not correspond to what's happening on the screen. It's most noticeable when you watch videos or play games.

Try to fix this issue by using Buds Live away from other Bluetooth devices and then moving closer to the device connected.

If you are using your headphones with a Samsung tablet or phone, the most effective way to minimize audio delay is to activate the Gaming mode feature. To enable it, launch your Galaxy Wearable App, click Labs, and then select the Gaming Mode. Let's read how to buy android app installs to download Galaxy Wearable App for your Buds.

7. Samsung Galaxy Buds: Charge the Case wirelessly

The case you put your Buds Live inside also charges the buds. When fully set, the Buds Live will give you 8 hours of replay plus an additional 21 hours in the case.

The case can be charged using the USB Type C cable, But did you know it can also charge wirelessly?

Samsung Galaxy buds wireless charging, Source: Youtube, How to Smartphone

Place the case inside the middle of a wireless charger, and you've accomplishe itd. Of course, Samsung recommends using one of its wireless chargers, but any other charger from an established company can do the job.

You can also use the Samsung PowerShare feature to charge your Earbuds. Install your Buds Live to prosecute the case on the back of any compatible device like Samsung's S20 or Note10. You can then set the earbuds with the battery on your smartphone.

8. Try it out With the Equalizer

Do you find that Buds Live does not sound quite what you'd like it to? If yes, you need to test the different equalizer settings until you discover the one that is right for you.

Open simply the Galaxy Wearable app, then within the Equalizer section, click the various options available to alter the sound instantly. Available options include regular, bass boost Clear, Soft, Dynamic, and Treble Boost.

Each person's personal preferences will differ; however, if you're not sure which one to choose, go with Dynamic. It offers a good balance and a rich sound that enhances the bass.


I hope you're enjoying the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, and these suggestions have helped you to get the most out of these great earbuds.

If you're an avid Samsung enthusiast, you should think about purchasing one of Samsung's other accessories, including the durable Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.

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