6 Methods Your Mobile Phone Could Be hacked - Are You Safe?

Are you worried about cybercriminals who know how to hack into a phone? Know-how is your primary line of defense, so here's how hackers can target your phone. It's impossible to imagine a life without a phone. Technology has advanced dramatically to help us manage nearly all aspects of our daily lives. But, with all the centralized information stored on one device, you have to be aware of how to safeguard your personal information and identity. Mobile phone hacks are more severe than before. Hackers who target phones aren't doing it to make a buck; they also offer their products, which raises the security risk. There are six ways your phone may be at risk.

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1. Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are persistent. They're efficient and don't require much effort.

No one installs malware-laden apps on their phones without knowing. Hackers create sophisticated phishing schemes and design pages that appear very similar to the real. Only some minor clues could be missed, with the lack of the SSL certification being one of the most evident.

Phishing attacks are SCARY easy to do!! (let me show you!) // FREE Security+ // EP2, Source: Youtube, NetworkChuck 

If you type in your password on a phishing website, they are immediately transmitted to the hacker who accesses your accounts. The most frightening part is that many victims of these attacks don't know they've become victims.

Always be aware of hyperlinks sent to you via suspicious numbers. Beware of clicking on them and open downloads or attachments randomly. Do not enter your details on suspicious websites if you even have the slightest doubt!

2. Keyloggers

Keyloggers are software that can run quietly on all devices installed. In the past, keyloggers were mainly designed for computers. Today, however, they can be employed to hack into cell phones.

You don't need an access point to install a keylogger. If you install and download an illegal app and grant it the proper permissions (as is the norm), it can begin recording your activities and keys.

Keyloggers and how they work, Source: Youtube, Dan Hersam

The data is then transmitted directly to hackers. If you've ever wondered how to hack the phone of someone else, This is one of the most efficient ways to hack into someone's phone.

3. The Hack to Control the Message

Control messages are typically system messages that are scripted to control the device. It's among the most challenging hacks for cell phones to master and requires an in-depth understanding of the weaknesses of the operating system.

The control message grants attackers access to settings on the victim's phone. The most frightening thing is that the user may not be aware that their locations are monitored.

Is it possible to hack facebook messenger?, Source: Youtube, Mahfuz the Tech Master

The hackers could easily bypass security protocols, which exposes the device's vulnerabilities. All that's needed is a single script to transfer data from the device to an additional server.

It may seem bizarre. However, there are many instances of people who hack phones remotely by using texts.

4. Hacking via Spamming

Hacking your cell phone remotely through spamming is a different approach. It's among the most efficient hacks for cell phones used on Android devices, partly because Android devices are easier to access when you have a Gmail account.

Hackers begin by typing an email address into Google. Then, click upon the "Forgot Password" button.

If this happens, Google sends a verification code to the actual number. Many people don't bother to read this message precisely what hackers usually target.

script gmail yahoo hacking spam email gmail or yahoo, Source: Youtube, Sendi Novriadi

Then, they send an unspecific message inquiring about the verification code, hoping that it will verify automatically. Do not hesitate to forward the verification code to those with no technical knowledge.

When an attacker has their code, they insert the code and access their target's Google account. After that, they alter the password then gain access to the device.

5. The Stingray Method

It is believed that the Stingray method is among the oldest hacks found in the book. Stingray is a firm that manufactures top-quality hacking equipment, although many call this an IMSI hack for catching.

This trick is done by using specially designed security devices for mobile phones. These devices fool smartphones into believing it's a cell phone tower, triggering an internet connection.

How StingRay cellphone surveillance devices work, Source: Youtube, Washington Post 

Once the phone is connected to the Stingray device, it gives attackers access to the phone's location. Not just that, hackers can also steal incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, and data packets.

Law enforcement officials typically utilize IMSI catchers. Investigators from private companies and hackers make use of these catches.

6. Spyware Apps

Cellphone hacks have become popular because spyware programs are easily accessible. Many of these applications are made for suspect spouses or partners, but they are also used to carry out more sinister activities.

To install such an app, you need access to the user's device. After installation, the application runs in the background, and no one is the wiser.

How to Detect Spyware and Spy apps in Smartphones, Source: Youtube, Varun

The hacks aren't visible in the Task Manager on the phone. They give total control to hackers. These apps could:

  • Let the hacker manage the camera and microphone remotely, allowing them to monitor their target.
  • Keep track of all keystrokes and monitor the activity of your computer, including messages and social media applications.
  • Please find out the real-time whereabouts and then send notifications to the hacker.

The hacker can also gain access to all files, including videos, images, email addresses, and other personal data.


If you wish to safeguard your data and avoid being a hack attack victim, you must be vigilant. Beware of any links that seem suspicious, and conduct your due diligence before downloading any new application. It's also a good suggestion to install an antivirus application on your phone, particularly when you're an Android user.

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