Best Bill-Splitting Apps

The past was when dividing the expense of bills, and other costs was an awkward procedure. It was necessary to determine the amount of debt and complete the tedious process of collecting the money from each individual. In addition, since people carry Cash these days, settling bills becomes more complicated. This is until apps for bill splitting. Bill-splitting apps allow you to divide the costs of things like group meals or group excursions so that everyone can pay their fair part. With bill-splitting applications will allow you to maintain peace among people by reducing disputes over who owes what to who.

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Free on the internet, iPhone, and Android, Splitwise is the most flexible bill-splitting app we have listed. It can be used in all scenarios where dividing expenses among multiple people is necessary. It is possible to create groups of friends and split the debt each one is owed. Your shared costs and IOUs are kept in one location, and everyone in the group can view the amount they are owed.

How to Split Travel Costs With Friends? "Splitwise" a great split money app!, Source: Youtube, HowTube

The app monitors the amount of borrowing and lending over time. As long as the balance is paid, the balance of each user can fluctuate between a low and a high. Splitwise reminds you at the end of each month to let everyone spend their debts and begin the new month with a new beginning. On the home page, there's a list of your owed amount and the ability to settle your balance anytime, so you don't need be waiting until close each month. The payment can be determined through PayPal and Venmo directly through the app. If you are the one who is owed by the debt paid in Cash, you may pay cash to settle the balance.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: SettleUp

Settle Up can deal with various payments: If you pay one person or more individuals who have paid the same amount, it can split the costs evenly based upon the amount or allow you to choose the individual amount for each person to pay. The share function lets users transfer expenses using an online link. All costs are saved and synced across all the people in the group so that every individual can access the payments.

Manage Group Expenses - Settle Up, Source: Youtube, Rockstar Buddies

Settle Up can add the current exchange rate to the transaction if you're traveling abroad. It also keeps historical exchange rates if you decide to alter the date. It is also possible to create a fixed exchange applied to every purchase. The free version will show ads from time to time and can be irritating if you're an avid user. The premium version does not display ads, lets you add pictures of receipts, and permits users to create customized groups with the color of their choice.

Ideal for Dinners for Groups: Plates by Splitwise

There are two kinds of diners in a group who are comfortable having the bill split evenly and those who wish to break the account according to their owed. Plates by Splitwise allows you to manage both. The only app for iOS offers everyone in the group the option of a "plate." When you add more items to the group, it can place them on the plate of a particular person or be divided across the entire group.

Splitwise Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Avi Mattenson

For instance, items shared, such as appetizers, could be divided between the entire group or only a handful of people. The app can accommodate large gatherings by allowing you to include up to 10 persons in each group. After you've distributed the food on all plates, you can include the tax and tip and then communicate the final total with everyone via either e-mail or text messages. The app works to Splitwise and is free. The only issue is that this app hasn't been accessible yet for Android users.

Great to use for group trips: Solid

The cost of group trips is difficult. Solid lets you factor the total cost of a journey and divide it among every participant on the trip. Solid is great to split up expenses that are not part of the trip. Multiple payments can be incorporated into any fee, for example, if two people cover the cost of food up front; however, five people have to pay for the price. You can pay bills using different currencies - picking among over 150 foreign currencies.

Solid Solutions Knowledge Base iPhone App, Source: Youtube, Solid Solutions AG - Ihr SOLIDWORKS Partner in der Schweiz

If you're looking for an offline report of expenses, you can download either a PDF or Excel file that contains a detailed overview of all costs. The application is free for a single group.

Most Flexible: Square Cash

Square Cash does not have a bill-splitting feature built-in, at least not yet at the very least. However, because it's a peer-to-peer platform, it could be helpful to split payments. Once you've decided on the best way to break a cost divided, you can make an order for payment directly through the application to everyone within the group. The Cash App and make a payment in response to the need. After you've paid and cleared, you can "cash out" and make a payment to your bank account. Or, make use of credit cards (an online debit card) to purchase items just like you do with the debit card you carry.

How Square Makes Money, Source: Youtube, CNBC

The app is entirely free, as is sending money through a debit card. Payments made with credit cards are charged an additional 3%, and immediate deposits into your bank account are subject to a 1.5 percent fee.


The apps were chosen by their specific tools and features, their intended usage, and their integration with other applications, banks, and banks. They also had to consider whether they could be used by Android and iPhone users.

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