Best Stock Market Apps on iPads and iPhones

Tablets and smartphones enable you to manage your money no matter where you go. You can open an investment account and then invest in the markets with the iPhone in your pocket or the iPad at your desk. You can begin investing without a minimum balance for most brokerages listed on this list. Through fractional share and commission-free accounts, you can start investing without deposits minimum requirements in most cases. For a start, you must download your preferred stock market application through the Apple App Store, fund your account and execute an exchange. Keep in mind that stocks can be devalued. Investors who are new to investing should begin small and not put in more than they could afford to lose. They can also use the materials provided by the brokerage's educational department to gain knowledge about trading.

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BEST OVERALL: Schwab Mobile

Our choice for the top overall stock market app available for iPhone and iPad will be Schwab Mobile from Charles Schwab. Schwab provides minimum balance requirements, no annual fees, and no commissions on ETF or stock trades. They offer just about every kind of investment account that you could want, such as tax-free and retirement plans and the ability to support most of the investment options outside of stocks. Schwab also has a no-cost robot advisor, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios.

The app for mobile devices lets you perform almost anything you can do with your Schwab website. It enables you to view your account and positions trading, registering trades, looking up different stocks, and so on. A unique feature is Schwab Assistant, an app powered by a voice assistant that will help you make trades quickly, receive quotes, create new alerts, and find answers to your questions regarding your investment. Schwab Mobile also earned high scores in customers' satisfaction with apps for wealth management in the 2020 J.D. Study of Power. 

Charles Schwab Mobile Trading App Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Jake Broe

Overall, the variety of options, accounts, supported investments, and prices make Charles Schwab and Schwab Mobile an excellent choice for those on the go.

  • App name: Schwab Mobile
  • Devices that support HTML0 devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch (requires iOS 14.0 or higher across all platforms)
  • Account minimum: $0
  • Fees Stock or ETF transactions, with no monthly charges
  • Tradable assets include: stocks, fractional shares, mutual funds, and options

What We Like

  • No commission-free trades and no monthly fees
  • Stocks are generally supported, as are other popular assets
  • Control the majority of your account requirements using iOS devices as well as Apple Watch

Things We Do Not Like

  • Certainly experienced traders might find active trading tools that lack options-trading capabilities and advanced charting features.
  • Costs for mutual funds are high, especially for trades not on the no-transaction-fee (NTF) list and broker-assisted trades.

Best for Beginners and FREE: SoFi

SoFi makes it simple to create a new account, browse the markets, and select one of your stocks. Active stock market accounts or managed ones (Robo advisors) are free. There are no commissions or fees for ETF or stock trading. SoFi provides access to more risky digital currency trading; however, it does not assist with mutual funds.

The app for mobile devices is designed around an entire ecosystem of cash management, investing and lending, and managing your finances. It does not have advanced charts or features for active trading, but it does provide everything you need to get started. This includes identifying stocks by category and discovering more about investing without ever leaving the application.

SoFi App Step-by-Step Guide and Walkthrough, Source: Youtube, Magnified Money

  • App name: SoFi
  • Devices are supported: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 13.0 or later)
  • Account minimum: $0
  • Fees Stock or ETF transactions, with no monthly charges
  • Tradable assets: Stocks, fractional shares, ETFs, cryptocurrencies

What We Like

  • No commission-free trades and no monthly fees
  • A straightforward and straightforward investment
  • Educational resources are easily accessible via the invest section

Things We Do Not Like

  • No support is provided for mutual options or funds
  • There are a few tools available to active traders
  • A minimal amount of research on investments

Best for experienced users: thinkorswim

Professional traders may require more sophisticated tools and resources to invest Thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade is among the top platforms for experts in the stock market. In addition, the accounts are free of minimums, no recurring charges, and no commissions on ETF or stock trades.

The Thinkorswim platform is accessible via the internet, desktop, and mobile. While some brokerages provide fewer features for mobile devices, thinkorswim offers the same high-end experience on iOS devices that you can enjoy on your desktop or laptop. The advanced features include trade profit and risk analyses, charts with multi-touch streaming live CNBC live news feed, and chat-based support, which allows you to connect with an expert from thinkorswim to receive immediate answers to questions related to trading or the app. These features make the platform ideal for intermediate to beginner traders who want to enhance their trading abilities.

