Top typical Android issues and ways to repair these issues

Top typical Android issues and ways to repair these issues

An overview of how to troubleshoot several of the frequently encountered and irritating error messages that you will see in Android devices. Android devise. We all know that our phones aren't always perfect. If they're not running out of juice, they're slow, can't be powered on, or have issues connecting to the Internet. Here are a few easy solutions for some of Android owners' most frequent issues.

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Drain of batteries

Many users have complained of issues in the life span of batteries on their phones. One of the most effective methods to extend your phone's battery life is to alter your Location and brightness settings.

Go to the Settings menu. Then click on Location and then select the battery-saving mode. For the brightness, it is best to be wary of auto-brightness and lower your screen's brightness less than halfway or to an amount that is suitable enough for the eyes.

Fixed Fast Battery Drain Problem, Source: Youtube, Technology Gyan

Like Samsung's Galaxy S5 and above, certain phones also come with additional ways to save battery. For more suggestions, here are five methods to increase the battery life of your Android right now.

Google Now problems

Google Now is quite tricky. It is easy to get confused if you aren't. Are you in need of a bit of assistance? These are 20 ways to get the most value from Google Now.

Stalled text messages

Verify that you're connected to the Internet via wi-fi or cell, click on the message you have not sent, then select Resend. If the issue persists, consider restarting your phone or installing a third-party messaging application.

User interface slow and frozen

The speed of phones typically slows down when their internal storage gets full. You can try deleting any unneeded apps or photographs and transfer their files to cloud storage or microSD card. Additionally, you must close any open applications you do not use anymore, delete apps' caches, and restrict the usage in live wallpapers.

How to fix frozen and slow user interface? Source: Youtube, Ultimate Tech

A cached app's data is deleted by accessing settings under Apps and selecting an application, then choosing to clear the cache option. Software like the App Cache Cleaner or Clean Master and Clean Master is free to download from Google Play. Google Play store can also be utilized for automatizing the clearing process.

For more details, check out this article to speed on speed on your Android phone.

Connectivity problems

Suppose you are experiencing difficulties connecting to Bluetooth or wi-fi or your mobile network. Sometimes, just switching the specific connection could fix the issue.

Are we still experiencing issues? Try fixing or creating the Bluetooth devices or wi-fi network.


Certain Androids, such as those running the Droid Turbo, can get very hot. Be sure not to utilize your phone while charging it, and avoid using games that consume a lot of CPU, like Pokemon Go or Facebook, for extended durations of time. If your phone starts to get hot, allow the phone to cool off.

Why My Smartphone Overheats and How to Stop It, Source: Youtube, BRIGHT SIDE 

If you do not take care of these things, but your phone is still heated to your touch, you might want to have it checked by a specialist. The experts I spoke to suggested it could indicate a manufacturing defect.

Syncing error

There are many options to resolve issues that arise when the syncing process. The first step is to ensure that you're connected to the Internet and the service you're trying to communicate with, like Google or Dropbox, isn't inaccessible. Verify that the password you use is valid before attempting to sync again.

Are you still experiencing issues? Uninstall the account from your device and then add it back.

Unresponsive screen

It's possible to put your smartphone on the wall when it starts to fail. There's no need to panic. The majority of issues can be fixed by simply restarting. However, if you've had physically damaged your phone or dropped it into the water, you could have more significant problems on your hands.

How To FIX Android Not Responding To Touch!, Source: Youtube, LoFi Alpaca 

Hold the power button, and let the phone shut off. Please wait at least a minute before turning it back on.

Do you have an old Android phone? We have nine cool things you can make with it...

Apps won't download

There could be two reasons that your apps aren't downloading. The first is to go back to the previous page of this list and try cleaning the Google Play store's cache. If that fails, Try wiping Google Play's history. A corrupted supply likely causes the issue, and all you have to do is clean it. Start your Google Play store and tap on the three lines on the upper left corner of the screen to access the menu for the app. Select Options and then tap the Clear Local Search History option...

Home screen clutter

Each time you download the latest app, an icon of the new app is added to the home screen, which can cause a delay in access to your preferred applications that your home screen is supposed to provide. Rick Broida found a fix to fix this problem:

Clean Up Your Home Screen App Clutter with One Tap [How-To], Source: Youtube, Gadget Hacks

  • Open your Google Play app.
  • Click the menu icon, then Settings.
  • Uncheck the box in the section the Add icon to the Home screen.

Rick has some additional suggestions for optimizing your Android also.


Here are 15 of the most common Android errors and the best way to fix them. We hope this article helps you.

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