3 Tips for Optimizing Your Budget for User Acquisition

According to Statista estimates, around 250 billion downloaded apps can be downloaded via app stores every day. App users acquisition is an essential element in every successful app. Even if you've put effort into creating a great application, your company will be unsuccessful if no one discovers your application. Ensuring that your app's customers make money and promote your mobile application is essential. You have users is another proof and reason why potential customers will consider installing your application. Given the many expected disruptions in 2022 and the impact of the pandemic on your finances, it is essential to improve the budget you allocate to user acquisition. How do you stand out from the crowd of new customers without having to spend an enormous amount of money on it? Here are three suggestions to help you to follow.

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1. Burst campaigns

The burst campaign can boost your mobile app's position in results for a specific search term or in a short time. It is possible to position your app in search results for these results much more prominently than organic results with burst-based campaigns. Ranking increases lead to greater installs and ultimately increased visibility on apps' stores. The increased visibility can be an additional organic acquisition of users and paid ones.

The objective is to get many users and stay there long enough to be sustainable. In the case of Google, we are entering the holiday season and could be seeing an increase in gift-giving holidays, travel for the holidays, and related holidays-related searches.

How effective are App Burst Campaigns? | Episode #3, Source: Youtube, Appy Pie

Following the burst time, it is necessary to continue acquiring users on the smaller amount of money you pay to promote.

Campaigns using bursts can be highly successful if you utilize them with the appropriate mobile application at the right moment. It is also possible that negative reviews from users who do not reach your group could damage rather than benefit your business.

2. Create App Store profile

App stores remain the most critical place to discover mobile apps. Optimizing the app store is essential to get an upper position in app stores. How can you organize your profile for app store optimization to improve its work?

You must focus on the critical elements of your website. It is crucial to utilize relevant keywords in the title tag. You should make a compelling account of what your application does that will describe the function of your app to users as well as the store. Numerous mobile apps compete with the same audience as you do. Therefore, the icon for your app must be distinctive and attractive. In addition, you need to look the way these icons look on different mobile devices.

How to Create Apple Developer Certificate, Provisioning profiles and AppID's?, Source: Youtube, Jump Start With iOS

It is essential to localize your app store profile to your customers. You can use localized search terms and Welcome pages for each targeted market.

Sometimes, it is necessary to switch up your keywords to coincide with seasonal events like the season of the holidays to increase the performance and effectiveness of campaigns.

A/B tests are a great way to discover the most effective methods for your application.

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This is an Ultimate ASO Guide to find out more information.

3. Organic, Non-Paid Strategies

The organic (Non-paid) strategies are efficient and cost-effective methods to increase user engagement. There are many methods to boost users' engagement with your mobile app.

You can design a site and use a clever banner to redirect visitors from your website to the app store page for them to download directly.

DON’T Use Paid Ads My #1 Organic Marketing Strategy | Neil Patel, Source: Youtube, Neil Patel

Content marketing is an excellent method to connect with potential customers. You can increase traffic with blog posts, infographics videos, and even e-books on subjects your users are attracted to and looking for. By doing this, you'll be providing important information to potential customers and will have the chance to become their app's clients.

But be aware of the authenticity of the traffic. Personas can help you focus your efforts on the correct target audience.


We hope these three tips will be helpful and thank you for dropping by to read the blog.

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