The History of Development and Boom of Mobile Game

You can track the history of mobile games to the pioneering of mobile phones. In 1994, the first mobile game, an arcade game, was launched on a Hagenuk MT-200. The Tetris game was pre-installed on devices, which was a groundbreaking game for the thriving industry three decades later.

But it was the launch of a snake game in Nokia phones that made mobile games popular. In 1999, the famous mobile game first appeared in 1997 and was installed in the legendary Nokia 6610. Over 400 million copies of the game were believed to have been made, although it was some black blocks moving on a green tiny screen. Let's explore together the amazing growth of Mobile games and the huge potential of the Gaming industry in this article.

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The birth of mobile games

The birth of mobile games was not a major event in history, but the mobile games industry has grown immensely over the years with over 900,000 active games in App Stores. When the snake game was launched, it became a global phenomenon, first because of its simplicity and second because it could be played by persons of all ages. In 2017, the game was re-launched at the global Mobile World Congress. It was the first game to be installed on handheld devices.
history of mobile games

The history of mobile games, source: Proreviewsapp

Tetris and other hyper-casual games have been developed over the years. However, in 2014, the mobile phones industry went through an evolution leading to the development of better phones with higher capabilities to drive sophisticated games. Since 2014, mobile games have seen immense growth as developers seek to outdo each other. From 2D and 3D phones, we have mobile games giving 4K displays and having complex gameplay to keep gamers stuck on mobile phones playing.

The development of mobile games through the stages

 The first known mobile game was launched in 1994 installed on a Hegnuk MT-2000. Three years later, Nokia launched the snake game. The two games had one thing in common; they came pre-installed on all devices. The snake game holds the title of the most played game in history and was installed on over 400 million devices globally.

In 1999, mobile games began their commercialization journey when the I-mode platform was launched in Japan. By the end of 2000, downloadable mobiles become available worldwide and on different devices. Virtual pet and puzzle games were available in Japan by 2003.

Puzzle game
 Puzzle game, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

When Apple launched their iOS app store, developers were equipped to develop more sophisticated games in form of apps and could sell to reach out to more audiences. The move sparked competition among developers with interesting genres and games seeing their way to the open market. Today, we have a thriving mobile game industry worth billions of dollars. Games developed today are compatible with both android and iOS platforms to increase their accessibility.

Current Mobile Game

When candy crush was launched in 2012, it became the most popular modern mobile game. It was closely followed by the clash of clans and other mobile games rose.

Candy crush sagaCandy crush saga, Source: Proreviewsapp

Today, we have different mobile games available on different platforms to reach out to more audiences. Besides, the growth of the mobile game industry has created core mobile gamers addicted to conquering all mobile games available.

The boom of the Mobile Game Industry

In the U. S, the mobile game industry is worth $15 billion. China is the leading world economy in mobile games with estimated market size of $48 billion by 2027. However, in 2020, the mobile game industry saw exponential growth in Canada and Japan showing substantial growth.

The gaming world is booming, Source: Euronews, Youtube

By examining the current trends, the industry is expected to witness more growth as developers seek to increase their market niche.

App Store and Google Play app store were born marking a big step for App Developers

When Apple released their first iPhone, they changed the mobile phone industry for good. Their sophisticated hardware and software offered fertile ground for developers to create more engaging games. The app store also helped mobile game developers to earn from their work as they had direct interaction with users.

App Store and Google PlayApp Store and Google Play, Source: Proreviewsapp

Around the same time, android smartphones and app stores kicked off and more users could access more and better games. Casual mobile games died a natural death as more and more people saw playing mobile games as a viable way of killing boredom.

Huge revenue of Gaming Array for app stores

The mobile game industry is worth billions of dollars and this means high revenue expectations for developers. Although its difficult to give an estimation on how much a single app can make, developers have found a way of navigating the competitive industry.

Top market by mobile game download 2021
Top market by mobile game downloads 2021, Source: Proreviewsapp

For instance, you can find 200 apps generating an estimated $82,000, while another cluster of 800 apps generates $3,500. Hence, one cannot tell how much one app will make from the market.

Global Games Market Revenue Growth 2016-2020Global Games Market Revenue Growth 2016-2020, Source: Proreviewsapp

Mobile game developers expect better days ahead as mobile traffic is expected to grow with more companies committing more resources to the research and development of mobile games.

Fierce competition in the Mobile game market

A 12.6% growth is expected by 2027 in the mobile gaming market. As smartphone penetration is on the rise, mobile game developers are expected to reach out to a larger market. Besides, the adoptions of new and trending technologies are key factors speeding up growth in the mobile gaming industry.

Game-revenue on Google Play and App Store 2016 2020Game revenue on Google Play and App Store 2016-2020, Source: Sensor Tower Store Intelligence

As the industry is growing, more developers are entering the mobile gaming market, increasing competition. Besides, existing developers are working hard to increase their market share by offering better games. Also, huge platforms like Instagram and Facebook have offered mobile games to their users.

Direction for Game Developers in the Race

 The future of mobile game development is hard to predict owing to its dynamic nature. What is trending today becomes obsolete in a few months or even days. Developers emerge every year and bring new trends, making it difficult to pre-determine where the direction of the industry. However, it’s important to note every emerging trend brings with it new opportunities to explore.

Direction for Game DevelopersDirection for Game Developers, Source: SPZ Gaming

 Hence, we can predict that endless opportunities are awaiting mobile game developers in the future. Here are some top mobile game trends speeding up growth in the industry.

- 5G


- eSports

- Inclusivity


By 2023, it’s expected there will be over 3 billion mobile gamers worldwide. The growth in mobile game development is expected to rise with interesting products expected to hit the market. As such, organizations need to know the impact of mobile games on expanding their operations. Mobile game developers need to take time to research futuristic strategies and approaches that will make their products relevant.

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