Top Effective Methods to Market A Mobile Application for Cryptocurrency

After analyzing the apps you can see in the following picture, We found eight ways to promote a mobile cryptocurrency applicationThe other or one of the methods may be a good choice for the person you are. Therefore, why not take an examination of each at a time?

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Create A Website and Have A CryptoCurrency Blog On It

It would be best to have a blog in the same field as your application. In the end, it will bring many potential customers.

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Website with WordPress and Elementor Full Tutorial, Source: Youtube, XD Unicorn

Let's estimate the number of people who are reading blogs:

As per 99 Companies, 60% of Internet users regularly read blogs.

Statistics' Internet global usage statistics indicate that around 4 billion people access the internet worldwide.

Even If 0.25 percent of these 2.4 billion people who read blogs are reading about Cryptocurrency, you will get six million people who could be interested in your application.

The four benefits of promoting your mobile crypto app Through Blogging

  • Keep your blog consistent and establish a brand identity for your brand.
  • Get connected to your crypto mobile app's users and discover what improvements they'd like to see.
  • Define the paid plans of your mobile crypto app in order to gain more converts from your intended audience
  • Create a recurring subscription-based business model that has different plans to boost your profit

How did leverage Blogging to generate leads for the App?

In 2014 produced numerous leads from writing blogs on app marketing.

The blog was launched on the page in May of 2014. Within a mere two years, visitors increased from zero to 152k.

With such a large number of loyal users, it was not difficult to download the application.

Buy app reviews, Sour: Youtube, Proreviewsapp

One of the main strategies employed in developing Proreviewsapp was to sign up or log in within the Menu.

Using this method, the user can log in or sign-up when they first open the website.

This is a massive help with conversions since people can decide at any time.

To see significant traffic through SEO, You must be a hard worker even though SEO requires time.

If done correctly, it will result in being highly unique.

Utilize Social Media the Right Way to Market Crypto Mobile App

A study conducted by Datareportal claims that over 4 billion people use social media.

This is about 57 percent of the population.

Imagine the potential reach and engagement it could bring us.

5 Tips for Promoting An App on Social Media

Coherence: Most people fail on social media due to being inconsistent

Leverage Paid Advertising: Although it's extremely risky, however, those who have learned this can earn substantial profits in a short time

Collaborate with Influencers: Utilize micro-influencers to build the trust of your audience for more excellent downloads

Event Promotion: 6 Advanced Tactics To Promote Events with Social Media, Source: Youtube, Event MB

User-Generated Content: Get feedback on your app in the form of videos from users and post the content on your Facebook or Twitter platform (rigid but efficient)

Rewards and Offers: Have a contest or give-away to all of your faithful app users

Crypto Forums & Communities Can be a Great Method of promoting

Forums and Communities are one of the least appreciated methods of promoting.

Utilizing these tools to their fullest potential could result in many new users to your application.

To begin, join Reddit and join the relevant community to help promote your application.

For example, there's a forum on Reddit that revolves around Cryptocurrency...

The community is comprised of 3.5 million members. All they discuss is Cryptocurrency.

On Reddit, People are promoting themselves through posts like this:

The person is asking for some help. He's asking questions such as Are crypto-based trading an appropriate option? Which tools can he utilize?

Top 10 Crypto Forums, Communities And Groups, Source: Youtube, WPGROUP BD

The post was only 33 minutes old and had already received 32 comments!

What you can do is to leave a comment and then make sure you promote your application.

You can comment such as:

Hey, [user name I've been trading regularly with crypto and am making huge profits from it. I would suggest that you test [your crypto application's name], and ever since I've been using it, my earnings have been rising.

In this way, not just the person who posted the message will read it. However, everyone interested in the debate will also read it.

You can also include the link in your application.

But be aware: Some Reddit communities will not allow linking to any place in the comments. Make sure to know the rules of each society before you join.

Put money into your Crypto Mobile App Advertisement Campaigns.

Boost campaigns are the best and short-time-high-investment campaigns.

Ad sets like these can increase app downloads and engagement enormously.

If you want a boost campaign to succeed, ensure you have a well-planned marketing strategy and a secure app.

The process requires a significant investment, and there's no margin for error.

This is the way ASO, as well as boost campaign, have produced excellent results for one of our clients.

Stop the old school and start Cold Emailing

In the age of chatbots, many people believe that email marketing is no longer relevant.

A study by Mailchimp discovered that the median opening rate of emails for the finance and business segment is 21.56 percent.

This means that around 21 out of 100 will read your email.

This means that it's not dead.

How To Cold Email Clients - Best Cold Email Templates, Source: Youtube, Patrick Dang

Three factors give email marketing an advantage over other methods of promotion:

It's unnecessary to be concerned about algorithmic changes or any other kind since it's simply sending emails.

The conversion and open rates that you can get from cold emailing are among the highest compared to other marketing methods.

If you have an email subscriber list, and people who want to join it are a good bet, they'll be interested in your mobile crypto app.

Use Affiliate Marketers to Market your Crypto-Mobile App

According to a study conducted in the joint venture of Forrester Consulting and Rakuten, around 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers rely on affiliate marketing to promote their products.

Affiliate marketing via mobile apps is a major player in three categories:

Adverts: Owners of apps who would like their app to be advertised

Associates: The marketing team would announce your crypto mobile application

User: Audience who will view the app and sign-up to your app

The benefits of mobile app affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing will result in direct sales, and you don't have to worry about attracting users to your app.

Get Paid to Download Apps | How To Do Mobile CPA Affiliate Marketing, Source: Youtube, John Crestani

Start with affiliate marketing at a low investment, and then increase the amount as it appears to be working.

The risk involved with affiliate marketing for mobile apps is minimal to non-existent since payment only comes after a person has signed up for the app you're advertising.

Create Your Own YouTube Channel & Explain The Concept Behind Your App

A study carried out by Statistica found it was 1.86 billion YouTube users worldwide.

Since 2016 there has been an upsurge of 27.4 percent in users. The percentage is expected to continue growing in the years ahead.

To maximize the benefits of this chance, look to the YouTube Tutorial and learn how to set up your YouTube channel to ensure the best results.


Target the world's population and persuade people to sign up for your app

If the videos you upload are distinctive and entertaining enough, you stand a high likelihood that people will share your content on social media

Enhance user engagement by explaining how the app functions.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.