How to put the Mac mini on your desk with no screwdrivers (5 mins)

The Apple Mac mini M1 is a monster of a computer. I recently made it my primary workstation. Due to its compact shape, I decided to get rid of my desk space and move toward a more minimalist work style. I'm not a pro at tools or construction; I never was. Today, I will demonstrate a novel way to put the Mac mini on your desk without screws. It only took me around five minutes!

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The mounting of the Mac mini

If you search on Amazon or Google, you'll find a wide selection of mounts designed specifically for Mac mini. Mac mini. But the majority of them will require that you screw it onto your desk. I have a standing desk, which I purchased about six years ago. It's a beautiful wood piece that I've never thought about cutting into (top or bottom).

So I chose to go down another way. I began researching the keyboard tray. I decided that if the measurements were correct, I could place one on the side of the desk in the opposite of the way you typically use it.

After examining a few choices, I went for my VIVO Keyboard with Under Desk Mount Slider Tray. I picked the small model available on Amazon for less than $50.

Mac Mini Mount - Budget Mac Mini Accessories, Source: Youtube, Conveyor of Randomness with Andre

A few of its characteristics include:20" x 11" under-desk keyboard and mouse tray.

Easy to slip through and easily glides in and.

Attach the tray for your keyboard to your desk without damaging the desk (1.25" maximum thickness of your desk) using sturdy C-clamps that keep everything in place. They are also easy to adjust for the user's comfort.

The limited 3-year manufacturer warranty.

VIVO is an ergonomic office furniture company that designs high-quality standing tables, keyboard tray chairs, monitor mounts for monitors, chairs, and many more.

Insisting on the VIVO Keyboard Tray

The best feature of the VIVO Keyboard Tray is that it only requires one screwdriver for assembling the tray, and then you're ready to go. It took me just five minutes to put it all together. Follow the steps in this article.

MOUNT-KB05E Clamp-on Keyboard Tray Assembly by VIVO, Source: Youtube, VIVO

Step 1

First, connect the clamps to the rails. They are secured with screws.

Step 2

Then, you'll attach the tray for your keyboard on the rails. The rails are attached using screws. It is important to remember that I removed the small backsplash off the front of the tray for the keyboard. It is possible to remove it. I wanted to allow as much airflow as possible in the Mac mini, and I'm not worried about anything slipping off.

Step 3

The final step is to connect the desk to it. It is all done with the clamps. The knobs are turned until they tighten. They have rubber covers that you put over the table's top and between its camp. It ensures that you're not damaging anything.

Additionally, as you'll see in the photo below, the clamps aren't visible at my workstation. It's much more comfortable than using an unattractive Mac mini on top of the desk with a lot of cables coming out of the back.

Below is what's beneath my desk. I'm sorry for the mess in my cable management. I have a few plans to do that too. The first step was to get the Mac mini up and running.

I was worried about how the Bluetooth could work with the Mac mini underneath the desk. I utilize both the Apple Magic Keyboard and my AirPods regularly. However, after hours of testing and usage, everything worked flawlessly! There was no cutting or tearing.

As of this writing, I'm running a macOS Big Sur 11.2 update that addresses a couple of Bluetooth issues reported by users on Mac mini. Mac mini. This is likely to help too.


Easy to set up.

Ability to take off the backsplash to allow airflow.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons, Source: Proreviewsapp


There are no screws or drilling needed, which can save your desk.


A bit costly when compared with similar Mac Mini Mounts.


I was very impressed with my experience with the Vivo Keyboard Tray, and it performed flawlessly as an under-desk Mac mini mount. I built it and mounted it to my desk in just 5 minutes. And there aren't any screws or drilling needed.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.



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