Top Features Apple Must Add to Apple Music iPhone App

Apple's music streaming app is good enough for the job. These additional features could make it even better.

Apple Music is a top-rated service, but the native iPhone app could do with some improvements to make it easier to use. Apple launched Apple Music. It was bundled into the stock Music app for iPhone. This resulted in an experience that was similar to iTunes. The more we talk about it, the better. It's time to make a wishlist for Apple Music improvements with WWDC 2021 fast approaching. The iPhone app is the most popular place to use Apple Music, so it's a great time.

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1. Snappy User Experience

Apple Music is slow wherever you use it. Tap any tab in the Music app on your iPhone to see how quiet it loads. Even with high-speed internet connections, you might notice a delay. It could be due to high-resolution assets taking a while to open or bloated code.

Snappy Review by real user - Watch this Snappy demo before you buy, Source: Youtube, Reviewlogy

Apple should spend some time to find out what is slowing down Music and fix it. Third-party Apple Music apps like Marvis Pro (which costs $5.99) load much faster, so Music shouldn't take as long.

2. Offline Time-Synced lyrics

Apple Music's time-sync lyrics are a great addition to the user experience. This feature is great for singing along to our favorite songs, but it doesn't work offline. You can still listen to the lyrics on a flight or anywhere with poor internet coverage.

It would be fantastic if you could download time-synchronized lyrics with songs to create an incredible offline music experience.

3. Search within Playlists and Albums

Apple Music is based on playlists and albums. However, it's impossible to search for songs within a playlist or album. It isn't easy to find one piece in long playlists with over 100 songs.

Apple Music Reviewed... in a Playlist, Source: Youtube, Wall Street Journal 

Like the above, if you wish to skip to a song from a 40-song compilation, you will still need to search for that song manually. Apple could fix this problem by allowing users to swipe down on any playlist to access a search bar.

4. Shared Playlists Improved

Apple Music should have created collaborative playlists from the beginning. As it stands now, you can't share a playlist with anyone. They cannot add songs to it.

The playlist creator can add more songs, but other users will need to delete the playlist and add it back to their library to receive the new pieces. Apple has an easy solution: You can allow specific people to add songs and enable automatic playlist updates.

5. Smart Playlists

Many third-party Apple Music apps like Soor. This feature is already available at $6.99, so Apple shouldn't have any reason not to add it. Apple Music needs to be able to create more extensive playlists, and we are on the same topic. It took me 15 minutes to create a 1,200 song playlist for a road trip using Soor. Apple should add similar features to its Music app.

Soor App Review: A Better Apple Music App, Source: Youtube, Daniel Roman

It should be easier to combine multiple playlists or albums into one playlist. The stock Music app is still a lot of work for this task. You will need to search for every album or playlist you want to add to your mega-playlist.

6. Better Management of Offline Music

Apple Music's offline section needs to be overhauled urgently. The user interface hides all offline songs in the Library tab. To find your music, you will need to click the Downloaded button. You should be able to customize your home screen to show only offline songs.

Another problem is that your downloaded songs are lost if your Apple ID is closed. This is understandable. However, you will need to manually download the pieces once you sign back in or sign in to Apple ID on a new iPhone.

Apple should add an option to automatically re-download all your offline music with one tap.

7. Algorithms for Better Recommendation

Apple Music playlists are well-curated, and the app is quite adept at finding relevant playlists. It could suggest more songs based upon my preferences, however.

Apple Music: how to make it (really) useful!, Source: Youtube, Nikias Molina

Apple Music recommends Jazz songs to me, but I only listen to them occasionally. Apple Music would be a great way to suggest more Jazz and related genres.

Ideal service should also be better at finding "forgotten" music (that I used to love but don't listen to anymore).

8. Better Lyrics Sharing

Apple Music lets you share time-synced lyrics now (tap on any verse to start). There are still songs without time-syncing lyrics.

These lyrics are not available for you to select or copy. You will need to take screenshots of them to share. Apple could add the ability to communicate and choose verses from these lyrics.


You don't have to wait for Apple Music to add these features so that you can check out third-party apps (only $2.99). These apps offer many of the features that we have been waiting for.

Apple should separate Apple Music updates from system update notifications and allow the streaming service to develop its app. Basic features like lyric sharing shouldn't be delayed until significant iOS releases. Apple Music could quickly get the fantastic features it needs faster.

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Hope this article is useful to you, thanks for reading.