IOS application development, money-making profession

 IOS apps not only help the device users perform a particular task in devices, but they also generate a significant income for the developers. It is one way of money-making in the IOS development profession. These iOS apps are created and uploaded to the App Store, where device users can take a chance to download them freely or purchase them. To be easily discovered in App Store, they should carry relevant content. The keywords or content make users search an iOS app in the App Store from which they can choose the most suitable iOS app for their device. Promising career opportunities for iOS apps developers

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The Potential of iOS Apps on the App Store

When it comes to iOS app discoveries, the App Store is the leading in an internet search. The App Store stands out in the app discovery battle by ranking more relevant apps. According to research, the majority search and download iOS apps via the App Store. Roughly, the research shows that the iOS app downloads from the App Store through the iOS device are about 47%, which is just roughly lower by 9% on downloads made through Androids Play Stores.

iOS app developmentIOS application development, Source:

This means the capability of iOS apps to be seen by iOS devices in-app store is quite good. This navigation is enabled by iOS app developers who ensure they rightly optimize such apps for easy discovery. Still, the research shows that the number of iOS apps for download from the Apple App Store is more than 3.4 million apps; both free and premium ones. App Store is only best known for its rankings for iOS apps with relevant, no doubt why most device users like using Apple Store for app downloads.

 App Developers Earnings on the App Store

 App development idea gives developers a great chance to make some income through the internet especially in the App Store. This does not mean the App Store pays app developers any amount. Apple App Store is just a service that allows developers to upload their apps for the users to download iOS app. In other words, it is just a marketplace where app developers upload and sell their created apps. But does it mean developers get fewer earnings?


How to make money for iOS appHow to make money for iOS app, Source: Proreviewsapp

No, the App Store gives app developers a chance to create apps with the In-App Purchase service. In-App Purchase is a service that allows app users to subscribe to access some services in the app. Once these purchases are made, the App Store makes an arrangement to transfer the payment to the respective app developers. The payments are made monthly, probably at the beginning of the month.

Before the app developers get the payment, they always get updates on all sales made in the previous month. App Store can make the payment via Paypal or any other provided payment method.

 Examples of People who have succeeded through iOS app development

Historically, several individuals have become rich by becoming iOS app developers. Just to mention a few characters, Chad Mureta, Brian Wong, and Nick D'Aloisio are the most successful individuals among the iOS developers.

Chad Mureta developed the Fingerprint Security Pro app. This idea came when he was in the hospital and could see doctors accessing files on his phone. Through the App Store, the app made a total sales of more than $12,000.

Chad MuretaChad Mureta, Source: Internet

This was just the first month after he uploaded it to the App Store. Chard also developed several iOS apps that generated a can flow of more than $30,000 monthly.

Brian WongBrian Wong, Source: Internet

Brian Wong is the app developer of the Kiip app. According to research, Brian Wong had collected more than $15 million courtesy of the Kiip app by 2012.

In 2011, there evolved a thriving strategic iOS app that hit the history of the most successful apps that have ever existed. Trimmit app, which Nick D’Aloisio developed as an analytical tool, generated more than $300,000 to its developer,

Nick D'AloisioNick D'Aloisio, source: Internet

Nick D'Aloisio Trimmit was the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store and liked analytical tools by data research companies. The app could help other companies raise a significant income in everyday operations.

Promising career opportunities for iOS apps developers

The idea of iOS application development is more capturing on career tackling and generally is one way of making income. IOS app development is playing a significant role in creating career opportunities in different ways. The most current recognized careers through iOS app development include a career in;

 iOS app development include a career in

iOS app development include a career in, Source:

App Developers have a lot of opportunities for iOS app development for other industries, it's a potential real money-making environment, isn't it?

How to increase income for an App developer

Developing and selling apps is entirely under tremendous pressure from competition. This means a developer must consider using the best tactic to influence and sell their apps more for higher income generation. Device Applications that do not generate much income are associated with a low number of its users. And if they lack users, it means they are less attractive and not easily discovered through the App Store. There are several ways app developers can increase their app users aiming to generate revenue or income:

How to increase income for an App developer

How to increase income for an App developer, Source:

Here are the details:

Formulate app monetization strategy

This is the best tactic as an app developer you can do to increase your income. You need to develop monetization strategies such as In-app purchases and ads, paid mobile applications, freemium, and subscription models.

Promote your app through social media

As an app developer, you need to market your product in an active marketplace. Social media is the best marketplace where you can make huge promotions for your app.

Optimize your app for App Store

Optimizing your app will make it achieve the best in the App Store.

Consider cross-promotion deployment

If you have another app you own, you can take the chance and promote each other at the expense of the other.


The creative ideas on iOS app development are expected to keep moving to a new step due to technology evolution. But what will strike much on the app development is the competition. This will be in regards to profit-making through the competition. Therefore, strategies on how to develop an app should extensively focus on income generation. App developers should also take the chance given by their app marketers, such as the App Store, and utilize all resources to generate significant revenue.

To increase the revenue or income, the app developer should ensure proper app optimization and promote their apps across different social services that create comprehensive and potential customers.

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