iPhone Spam? 3 Awesome Apps to Block Spammers and Robocalls

Are you fed up with receiving unwanted calls from scammers or robots on your iPhone? Make sure one of these apps filters your calls for you. A scam call outbreak has been sweeping the globe recently across both sides of the water. Sometimes, it's a bot, but on the other hand, or a tone, but sometimes it's actually a human trying to trick you, and sometimes it's not.

With iOS 10., Apple rolled out a new feature, not well-known as CallKit. Developers can now access something they've never seen before, including the Phone application. We have a range of call blocking applications that work and are reliable. If you're tired of the call spam, It's time to get one of these applications.

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Active Call Blocking Apps

Apps that block calls must be activated manually. After you've installed the app, go to the Settings app, where you can tap the phone and then select Call Blocking and Identification. This menu will let you activate the app.

CallKit apps cannot make other than screen phone calls. So please don't be concerned about them spying on your conversations. Any time, you can deactivate the app by using the settings option. Settings.

After it's set up, you can see an indication of visuals right below the number that will inform you that the call is spam or an automated call.

1. Nomorobo ($1.99/mo)

If you're one of the U.S. users who care about their privacy, Nomorobo is the top option. Many users who have tested the app for weeks have proven that it's the best application to block calls within the U.S.

Apart from its spam blocking capabilities and its privacy features, this app is also a reason why people appreciate this application. Contrary to other apps on this list, there is no requirement to supply your number or contacts list for the app to function. Nomorobo's directory of robocalls and spammers that it updates.

Nomorobo . Reviews, Source: Youtube, Terry Austin

The privacy is available at a price. However, it costs $1.99 per month, to be precise. Nomorobo will be the only paid application listed on this list. However, it's worth the cost if you want to keep your telephone number secret.

Nomorobo is excellent since it silently blocks calls. If it senses that a call might be potential spam, it immediately sends calls to voicemail. The user is never interrupted. This is more secure than other apps as you don't have to take your phone out to turn off the phone call.

Calls that go to voicemail will come with the Nomorobo tag, meaning you can erase calls without hearing.

2. Hiya (Free)

If you're not looking to pay for the blocker service for your calls, you can utilize Hiya. Hiya is similar to Nomorobo in terms of blocking calls from spammers.

However, it asks for permission to access an address file. Be attentive during sign-up and then select not now when the app asks you for Contacts access to avoid this step.

Hiya - FREE Caller ID App... It's Awesome!, Source: Youtube, Urias Media

Hiya also comes with a function for calling. It means that if you receive a phone call from someone not in your contact list and Hiya has their phone number, it will show it—being aware of who's on the other side of the phone -for instance, your real estate agent or sales representative that you'd like to speak with.

The Hiya privacy statement stipulates that they will only request your phone number to verify that you're a human being and not a machine. Your personal information is saved on Hiya's servers. It is afterward encrypted. You may also opt to delete your contact number from Hiya's servers, should you'd like to.

3. Truecaller (Free)

In India, anyone who is a user of Truecaller is set up with their phone number, and details added. It's Facebook in that sense.

When you get calls, you'll be aware of who is calling most times. Additionally, you get information regarding what the person is doing when they've added the ring to Truecaller. Furthermore, Truecaller is good at identifying calls that are spam.

Truecaller is an excellent illustration of the cultural differences between Asian countries such as India and the West. It's a mine of privacy. The only method to protect your personal information from Truecaller is to download the application and manually change it to private. If you decide to delete your number from Truecaller, you will no longer use the service.

Truecaller premium gold pack free | how to get truecaller gold membership for free, Source: Youtube, One Yt

If you're from the U.S. or similar, you may think this may be a little over the top. In developing nations such as India, the mobile number isn't considered a sacred item. It's like an email address and can be used as a login to nearly every app you download.

The truth is that Truecaller excels in its job of making sure you know if a call is spam and also telling you who is calling. Consider it a trial if you're interested, although Nomorobo or Hiya could be more suitable for those from the U.S.

Tips to Use the Call Blocking Apps

The call blocking apps update their databases regularly, and you should also update your databases regularly. If there is an updated database is released, you'll be notified. It's recommended to check your database every couple of days to change it by hand.

How to Stop 99% of Spam Robocalls Right Now, Source: Youtube, ThioJoe

The apps mentioned above allow you to search for the phone number by hand or directly through the Phone application. If you've lost a phone call, go into the in-depth view by pressing the I button. Select "Share Contact," Then, from the last row, select the search alternative for the application you're using. If the phone number is present in the database, the app will provide you with information about the phone number.


Are you affected by the robocall or spam problem? Have you noticed a decrease in frequency? Please inform us by leaving a comment in the section to the right.

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