How to use the built-in Photo Editing tools in Photo Gallery on Mac

Are you looking to edit some images on your Mac? Don't purchase third-party tools. Make use of the free Photos application to edit your photos. If you're a Mac user, you're likely using online platforms for graphic design such as Canva or downloading expensive software such as Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs. But did you know that Mac's Photos application has integrated photo editing tools features? It's pretty capable, in fact, and you can utilize it to render photos that you will be proud to display. Learn how to edit images using Photos. Photos application for your Mac.

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How do I access the Tools for Editing Photos?

There are editing tools hidden within Photos, the built-in Apple app. To use these tools:

We are open to Pictures.

Double-click on the image you would like to edit, and then hit edit within the toolbar. Or, you can select the thumbnail image and click Return.

Photo Editing Tools Explained - The Levels Adjustment, Source: Youtube, Robin Whalley

Photos save the original copy of the image and let you undo any edits you make by selecting Return to the Original on the left edge of the toolbar. Be aware that if you are using Photos from iCloud, any modifications to the image will be displayed wherever it is.

If you're looking to do some experiments with the image but wish to preserve the original image, You can duplicate the original image and then edit this duplicate picture. To do this, visit Photos, after which you can Control-click the photo, and then select Duplicate 1. For more instruction, you can get app store reviews.

Get rid of unwanted details with Crop.

Cut photos to eliminate unwanted objects in the peripheral area or find the most effective picture framing. Images can also be cropped and automatically straightened; select the Auto button.

Remove ANYTHING from a photo using Photoshop!, Source: Youtube, Peter McKinnon 

Adjust the frame manually by dragging and clicking either side of the rectangle using the Freeform. If you're looking for a specific measurement, select Aspect and an appropriate ratio, or select "Custom" and enter your desired balance.

Select the Flip button for the picture to turn horizontally—Option-click for a chance to flip the image vertically. If the image was shot at an odd angle, straighten it by moving the tilt wheel to one side. Select Reset If you wish to eliminate the straightening or cropping adjustments. You can read how to get ios app reviews to reference why you should install this app or not.

Find the best orientation with Rotate

Certain devices prefer a specific orientation. For instance, images viewed on mobile phones are usually taken in portrait mode, whereas those on desktops tend to be in the landscape. This is what makes the Rotation tool extremely helpful.

editing toolsEditing tools, Source: Proreviewsapp

Click the Rotate button to rotate your image counterclockwise. Could you select the option to turn it clockwise? Continue to click until you've got the orientation you desire.

Orientation Vs Rotation - Adobe After Effects Lesson, Source: Youtube, ECAbrams 

Even if you're not an experienced editor, You can improve the contrast and color of your photos using the auto-enhance button or the magic wand icon in the toolbar. If you aren't happy with the changes, go back to the hero or Revert to the original to reverse the changes.

Make Adjustable to fine-tune your photos.

Apart from the essential equipment, Apple has equipped Photos with various sophisticated tools that can make more complex adjustments to your photos without the need to purchase expensive third-party applications.

Make the Object Selection Tool Way More Precise!, Source: Youtube, PiXimperfect 

This feature includes tools from Light adjustments, Retouching for flaws, White Balance to eliminate color cast, and Curves and Levels. The majority of these tools offer additional options for making the photos more precise according to your preferences. You can get iOS app reviews to decide this function of the Macbook is good or bad.

No need for Third-Party Editing Tools

No matter if you're a beginner in photo editing or a professional editor, Mac's built-in editing tools can provide basic and advanced editing options to satisfy your requirements.


The tools included in Photos are similar to editing software that you pay for, and you don't need to spend money on third-party tools.

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