An Introduction to App Optimizing Stores

Over 4 million Android and iOS apps are available on apps stores, and thousands of new apps are added every day; However, the majority of apps remain unexplored. The Apps store has nearly 60% of apps on the App Store were never used or downloaded. This is a staggering figure, as this number has increased over the years. App stores are also a powerful marketing channel, with more than 500 million visits each week on the Apple App Store alone. That means making your apps more appealing to potential customers and easy to locate is crucial to increasing downloads and sales. This is because only "the most popular and top applications" are downloaded frequently, but little is known about other applications.

This results in the absence of visibility or visibility of these apps and is not matched by the algorithm for a show in the search results. The visibility is based on the app's name, icon description, description, localization, and other aspects. App stores are not simply a platform to create apps. To achieve a higher ranking in the apps store, they should be optimized and follow the rules of each app store. This procedure is called App Optimization.

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What is app store optimization?

The App Store Optimization (ASO) increases the conversion rate and improves the appearance of apps on stores. The significant app stores are App Store on Android, Google Play, and iPhone users. Google Play and for iPhone users is the Apple App Store. This means that you need to get users to visit your app store's website upon finding it immediately. It is possible to do this by optimizing your app's name and the icon for the app, the App title, rating, and screenshots for your app.

What is the reason why ASO is crucial for 2022?

ASO is important because you need your app to succeed. The idea of releasing an application in an app store and hoping that it will get a high rank is a foolish concept. Whatever the app's quality with ASO will get deleted from the list, and people won't discover it. Users can find the app by a variety of means such as online advertisements or friends, blog articles, blogs, social media sharing, and so on.

Why App Store Optimization (ASO) Is Important? | App Store Optimization Tutorial, Source: Youtube, BrandBurp

However, searching for apps is the most reliable way users will discover your app. An astounding 47% percent of US iPhone users agreed to have found the latest installed app via the store. The majority of the app discovery occurs through higher-ranking and search terms that directly affect the number of downloads.

What is the process behind the ASO function?

A few known variables affect app optimization for iOS and Android apps. Let's break them into pieces:

This requires a thorough knowledge about the relevant words, the way stores operate, and the demographics of users which users are likely to speak or type to search for apps and seek out new ones.

Many known variables influence an app performance that is optimized for Android or iOS apps. Let's look at these aspects: 

Off-metadata-related factors

In the same way as SEO (search engine optimization, a term that comes from web-based marketing) and external influences, off-page optimization Off-Metadata are the external elements that aren't under the developers' control.

What is Metadata Management?, Source: Youtube, intricity101

In the same way as SEO (search engine optimization, a term that comes from web-based marketing) and external influences, off-page optimization Off-Metadata are the external elements that aren't under the developers' control. We cannot wholly control Reviews and ratings, the speed and number of installations, and maybe users' engagement.

What can you do with ASO?

If you're seeking more installs, you'll need to know what you can do to enhance your app effectively. We've created this step-by-step guide to help you optimize your app's positioning in Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

Google Play vs. Apple App Store

The two most popular app stores have a lot of the same. They both serve the same function (from the perspective of an end-user) and function in similar ways in enticing users to browse and download apps for Android and iOS devices. But, each store's algorithm and search systems and you must know these factors to boost your app's ranking.

Apple App Store Earnings vs Google Play, Source: Youtube, LaterClips 

In terms of quality and authenticity, both apps utilize a review process. It is important to note that Apple's review process generally takes more length. This is the main differentiator in the process. For iOS apps, you are required to allow at least three days of the buffer.

A further difference is the way keywords are utilized to determine rank. The Google Play store indexes all information (URLs titles, titles, Mata description,.). The iOS App Store uses a specific keyword field to concentrate on relevant keywords for SEO or ranking reasons. It's important to know that neither of these platforms has revealed the specifics of their algorithm. 

Keyword Research

Keywords play a significant part in the performance of an ASO. The iOS App Store allows users to add 100 keywords within the keyword field. However, Google Play Store doesn't. Google Play Store doesn't have this option. Instead, it indexes keywords within various other content items (pro tip: be sure to include the primary words in both your description and title). For both platforms, it is essential to select your keywords with care and concentrate on terms that search engines utilize.

App Description & Short Description Tips

The App Store cannot look for keywords related to your app in your app's description; however, it does search for keywords in your app description. Google Play Store retrieves keywords from your report to serve as your search terms for your app store. When preparing your app search terms for the store in the Google Play descriptions, be sure that the majority of your keywords are located in those first lines because this is more important than the whole description in Google's algorithm for ranking.

YouTube Description Tutorial and Template, Source: Youtube, Nick Nimmin 

It is also possible to use emoticons, bulleted lists, and spacing on the Play Store to keep your description exciting and easy to read. When writing the App description for the store, ensure that you've carefully researched your keywords. You should also clearly outline the specifications of your app, such as the app's awards and commendations, as well as should you be able to, if you are able, include an extensive list of options in the description. Make sure to have icons and social media links to your pages. 