THE BEST THINKORSWIM SETUP: Must have charts, Indicators, settings and more!, Source: Youtube, Aaron Petrovsky

  • Name of the app: thinkorswim
  • Devices are supported: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch (requires iOS 13.0 or later)
  • Account minimum: $0
  • Fees Free stock or ETF transactions, with no monthly charges
  • Tradeable assets include ETFs, Stocks Fixed income, options, fixed Futures, forex

What We Like

  • No commission-free trades and no fees for recurring transactions
  • Advanced charting and research features
  • CNBC News Live CNBC news stream

Things We Do Not Like

  • The active trading tools can be overwhelming for investors who are new to the market.
  • Recently, Charles Schwab

The best option for free trades: Webull

If the primary concern you have when using a stock market application is the possibility of avoiding charges, Webull could be suitable for your requirements. Webull offers accounts that don't have minimum balance requirements or account fees and does not charge commissions in any way. ETF, stock, and options trading is not commission-free, except option per contract fees that many brokers charge. There are charges for wire transfers and margin borrowing, but generally, investors don't pay any investment fees.

Webull How to Trade options FAST! Scalping options on Webull!, Source: Youtube, Trader Creator Pro

  • The Webull mobile app is excellent for passive investors. However, it is built by an active trader. Affluent charting and investment research tools will meet the needs of the majority of active investors. They are frequently updated with new features. 
  • Devices that support HTML0 devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 11.0 or later)
  • Account minimum: $0
  • Fees There are no account fees and no commissions
  • Tradeable assets: Stocks ETFs, Options, Stocks ADRs

What We Like

  • There are no commissions and fees for everyday account activity.
  • Tools that are useful for beginners as well as active traders with experience

Things We Do Not Like

  • Few asset types supported (like no mutual funds)
  • The interface may be confusing for some newbies


Investors who are aware of the need to invest but don't want to make the effort of picking stocks shouldn't be left away from the markets if you sign up for a new account with Betterment and answer a series of questions regarding the age of your account, investment goals and your ability to accept risk. Based on the answers you provide, Betterment will assign you an expertly-designed portfolio created by full-time financial professionals.

Betterment charges 0.25 percent for its standard account and 0.40 percent on a higher-end account, which gives you unlimited access to an advisor for financial matters. Both versions put your money only in low-cost ETFs, which help keep expenses down. ETFs comprise bonds and stocks ideal for your own investment goals, and Betterment will help keep your investments in check as you continue to increase the amount of the account over time. Betterment uses tax-loss harvesting to reduce the amount you owe the IRS for tax-deductible investment accounts.

You NEED This Robo-Advisor In 2021 | Betterment Review, Source: Youtube, Finance Theory

  • App name: Betterment
  • Devices that support HTML0 devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 12.1 or later)
  • Account minimum: $0
  • Charges: 0.25% to 0.40 Per year, 1%
  • Tradable assets: ETFs

What We Like

  • Automated investments, so you don't need to choose stocks or funds
  • Assets comprised of low-cost ETFs
  • Account automatically is rebalanced
  • Automated tax-loss harvesting on accounts that are not retirement

Things We Do Not Like

  • Annual management fee
  • Additional charges and high minimum balance requirements for working with a human advisor

Compare Apps

iPhone Vs. iPad Stock Market Apps

In many instances, the investment firms release only one iOS application available for iPhone and iPad devices. The top brokerages offer specialized apps for each platform, and they may even be able to have support for Apple Watch.

The smaller screen size of iPhones can do specific research, charting, and even advanced trading more difficult because you don't have enough space to see the information. Applications specifically designed for iPad typically have more robust features that correspond to desktop and laptop-based applications instead of a smartphone. If you're a frequent trader, your iPhone offers the benefit of having it with your side at all times to trading at the moment.

Top Stock Market Apps for Iphone and Ipad for Day Traders, Source: Youtube, Cameron Fous 

Pros and Pros and Stock Market Trading Apps


  • Fast and easy stock trading anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Don't lose the balance of your portfolio and investments
  • Find out about investing and enhancing your portfolio wherever you go

Cons: Mobile apps might not have the available features on desktop and web platforms.


For this list of top applications for the stock market for iPhone and iPad, We looked through the more than twenty trading applications and platforms to determine those that provide the most value in terms of price and features to the average iPhone or iPad user. The primary areas of consideration were price, different types of accounts offered, the kinds of investments offered, and features for mobile apps needed by the typical trader.

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