Mobile Game Development Process - A Comprehensive Overview 2022

Mobile games are among the most enjoyable activities that many smartphone users enjoy. The number of smartphone users has risen rapidly and according...Mobile games are among the activities that entertain many users of smartphones. The number of smartphone users has risen dramatically, and, according to Admob, 60% of mobile owners download games in the first few days after purchasing their phones. Technology advancements have brought the trend towards mobile games higher than traditional games. With the help of exclusive technology tools, you will need to be aware of the various steps required to create a compelling game. A successful match will require pre-production, production, and post-production steps. We've divided these stages into actions that help you navigate the development of mobile games. Let's look at it!

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Why should you invest in mobile game development?

We can't deny that the market for mobile gaming is hugely lucrative, vast, and diverse. Mobile gaming has exploded over the last few years. According to the latest Statista research, 2.69 billion gamers play games on mobile devices worldwide. This figure can rise in the coming years.

The COVID-19 virus had an enormous impact on the habits of mobile gamers. As per GameAnalytics, an analytics tool for mobile games providers, the number of gamers on mobile increased by 46 percent in the initial quarter of the year 2020.

Mobile Game Development Explained [2020], Source: Youtube, Ask Gamedev

According to the latest study by Newzoo, The mobile game business is expected to grow with a compound annual increase of 11%. Anticipate hitting $116.4 billion in revenues in 2024.

Therefore, these statistics show that mobile games are an extremely profitable and lucrative market with promising revenues. Therefore, if you're hoping to expand your company to the next level, you should consider investing in a mobile gaming application.

Methods to Design the Mobile Game Successfully

Daily, thousands of applications have been added to both the store for apps and the play store; however, not all games offer the same appeal as Clash of Clans and PUBG. A successful game has a solid concept with a monetization strategy that is appropriate and is a fun and distinctive gameplay.

To make the process of developing mobile games easy, follow this step-by-step procedure for creating an application for games on mobile:

1. The game is a Superb Game Idea

An innovative idea is the base of every mobile game. You don't require an imaginative or creative concept. It is possible to start with a basic, out-of-the-box idea and transform it into an amazing one.

Top 10 ways to come up with game ideas, Source: Youtube, Buildbox 

The idea you come up with could be entirely new or draw inspiration from a winning game. This will help you discover an innovative way to provide the best experience for your clients. The game's expertise has attracted millions of gamers across the globe to return to the app for gaming on the go.

2. Develop an engaging story

Game stories play an integral part in the mobile game development process. To let the players of your app know about the game's features and objectives, inform them about the story, which includes a complete description of each stage, character, and reward.

The idea is crucial in the development of mobile games. Develop your narrative in such a manner that will attract your intended people and provide you with advantages.

How to Write a Cinematic Story for Your Game, Source: Youtube, Game Dev Unlocked

In the end, it's the story that makes viewers feel like what they're seeing is factual and not fiction. It creates a sense of connection to the character, precisely the kind of thing you want to accomplish.

However, to create games, such as puzzles, there is no need to write stories because there's no need for unneeded accounts to be included.

3. Create a rock-solid game plan

Designing the game plan in advance for a game design project is imperative. It will help you communicate and implement your ideas more efficiently. A standard game plan includes:

  • Art or graphics
  • Marketing
  • Design or gameplay
  • The technical structure and the development of the game

How to Plan Your Game Development Project, Source: Youtube, Ask Gamedev

We recommend that you look into an agile method of game development to manage all the strategic components. Any modifications made to one element of your strategy could also affect other aspects.

4. Choose an estimated game development cost

To determine a budget estimate for developing mobile games, You must consider certain aspects.

Why Do Games Cost So Much To Make? - AAA Game Budgets - Extra Credits, Source: Youtube, Extra Credits

These elements help create a market-ready product with a high return on investment. These are the most crucial aspects:

  • Mobile Operating System
  • Costs for pre-development
  • Post-development expenses

5. Select a Game Development Platform

What is the best platform for your game application? Approximately 73 percent of smartphones are running Android, and the total number of iOS users is significant. This is why this issue depends upon your spending budget.

The Best FREE Software for Game Development! (In my Opinion), Source: Youtube, Goodgis

If you opt for one platform for development allows you to introduce your app to a narrow market. If you'd like to broaden your app's reach and have a budget, you should consider multi-platform development.

6. Choose a Mobile Game Engine

The backend of your game application is crucial since the engine can be helpful. There are a variety of machines available to play games on mobile devices, and you can pick one that will meet your requirements for gaming. For instance, you can choose the Unity 3D engine for empowering 3D games or go with Cry Engine to support the drag-and-drop feature of your game.

Choosing A Game Engine in 2021, Source: Youtube, Gamefromscratch

Back-end programming languages are available with various choices like C#, C++, Node.js, Laravel, and Python to develop games. Because this is the stage that will determine your app's infrastructure, make sure you consider the most appropriate backend technology.

7. Create a Game Design Document

Once you've written out the whole idea of your game, move on to the design document for your game. The design document must be created. Essential for the design of games.

Game Design Document Template - One Page + Super Easy, Source; Youtube, Tim Ruswick | Game Dev Underground

This detailed and live document contains all the necessary information about the game, such as elements, design technologies, user architecture, experience, etc. The paper outlines everything you wish to include in your application and makes sure that your application follows the stick code to develop and launch.

8. Create a Playable Prototype

It is crucial to construct an operational prototype for an intended gaming platform. The prototype should resemble essential elements of the game and include vital mechanics. While making prototypes may be lengthy, it is crucial to discover the game's mistakes in the design.

3 Tips for Creating a Prototype, Source: Youtube, Salvador Briggman

The players can be pretty erratic in a not natural manner, and some tasks are challenging to finish. Therefore, it is possible to resolve any issues at this phase.

9. Create and Design Your Mobile Game

Once the prototype is accepted, the actual development process begins. The smallest of things should be done with diligence. In this phase, you'll create an entirely different experience from the standard gaming experience. This is where you can showcase your imagination and make the mobile gaming experience more enjoyable.

How I Started Making Games with No Experience, Source: Youtube, Vimlark

After you've figured everything out is clear, you can begin building an app for mobile. To develop a great backend to your app, you must consider the various features, functions, technology, experiences, and navigation, among others.

10. Mobile Game Testing

In the end, the game will represent your company, and you need to ensure that the game is launched in perfect and bug-free versions. Therefore, taking this step is essential.

Challenges of mobile game testing, Source: Youtube, QATestLab - Independent Testing Provider

Professional game developers test their mobile games by testing an early version of the game on various devices. This reveals the various bugs that the game could have, and, consequently, you can correct them and make the most optimal possible version for your game.


The process of converting your game's idea into reality isn't an easy job. You'll need to put in an enormous amount of effort and face a myriad of obstacles and detours along the route.

To make use of the latest game development to enhance your business and offer users an enjoyable user experience, you can engage a seasoned gaming development firm who knows how to create mobile games effectively and aid you in expanding your business.

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