Wells Fargo Mobile App Review Control Your Money and Rewards No Matter Where You Travel

If you are looking to make mobile banking a priority of your needs, Wells Fargo Mobile could be the solution to your banking on-the-go needs. Wells Fargo Mobile is the bank's official application that allows you to easily keep an eye on all of your Wells Fargo finances and manage your funds without the need to visit an actual brick-and-mortar bank. Wells Fargo first offered the application in 2011 and has continuously improved the app to serve its over 70 million clients better. Wells Fargo mobile app boasts an overall positive rating, and Amazon and Google, Play customers, give it the highest scores compared to ratings from customers from different app stores.  This mobile application review will help you. We will provide more about the functions and advantages and drawbacks, and drawbacks of the Wells Fargo Mobile app.

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How do I sign up to be a part of Wells Fargo Mobile?

Downloading an account on the Wells Fargo Mobile app is simple. Follow these steps:

Download the application from the store of your preference.

Check that your device meets the requirements for the app's system requirements.

Accept the request to allow the permission to download.

Once the app is downloaded, you can open it. Wells Fargo Mobile is ready to go.

How To Register For Wells Fargo Online Banking Tutorial, Source: Youtube, The Stuff I Use Channel

To access Wells Fargo Mobile, you must have an account like savings or checking -- in Wells Fargo. Also, you'll need to set up an online profile since an account user name and password will be required to sign into the application.

Follow these steps to make an account on the internet:

Go to the online enrollment page on the Wells Fargo site and answer a few questions about enrollment.

Create an account with a user name and password.

How to Make Wells Fargo Mobile

It is a Wells Fargo mobile app that offers customers the ease of depositing anywhere. "I do not have to go to your bank to cash an amount of money," one Google Play user wrote. The ability to deposit checks via mobile is only one of the valuable features users can avail themselves of within the application. Check out mobile check deposits and the other features of the app to discover what Wells Fargo Mobile might fulfill your needs for mobile banking.

Make Mobile Deposits

Using Wells Fargo Mobile, you can deposit money directly into your Wells Fargo checking or savings account. For your deposit to be made, choose the WellsFargo Mobile Deposit option in the application. Take photographs of the front and back of the checks to make money into your bank account.

How to Make Mobile Deposits: Robins Financial Credit Union, Source: Youtube, Robins Financial Credit Union

It is important to note that the Wells Fargo Mobile deposit limit differs; you'll see the "amount" field that shows your account's limit for mobile deposits.

Pay Bills

Wells Fargo Mobile allows you to create bill payments on your mobile device to all recipients. You'll have to be enrolled with Bill Pay to take advantage of this feature on mobile. Once you've created your payment accounts online, you'll be able to utilize the mobile application to access and set up payments.

Transfer and receive money using an email address or mobile number

Within the application, you can transfer money and receive it via Wells Fargo SurePay. SurePay lets you transfer money to anyone with a U.S. bank account -not just Wells Fargo customers.

How to transfer money to any Bank Account using SMS, Source: Youtube, UniqueTutorials

Sharing account numbers is not necessary, and you can use your email or phone number to send a person-to-person payment. The daily limit of this option is $2,000, and for the month, it's $4,000.

Tools for Money Management

Wells Fargo Mobile offers My Spending Report, and This tool provides an overview of your spending to help you better manage your money. Wells Fargo credit card users can also see their transactions with their credit cards and rewards from the program, which makes it simple to monitor the amount of money spent and benefits earned by cards.

The pros and cons of Wells Fargo Mobile App. Wells Fargo Mobile App

Wells Fargo Mobile might be worth a look If you're a Wells Fargo customer looking for banking convenience at the fingertips of your hands. If you're unsure about installing the app, take the time to look over its pros and disadvantages to help make a decision.

The Benefits of Reward Tracking as well as Money Management

Wells Fargo Mobile users have access to tools for managing money such as My Spending Report, and Wells Fargo credit card holders can monitor their transactions with credit cards and reward points through the app, too. Numerous features are what makes Wells Fargo Mobile popular with customers:

  • User-friendly: Log on with your Wells Fargo online username and password to see the balance of your account as well as deposits that are pending.
  • Additional security: Customers benefit from a different level of protection through the Wells Fargo Online Security Guarantee.
  • Language choices: Select English or Spanish as your preferred language in the application.
  • Mobil deposits cameras to take a picture and then submit an accepted check.
  • Alerts for accounts: Avoid fees and receive alerts about the suspicious activity via SMS or email alerts.
  • ATM locator and branch location: The app offers GPS technology that helps you locate branches and ATMs at Wells Fargo.

Money Management & Financial App, Source: Youtube, HCT Soft

  • SecurePay: Transfer money anywhere who has the mobile number of the recipient as well as email addresses.
  • Payment by credit card: Make bill payments immediately or schedule future payments.
  • Tracking of investments: Get real-time quotes and market data and access investment sources. Check all your accounts and the highlights of your portfolio in one spot.
  • FICO Score: FICO scores are available to those who own a Wells Fargo credit card, auto loan, student loans, personal mortgage, or line of credit for home equity.
  • Wells Fargo Wallet: You can carry your debit or credit card details digitally using Wells Fargo Wallet, so you don't need to have actual cards to use them.

What are the Cons? Slow speeds and Alerts to Log-Out

App users highlight more advantages than disadvantages. However, these issues could make you want to stay clear of Wells Fargo Mobile:

Is Wells Fargo Still A Good Bank?, Source: Youtube, Eddie Yoon

  • It's slow. Many reviewers from different app stores state that the application takes too long to load.
  • Pop-up notifications pop up in the absence of app usage. Specific Wells Fargo Mobile users have noticed log-out announcements appear on their screens even when they're not using the app.

If you feel that these negative aspects overshadow the positive features of Wells Fargo Mobile, you might want to consider similar apps for alternatives.

Apps that are similar To Wells Fargo Mobile App

While Wells Fargo Mobile is the only application specifically designed for customers of the bank, alternative mobile banking and payment applications are also available. Look over a few apps that might be helpful to alternatives for Wells Fargo Mobile.

Bank of America Mobile Banking

It is possible to consider an app like the Bank of America Mobile Banking application as a different banking alternative. It's a great alternative to Wells Fargo Mobile. 

Bank of America Mobile Banking App, Source: Youtube, Bank of America

It is possible to consider an app like the Bank of America Mobile Banking application as a different banking alternative. It's a great alternative to Wells Fargo Mobile. 

The app is rated with a three-star rating on the iTunes App Store and a 4.2-star rating on Google Play. Google Play store, with between 10,000,000 and 50,000,000 downloads.


If you are a fan of the Wells Fargo SurePay option but feel the app's other banking options are ineffective, Venmo could be the better choice for you. It allows you to transfer money for free and enable you to share money into an account at any time.

How to use Venmo - Send and Receive Money, Source: Youtube, Howfinity

The Venmo app has received a 4.5-star rating on the iTunes App Store and a 4.6-star rating on Google Play, where it's been downloaded from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 times.

Venmo is a 3-percent charge on credit cards and some debit cards. Users must have a Venmo account to be able to access money. It is possible to transfer as much as $19,999.99 every week, but there is a limit of $3,000 per transaction.


However, according to confident Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes App Reviewers, Wells Fargo Mobile has some issues to resolve. If loading times are slow and problems with pop-up notifications are a significant issue for you, then you might be interested in a different banking application.

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