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The hidden secrets in the Mac will double your screen size and save energy and time. We'll demonstrate how. Apple is holding an event. The central theme of the presentation will likely be on the iPhone 13. There's a possibility Apple could be talking about MacOS Monterey, The next major update to its Mac lineup. Monterey will bring new and useful options to your Mac, including the possibility of copying texts from images and AirPlay directly from an iPhone or iPad onto your Mac. However, before you attempt to master all the new features, you should look around and be grateful for all that the Mac is capable of right now. Are you unsure where to begin? It's okay, and that's the reason why I'm here. For instance, did you know that signing your documents with the Preview application is possible? Have you ever been interested in why icons for apps appear in the dock in the app and disappear quickly? I'll go over both options and how to utilize them and several others in the following. After reading this article, and you'll be following along on the Mac as you travel, you'll be able to use your Mac as a professional.

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Yearly updates to the OS

It's all too easy to take regular software updates as a given. They're something we're used to from the makers of our devices today. Not only do updates to software provide new features, but they also keep optimizing your computer and contain important security updates, too.

It's okay to delay one or two days to ensure that no significant bugs go unnoticed during testing. After that, you click the Apple logo on the upper-left right-hand corner of the main menu. Choose Systems Preferencesfollowed with software updates.

Why Updating Your Operating System is Important, Source: Youtube, Tech Nav

Apple continues to release an update for its ancient devices. Below, check out the Macs that can be running macOS Big Sur, which is the most current operating system. (I have a 2011 iMac abandoned ten years after purchasing it.)

Make sure you keep your Mac up-to-date with security updates and the latest features. This isn't expensive.

Jason Cipriani/CNET took a screenshot.

You can customize the Control Center and the menu bar.

Brett Pearce/CNET

The Control Center is easy enough. You click the icon, choose the option you want to alter, and that's all there is to it.

However, here's a tip for professionals If you're not having quick access to one of the settings currently available within Control Center, you can click on the icon to access them. Control Center, drag the icon from it, and then place that icon onto the Menu Bar.

How to Hide and Customize Your Mac's Menu Bar, Source: Youtube, Jake Fishman

As an example, I often play around playing around with Bluetooth devices and need to determine the devices my Mac is linked to. By using this trick, I can shift the Bluetooth icon into the bar menu (where it should be at all times, ha!) and open it in fewer clicks. This is also true for everything else within Control Center. Control Center.

When I heard about this trick, my brain was utterly blown. Seriously.

Secret option: Sign a document using your Mac

A few Of my favorite secret MacOS capabilities is the possibility to utilize Preview to sign your documents. I frequently use it to sign papers at work or for my children's school.

The basic idea is this: Open the document you must sign in Preview, click the pencil icon on the top, and then your signature's logo. Then, you can use your iPhone to save and create your signature. It will be added to the document.

How To Sign Documents On A Mac, Source: Youtube, Payette Forward 

I've prepared a complete walkthrough that you can go through for those in need of a tool that is free to take a signature on anything from a new automobile loan or field trip authorization slip.

Resize and move your signature before adding it to the document.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Make your iPad an additional display with just only a couple of clicks.

Apple Sidecar lets you utilize the iPad to act as an additional display to your Mac. It's wireless that takes only seconds to turn on. The iPad must be running iPadOS 13 or higher installed, while your Mac will require macOS Catalina or newer.

When you have your iPad next to your Mac, you can enable Sidecar in various methods. The easiest way is to visit Control Center > Display and select the iPad to connect to your Mac. 

How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor (on Windows & Mac), Source: Youtube, TheUnlockr 

The iPad can mirror the display of your Mac or serve as a desktop extension, offering you a different screen and more room to place windows and applications. It is possible to keep using your iPad and other applications and then switch into the Sidecar view without interrupting the connection. If you plan to be using it for a prolonged amount of time, I recommend attaching your iPad and Mac via an Ethernet cable.

It is simple to share data with your iPhone and Mac.

Multitask between Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad

Continuity is a feature you could already use and not even know that you are using it. The name, which isn't very descriptive, is what Apple uses to connect the various Apple gadgets and allow you to start the task on your Mac from where you left off with your iPhone. It could be as simple as making a call from your Mac -it's Continuity at work.

Perhaps my favorite and most frequently used feature in Continuity Handoff. If you've ever noticed an icon for an app appear only to disappear from the left edge of the dock for apps on your Mac, it's called Handoff. If you clicked the icon for an app, it would open the application you're running with either your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad on your Mac.

It's true. It's possible to share documents created by Apple as you would Google Docs.

Jason Cipriani/CNET took a screenshot.

Your iPhone can be a scanner.

In the context of Apple's creative suite, this feature that's often forgotten about is built into macOS that allows scanning documents or importing images into documents effortless.

How to scan documents on iPhone, Source: Youtube, DHTV

To find out if an application has this feature, right-click in any text area and then look for a section that has your nearby iPhone displayed. There will be the option(s) available to the application. For instance, when I click on the right side of a Pages document, I'm presented with three options on the iPhone 12 Pro: Take photos, scan documents or even add a sketch.

Sharing a folder with your Mac requires just a few clicks.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET


There's a lot more than the Mac can do beyond this list. Much like the rest of the latest features on Big Sur. There are some hidden features you need to know about as well. If you've just bought the Mac, make sure it is set up correctly.

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