The Apple iOS 15.2 update: How to download new features, and more

The latest version of the OS available to be used on iPhones and iPads receives an update with the release in iOS 15.2.1. Apple has released the most recent version of their iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 15.2, on December 3, along with many new and updated features, and is now available for download. This includes fixes for Homekit security flaws and fixes to issues with iPhones which prevent messages from loading after being sent via the iCloud link, addition to other things.iOS 15.2 will be the most significant update for the software of Apple that has been released since iOS 15.1, that brought features such as Share, Play with FaceTime along with ProRes compatibility on the iPhone. It is the iOS 15.2 update that adds features such as Macro Control to the iPhone 13 and the introduction of a new Apple Music tier for every iPhone user. This is what we've learned about iOS 15.2 up to now.

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What do I need to download iOS 15.2?

To download the most recent update, Go to Settings > General > Software Update and choose Download and install. Restart your iPhone after the Download has been complete to begin the installation. Once your phone has restarted, you'll be running the most recent version of iOS.

iOS 15.2 is Out! - What's New? Source: Youtube, zollotech

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App Privacy Report

The most important new feature added to iOS 15.2 includes The Application Privacy Report. The report is designed to let users know their access to their data. If you've ever examined the weekly Screen Time reports, the App Privacy Report is also intended, however instead of revealing how much time you've spent using different apps; it displays the types of sensors and data the App can access and the activity on networks for these apps and other information related to privacy.

How to use the App Privacy Report in iOS 15.2, Source: Youtube, Kevito

The most recent beta version also changed the words for the iCloud Private Relay setting. The setting is now found as a choice under Cellular or Wi-Fi options to limit the tracking of IP addresses. This isn't a change that will affect your usage. However, the new terminology will make it easier to understand the options you have to choose from.

Apple Music Voice Plan

A new feature that is a surprise to iOS 15.2 is the Apple Music Voice Plan, an upgraded subscription plan available for Apple Music. The Voice Plan level cuts the subscription price by half, bringing it from $5 to (PS5 6 AU$) per month; however, it is only operated by speaking to Siri instead of manually using Apple Music. Apple Music App. The features for spatial audio and lyrics will not be available. However, you'll have access to the complete Apple Music catalog.

Apple Music's new $4.99 Voice Plan EXPLAINED Source: Youtube, Luke Does Tech

A brand new feature, dubbed Play it Again, lets you know what you've played so that you don't have to search for the lyrics to an upcoming song because you aren't familiar with the song's name.

Macro Control to take photos

Anyone who owns iPhone 13 Pro or Max iPhone 13 Pro or Max can now use the ultrawide lens of these models to capture close-up pictures and videos. 15.2. To enable this, click on Settings and then Camera, then Camera, and within this option, you'll find a toggle labeled the Macro Control.

How to activate Macro button on iPhone iOS 15.2, Source: Youtube, iPhoneHT

When the toggle is turned on, you'll see an image of a flower on your screen while you take a photo. Click the flower icon whenever you're within a certain distance of an object to go into Macro mode.

New updates are made to the Find My feature

The latest iOS also comes with the update for apple's Find My feature. Then, you can choose to turn off the tracking feature for any devices you find.

The update has caused some controversy because it pulls its Find My feature in two opposing directions. This update is intended to allow users greater control over their privacy by stopping unwanted devices from following them. It also appears to undermine the purpose of AirTags in that it could give burglars the power to turn off the tracking of AirTags that are stolen from items.

Additional new features are included added to iOS 15.2

The designation of someone as a Legacy Contact gives them access to your iCloud account as well as personal data in the event of your death.

iCloud Plus subscribers can also use the Hide My Email feature from the Mail application instead of having to bounce between. The complete list of updates is available on Apple's developer website. iOS 15.3 update fixes major iPhone security flaws as well as fixes bugs

iOS 15.2 Features: Everything New, Source: Youtube, MacRumors

This iPadOS 15.3 upgrade also resolves security issues.

Apple has released an update that is available for iPhones and iPads that address various security issues, such as the Safari glitch that lets websites that you visit view your browsing history and other personal information. It appears that both iOS 15.3, as well as iPadOS 15.3, resolve the Safari issue as explained by 9to5Mac. There are also numerous weaknesses in ColorSync, iCloud and other applications, as described in the Apple help page. I don't anticipate seeing any new features as these updates to software patch a handful of existing problems.

As with all iOS 15 updates, iOS 15.3 is free and accessible to users of compatible Apple devices, including The iPhone 6S and newer iPhone SE (2016) and the iPod Touch (7th generation). Similar to that, iPadOS 15.3 is free and works with the following tablets, including iPad (5th generation), iPad Pro (all models), iPad (5th Gen), iPad Pro (all models), iPad Mini 4, and iPad Air 2.

The Apple iOS 15.2 update How to download new features, and more

The Apple iOS 15.2 update How to download new features, and more, Source: Proreviewsapp

To upgrade to the latest version of your iPhone or iPad, go to your Settings App and select General, then Software Update, and then click Install Now.

Apple has also begun with the WatchOS 8.4 to Apple Watch users with an unrelated update, which fixes issues and enhances performance. To upgrade your Apple Watch visit your Settings App> General > Software Update or use your Watch mobile app on your iPhone.


IOS 15.2 is anticipated to fix the problems that previous versions experienced, and the improvement lets users enjoy more enjoyable experiences when using apple products.

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