The best efficient way to promote mobile app total free

In 2019, there were 204 billion apps downloaded, and since then the market has been growing. As a result, the competition among users is becoming intense. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must develop effective ways to promote your app. Promotion plays a central role in the success of the launching of the app. Sometimes app promotion is what you desire, but you become limited with your resources. This is not a worry anymore since there are various ways to promote an app for free. However, this does not mean you will have less work on your end. You will put in the effort but, in the end, enjoy unpaid exposure. Here are some of the ways to promote mobile apps totally free.

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Get your app on the internet

The internet is full of potential customers willing to use your app, but only if they know, it exists. You can try and create a 30 seconds video of the app. This video will let the people navigate your app, know the main features, the design, and the value of the users. Place it on websites, share through social media using a link, and share with mobile ad organizations for promotion. If you put enough effort into creating a quality promo video, you will increase awareness of the app and attract as many people as you can to your product.

You can also organize events and welcome people to join in. Give them detailed information about the importance of the app, the features, the design, and what it does in general. Alternatively, you can use social media networks and fan pages to share information about the app. Most people make use of social media networks, and you will realize that you gathered many fans.

Dominoes Game Trailer, Source: AlconostTube, youtube

Major newspapers are also ideal platforms to reach many people, and so are the influencers. When the information about your app reaches such sources of information, it will give you an upper hand. You do not have to pay these sources, but convincing them that your app and the information will get them many readers and viewers can be a challenge but not impossible. You must build an honest and mutually beneficial relationship with influencers within your niche. Some might be followed by less but relevant users. This will be up to you to put effort into getting them to talk about your app.

Reviews of the app

Various app reviews platforms can serve as good lead generations. These platforms publish entertaining reviews featuring key options and the importance of the new app. You can send such corporations an overview of your app together with links to the app store ad request them to write a review. The second way is that the organization will include you in particular ratings of a similar app.

 Five star app reviews

Five-star app reviews, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

Alternatively, instead of depending on app reviews from app review platforms, you can convince your app users to rate and write reviews for your app. Good ratings and reviews from your users will help the app to top other apps. Use kind words to ask your audience to rate the app or spend some time writing a short review of the product. You can get positive feedback from this if you provide the users with additional features like unlocking new content or virtual lives. Try as much as possible to get many positive reviews and figure out a good strategy to deal with the positive ones.

Integrate social media sites into the app

Including social media sites in your app will attract many people. As mentioned earlier, social media is a home for everybody regardless of gender, meaning that when your app has these sites, many people would want to check it out. Also, include a sharing link and a reward for the user whenever they share your app. This will encourage most users to share your app with their friends and families.

Integrate social media sites into the app, Source: Appy Pie, youtube

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter are among the most used platform. If users can find all these in one app, they will be excited and attracted to using your app. They will also be convinced to encourage their friends or their followers to check your app out.

Optimize your app

App store optimization is a central part of mobile app marketing. The goal is to improve your app visibility and its positioning in the google play and app store. Without these features, other promotion strategies will be worthless because no one can find your app if it is not in the app store. About 53% of app searches are done on google play, while the remaining 47% are on the Apple store.

off and on page factorsOff and on-page factors, Source: NativeX

This makes app optimization essential to ensure that your app can easily be found and discovered. Spend as much time installing the best-targeted keywords to the app profile. Here are some things to consider when you optimize the app.

• Optimization of the app title

• Creating interesting and keyword optimized descriptions

• Creation of visible and high-quality icons

• Picking a suitable category to add the app

• Fill in the block of keywords. Try to include all keywords you will think of searching when thinking of your app and include them. This will make it easy for the users to find your app.

• Create informative and attractive screenshots

Constantly update new features in the app

You can maintain interest among your app users by constantly updating new features in the app. This will keep them motivated and happy.

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New features will create several ways for the users to achieve what they couldn’t before. The users get to enjoy the new experience often with the use of the app.


There are various ways you can promote your mobile app without having to spend a coin. You can be able to determine what works best and what is not through trials and error. The above methods described are the most common and proven to work. It is an Image displaying the ASO process, which is the central part of the rest of the strategies.

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