How to resolve the most common macOS Monterey issues

macOS Monterey Beta Version has been released for three months this week. It comes with many unique new features like Share Play, a simplified Safari tab bar, Quick Note, Universal Control (not yet available in the beta version), and much more. Are you eager to experience macOS Monterey? Read this article for more information on how you can download the software! However, there are always challenges when installing new software. We've put together this helpful guide on fixing the most frequently occurring macOS Monterey installation issues.

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Problem 1. macOS Monterey can't be downloaded

First, you must determine, you need to determine if your Mac is compatible with. Apple has released the following requirements for hardware for the installation of macOS Monterey:

  • iMac -- the end of 2015 and into later
  • iMac Pro 2017 and later
  • MacBook Air - early 2015 and later
  • MacBook Pro - early 2015 and later
  • Mac Pro - late 2013 and later
  • Mac mini - end of 2014 and later
  • MacBook beginning 2016 and later

If the model of your Mac isn't listed, We're sorry to inform you that you're not able to get macOS Monterey.

macOS Monterey download stuck: Try this fix, Source: Youtube, CleanMyMac

Make sure your Mac has enough space

It's been reported that the installation and download of macOS Monterey need around 20GB of storage space. If you don't have enough space, you can utilize Cleaner One Pro to clear up your computer and open space.

Check your WiFi connection

You can switch to a different service or plug into an Ethernet cable to prevent connectivity issues.

Problem 2. macOS Monterey won't install on your Mac

  • Examine your drive space to confirm that it is more than 20GB, which must be updated. It is possible to use Cleaner One Pro to free up storage space for the new operating system.
  • Still unable to run macOS Monterey? Make sure you boot Your Mac in Safe Mode (also known as Single User Mode ).

macOS Monterey won't install on MacBook Air | MacBook Pro | FIX, Source: Youtube, Tech & Design

  • Restart macOS soon as possible, and then press the Shift button. Shift button.
  • Then, you can install macOS 12 Monterey after the Mac starts in Safe Mode.
  • Boot your Mac.

Problem 3: Mac doesn't turn on after installing macOS Monterey

Examine the existence of your hard disk on Mac by using Disk Utility using macOS recovery mode.

  • Reboot your Mac and immediately press Command and R to enter macOS recovery mode.
  • Release these keys once you notice that loading bar.
  • Choose Disk Utility from the macOS utility menu.
macOS Monterey problems: 8 issues and their fixes, Source: Youtube, CleanMyMac
  • Choose your startup disc or macOS volume from the left-hand corner of Disk Utility.
  • Click First Aid at the top and then click Run to repair this disk.
  • After it's completed when it's done, click Done and restart your Mac just as usual.

Problem 4: MacOS Monterey stalls or freezes at times

There are two significant reasons your Mac will freeze or lag it is because the CPU is being overloaded or your Mac is running out of RAM.

macOS Monterey Update Stuck | FIX, Source: Youtube, Tech & Design 

Utilize Activity Monitor the CPU and memory use

  1. Open Finder, go > Utilities. Then start Activity Monitor.
  2. Click on the CPU tab. Select the overloaded program with memory and select the "X" symbol to quit it.
  3. Click on the Memory tab. Select the program taking up excessive memory, then select the "X" button to stop it.

Utilize Cleaner One Pro clear memory in RAM

The Quick Optimizer within Cleaner One Pro can monitor the CPU's usage in real-time and then quickly transparent memory.

Problem 5: Battery drains quickly in macOS Monterey

Use Activity Monitor to close the energy-consuming applications

  • Open Finder, go to Utilities. Then start Activity Monitor.
macOS Monterey battery drain: 8 tips to resolve the issue, Source: Youtube, CleanMyMac
  • Choose from the Energy tab.
  • Stop the process using the highest "Energy Effect" and "12 hours of Power."

Problem 6: Mac gets hot after installing macOS Monterey

Shut down unneeded browser tabs

It could be a shock. However, tabs in Safari, Google Chrome, and other browsers use plenty of memory on your Mac. When you're using multiple accounts and the CPU utilization is almost always high, which can cause your Mac to overheat.

Use Activity Monitor to close specific processes

  • Open Finder, go > Utilities . Then start Activity Monitor.
  • Choose from the tab CPU, select the program consuming too many resources, and then select the "X" button to stop it.

How to prevent Macbook from overheating!, Source: Youtube, SamsTech

Set your System Management Controller (SMC)

The System Management Controller (SMC) is the part that controls the fan, keyboard batteries, keyboard, and other critical internal hardware. If you've noticed that your computer's fan is usually operating at maximum speed, it is recommended to reset the SMC.

In the beginning, you must determine if your Mac is equipped with a T2 chip or not. To find out, go to this link.

For more detailed instructions on resetting the SMC for a more complex procedure, look up the Apple Support page. 

You may also visit the following page for more ways to address the issue of overheating.

Problem 7: WiFi won't work

WiFi isn't working is not uncommon for macOS Monterey beta. The fix is as follows:

Navigate to the System Preferences, Network preferences > Wireless > Advanced.

How to Fix Wifi or Network Issues on MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini | Can't Connect to Wifi, Source: Youtube, Mike M Production

Choose the WiFi that isn't working and then click "--" to eliminate it.

Create the network once more.

Problem 8: AirPlay isn't able to be utilized

This issue is relatively simple to resolve.

Airplay Not Working? How-To Fix, Source: Youtube, AppleToolBox 

  • Click on the System Preferences tab and select Displays.
  • Then turn "AirPlay Display" on.


As the present macOS Monterey is only a beta version, issues and bugs will happen. Be patient until the full version becomes available and feature the innovative Universal Control and other exciting features. In the meantime, make sure to create enough free storage space for your Mac by using Cleaner One Pro. Best of luck!

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