The solution if macOS Monterey installation failed

This article will guide users through steps you need to take if macOS Monterey does not install correctly. Beginning in order, the steps get more complicated as you go through the list. The tips that are at the top will likely assist immediately.

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Why is my Mac saying Installation failed?

This could be due to:

Incompatibility: Some devices work to macOS Monterey. The older machines might not have the necessary resources for running the OS. Apple offers an extensive list of Macs that work with macOS Monterey.

macOS Monterey Installation/Download Failed An Error Occurred while Installing the Selected Updates, Source: Youtube, Apple TechPage

According to Apple, the required storage space is 26GB of free space to download this macOS Monterey update if making a change to macOS Sierra and later. In the case of upgrading to an older version of macOS, you'll require 44 GB of space. These are just the minimum specifications. You should keep more room than that, and when you're short distance, you'll not be able to upgrade.

Apple's servers could be down. If you satisfy all the criteria above, but you're still getting this error, the servers of Apple could be down. You can go to the Apple System Status page to determine whether the issue is from their side or your own.

What can I do to fix it? macOS Monterey Installation Failure?

If you've encountered the error message "Installation Failed" while upgrading to macOS Monterey, it can create some anxiety but don't get stressed. There are ways to make sure the Installation is running once more, and, assuming that it's not, you may be in a position to return to the state your PC was in before your start.

Make sure you are compatible with your computer by clicking the above link.

Start your PC. Suppose you have to restart a MacBook Pro or restart your MacBook Air or another model of Mac computer. In that case, a short restart can often resolve whatever issue caused the failure of the Installation. After restarting, try to restart the Installation of macOS Monterey again.

macOS Monterey Installation Failed - An Error Occurred While Installing the Selected Updates - Fixed, Source: Youtube, AndroidTechPark

Verify your Internet connection. A weak internet connection could fail the macOS Monterey installation to fail; therefore, make sure you have reliable connectivity to your internet by positioning yourself closer to your router. Also, connect your Mac to your router and use an Ethernet connection while installing the upgrade.

 Get rid of clutter in your storage space, macOS Monterey requires a large amount of space to store data to install: 26GB for those moving on macOS Sierra and newer or 44 GB for older operating systems. If you're unsure if you've got enough space, spend some time clearing off some storage space from your Mac in preparation for the upgrade.

Make sure you are checking for firewall options. Your firewall settings might block you from installing your macOS Monterey installation. Utilize the Security Settings pane on your Mac to examine your firewall options and ensure that Block all connections aren't selected. It is also recommended to automatically enable embedded applications to receive incoming connections to allow the upgrade to be installed.

Update or install great patches to your operating system. Although you're trying to upgrade to a higher-end version of the operating system, when there are updates or patches you have already installed for your operating system, this may hinder macOS Monterey from installing. Make sure your system is updated and fully functional, and then attempt installing the upgrade again.

macOS Monterey Installation Failure

macOS Monterey Installation Failure, Source: Proreviewsapp

You can delete the download and try it again. If you've been attempting the Installation of the updates, but you've encountered issues after the file was partially updated and you've downloaded it, find it on your system and remove it. Then, restart your system and proceed with the installation over again. The last download (but damaged or insufficient) file might be preventing an update from downloading.

Try installing via The Mac App Store. If you've tried the upgrade process to macOS Monterey using the Install button in the system dialog, begin from scratch and download the necessary installation files from the Mac App Store. If there is a problem while trying to upgrade using the conference for the system, you can resolve the issue.

Install the update using Recovery Mode. Start the Mac using Recovery Mode and then test the update again to see if it gets things working as they ought to.


What can I do to downgrade macOS Monterey to macOS Big Sur?

Create first a Time Machine backup or backup all your documents to iCloud. To remove macOS Monterey, restart your Mac in Recovery Mode, select the Disk Utility and then select continue. Mark your disk, and then erase. The next step is to download Big Sur from Recovery Mode, Restart the Mac into Recovery Mode and follow the instructions


If you experience macOS Monterey Installation Fails, take a look at the steps we have provided in the event of a failure, your macOS Monterey will be back to normal. 

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