Keyword Spot (Apple App Store)

Keyword Spot indicates the rank in Google for keyword combinations or keywords appropriate to the Apple application. Ranking keywords alone should not be an indicator of a KPI. In reality, we must consider the number of searches performed for every keyword. The more search volume the keywords are ranked for, the better is our strategy for optimizing the app store.

App Preview (Apple App Store) & App Video (Google Play)

One of the significant reasons to take pictures and previews is that they show the quality of your app in comparison to other apps. Portrait orientation for previews can give you more insight into the people you want to reach. Users will be able to view three portrait app previews within one frame. If you choose to view the landscape mode in the frame, you will see three previews.

How to Create the Best App Preview Video for the App Store, Source: Youtube, Webiotic

For Google Play, you can only take up to 8 photos, and you can limit it to 10 on the Apple App Store limit is 10. The number of previews of apps depends on the capabilities and specifications of your app. If your app requires many previews, use the most previews and graphic representations you can. For iOS apps, autoplay results for video are removed. There are only a few apps available for Android that show promo videos on the search bar. The play icon is usually displayed on the thumbnail of a promotional video, and there's no autoplay feature.

Updates to apps (using keywords in the update notes, which is an excellent way to do it)

Explore ways to improve the frequency of your downloads and click-through rates. It is possible to upgrade your app's preview keyword list and experiment with different titles, descriptions, and subtitles. Like SEO, you'll constantly alter your approach to see what results and produces the desired outcomes. Make sure you update your photos or videos and your keywords and then change them as needed when you modify the app's preview over time. The minor tweaks and changes could make a difference in the success of your app!

How do I determine ASO?

The process of growing an application is just like watering a plant. It requires patience, lots of effort, and time. It is unlikely to be successful in a short time. Many variables affect your app's rankings, and you need to be aware of the factors that determine rankings. Suppose the users are pleased with the experience and features they get and interact with your game or application.

How To Research ASO Keywords For iOS & Android Apps (App Store Optimization), Source: Youtube, Darius Mora

In that case, the retention rate will be high in addition to other apparent advantages apps will be rated by app stores these apps higher and including them on the top charts, etc. If your app is well-designed and isn't plagued by significant glitches or bugs, users will share it on social networks, recommend it to their families and acquaintances, and you'll gain the trust of your customers. 

Search Tracking

Mobile business is constantly evolving, and the Google Play stores are changing as well, which means your app must be in good shape, just as your ASO. The best way to ensure this is to monitor your most crucial KPIs like installs (organic and organic and non-organic) daily (ideally daily), search engine rankings, Top chart (categories and overall, etc. ), as well as reviews, and ratings. Make sure you change the keywords and eliminate those that do not work. Try experimenting with graphics and continue to experiment until you discover the most efficient combination of elements to place your advertisement on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

Organic installation tracking

In the case of ASO, the amount and frequency of installations aren't all that important. Another measurement called organic growth (or organic multiplier) refers to the organic growth in organic traffic that results from paid-for marketing. This indicator is measured by the percent ratio of organic and non-organic installations. This means that the greater the organic growth rate and the lower the user acquisition, ECPI).


Additionally, paid facilities will help your app get ranked on the top charts and the top charts and search results. So, your app is more noticeable and stands a greater likelihood of attracting regular users.

Reviews and Rating

Ratings and reviews are also crucial factors in an app's overall success. In particular, (1) they can assist an app by influencing its top charts and rankings (2) significantly influence the decision-making of users to download. The more reviews and ratings we have more impact the app's visibility and the rating that the app receives. That's why the number of reviews and ratings your app gets is an important KPI to monitor.

The best app store optimization tools

Beginning with App Store Optimization is a little complicated, and it appears you'll be launching your app with no clue. However, this isn't all the time as there are numerous top ASO tools available that are focused solely on offering you the most effective ASO strategy you can use. Optimization of the app store covers a variety of different areas. ASO tools come in types and formats. You can pick the right tools according to your specific needs and strategies. The most effective optimization of apps tools is listed below.

Best App Store Optimization Tool to Do Competitor Analysis, Source: Youtube, App Masters

Remember that ASO isn't an SEO replacement; however, it's an essential element of the growth and marketing that you have to achieve for your app. These tools will help you boost the ASO of your application and draw more customers by allowing them to search or browse in your app's store.


A Google Play or Apple app store page can be an excellent chance to play around with and improve the various aspects to determine the best combination to increase your search ranking and the top results by enticing customers to download your app and increase your download conversion rates. If you're hoping to build a successful app with high downloads, popularity, and revenues are a possibility, be aware of your App Optimization strategy for your store. Although Apple and Google don't divulge their specific methods and tricks to determine the ranking of apps, It has been discovered that numerous factors can affect the quality of your app's ranking. Remember the advice from this post, and remember to monitor your ASO performance regularly and make changes when required.

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