Breakthrough in Android application development thinking

The 21st century brought with it new technologies that have necessitated globalization, among other things. There is no denying that the mobile app development industry is evolving at a neck-break speed, thanks to advancements in technology. Of course, apps are becoming an inevitable part of our lives, showing the ability to facilitate almost everything while saving time and energy. To survive and thrive in this digital era, it is no secret that you have to acquaint yourself with key trends in mobile app development. All in all, coming up with fresh ideas for a mobile app is by no means an easy task in such a fast-growing and competitive field.

If you are in the process of creating a digital product for the android platform, this article will offer you ideas that inspire you to launch breakthrough startups that will certainly benefit the users. Read on to discover and understand the dynamics of mobile apps.

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App development categories on Google Play

Google Play is the biggest digital distribution for Android apps, currently featuring approximately 5 million apps. Having a good knowledge of the different categories and types can help you create a rewarding mobile app for your business.

App categoriesm in Google Play storeApp categories in Google Play store, Source:

While there are many app categories, here are some of the categories that have managed to hit big in the market.

Gaming apps: This is by far the most popular category, which shouldn’t be a surprise because most people spent their leisure time playing mobile games. Because the category is very competitive, developers should work to make their games as addictive as possible. The game challenge should also be relative.

 Business apps: Also known as productivity apps, these apps are designed to elevate users’ productivity by allowing them to accomplish tasks faster and efficiently. Most apps in this category have an intuitive interface and tend to serve a single purpose. When done right, these apps are indispensable.

 Educational apps: The modern society is impatient with no time to sit in a formal class to study books, which brings the role of educational apps. While most apps are designed for kids, some, like language apps, are good for all ages.

 Lifestyle apps: These apps aim to provide the user with ideal solutions related to lifestyle problems. Considering the rate at which they are booming, developers can leverage them to wow users for a profit.

 Social media apps: Offering a means to communicate and interact, social media apps report a massive number of active users. They are also becoming a significant asset for a business.

Other popular categories include:

Entertainment apps

Utility apps

Travel apps

News apps

Art & design apps

Whatever category you choose, the ultimate goal should be developing an Android app that offers usability and keeps the user engaged. The choice of category will also be dictated by business type and requirements.

Where is the category with the most potential for app developers?

First off, mobile app development trends are defined by demand. While the size of the apps market makes it difficult to determine which category will be more successful, the Covid-19 consequences are certainly favoring some categories.

It is no secret that education and media streaming apps are most likely to continue dominating the mobile landscape as many people rely on them to adjust to life during the pandemic. Of course, things have changed, and many people are working remotely, and students are also learning from home. The two categories are promising as more and more people continue to look for apps that will help them adapt, cope with, or bypass the consequences of the pandemic.

The most potential catergories for app developersThe most potential categories for app developers, Source: Internet

 Games, business, and lifestyle apps, particularly those featuring advanced mobile technologies, like AI, AR, VR, ML, and IoT, are expected to boom. Overall, apps that make life easier by facilitating learning, communication, and synchronization of various devices in a more secure way are likely to see unrivaled demand.

 Highest-grossing category for app developers

Considering the number of people jumping into the app business, gaining traction and developing a profitable Android app is quite challenging. However, this doesn’t hinder app developers from leveraging profitable app categories.

Even with a highly competitive business environment, the soaring numbers of smartphone users tell a compelling story with promising opportunities for mobile app developers. If you’re considering trying your hands in app development, here are some of the most profitable app categories you may consider:

Entertainment and gaming apps

Business apps - enterprise management software, mobile payment apps, corporate messenger apps

Music and video streaming apps

Education apps

Lifestyle apps - dating apps, healthy and fitness apps

Social media apps

It is no secret that the failure rate in app development is very high. So, before you can turn your idea into a functioning application, make sure to do your due diligence on the app market structure and its core tendencies. Most importantly, focus on the value for the customer, not on the money you can get.

Example of the successful app with the highest revenue on Google Play

Different types of apps have more success than others. When developing an Android app, you will most certainly want to follow the path set by others who have already succeeded. Theoretically, if you can successfully replicate their strategy, then your app could see comparable results.

 With that in mind, here are some of the most successful apps with the highest sales revenue


Honor of Kings




App development mindset to create breakthroughs for App developers

Staying up to date with the latest mobile app trends is arguable the most critical aspect of success in this increasingly competitive industry. Keeping up with trends gives you a competitive edge while allowing you to better serve the needs of the end-users.

mindset to create breakthrougs for App developers

The mindset to create a breakthrough for App developers, Source: Internet

Your first step to success is to believe in your idea but also remain your own critic. Considering that the mobile app development industry is very competitive, you will need to keenly study and understand the Android market, its elements, and your competition. This will help you to think about the things you should work on to help your app stand out in the category.

The right mindset increases your chances of success. Remember that the actual app development is an execution of a well-thought plan. You need to spend more time researching to ensure the final app delivers a seamless and effortless user experience.


Mobile app development is on the point of unfolding new horizons in the segment of exploration. Every day brings with it a discovery, and the process doesn’t stop there. To stand out in the highly competitive space, you need to stay abreast with the latest technologies and trends. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to see how the trends transform the industry.

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