The Best Personal Finance Apps

Controlling your money isn't always the most straightforward task to accomplish. Since many people don't balance an account with a checkbook, keeping track of expenses and keeping track of the bank's balance can be difficult. Personal finance apps can connect to your bank account to aid you in tracking your expenses. Additionally, financial apps for personal use will help you identify the areas where you've spent, follow the upcoming bills (some permit you to pay your bills right via the application), and monitor your credit and investments portfolio score. The most effective personal finance apps offer various options (email reminders and bill due dates, tracking subscriptions, shared wallets, etc.).) to manage your finances in general. All of the apps in our list are compatible with both iOS and Android for managing your financials, which means you'll be able to take advantage of them regardless of the smartphone is the one you're most fond of.

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Best Overall: Mint

Mint The personal finances app, developed by Intuit's application, is among the most popular individual finance applications that give you a complete financial picture all in one location. After you have linked your debit and credit cards into your bank account, Mint analyzes the transactions and categorizes them. It also will show you the way you're spending your money. It allows you to keep track of your spending and bills and set a budget to which you'll adhere. The website lets you view your credit score for no cost and provides an overview of the elements that affect your score. This will help you remain on top of your credit score. Additionally, you can monitor your investment portfolio and watch your utility bills.

Mint App Review 2021 | How I Saved 60K In 2 Years!, Source: Youtube, Nick Benedetto

Then You Need to Budget, also called YNAB, is an app for personal finance built on YNAB's Four Rules. The four rules - give each dollar a purpose and accept your actual costs, and roll with the punches and age your money will not only assist you in creating an adequate budget but also aid in getting control over your spending. Transfer transactions from your checking account and add them to every budget category to create an accurate view of your expenditure. Maintain a balanced budget by adjusting types if you are tempted to overspend (or when you have under-budgeted for a particular category). According to YNAB, an average user new to the app saves $600 within the initial two months and more than $6,000 during the initial year. It is possible to try the app for no cost for the first 34 days.


Personal Capital is a personal wealth and finance management app that lets you control your investments and assets along with your daily spending accounts. Although you can connect your bank account to monitor your spending and make an annual budget, the application excels at helping you monitor and improve the performance of your investments.

Personal Capital Review | Budgeting and Hands-Off Investing, Source: Youtube, Magnified Money

You can monitor your portfolio by assets or even individual security. With the built-in intelligence on both the mobile and tablet version of the application, you'll be able to identify opportunities for diversification and risk management, as well as find any hidden fees that you might be paying—comparing your portfolio with the most critical benchmarks in the market lets you know if you're meeting your goals for investment. Personal Capital provides registered financial experts who will offer you a personalized plan of action specifically tailored to your objectives.


Other personal finance applications are intended for personal use. Spendee lets you set up shared wallets with your friends and family members, which you can use to control the expenses of a family budget. You can manually enter cash expenses to understand better how your cash is going.

Spendee the money manager app, Source: Youtube, Geeky Iyer

The bill tracker feature will ensure that you remember to pay all your bills and help you avoid penalties for late payments. If you're planning an adventure or attending an important event, you could make a separate category just for the event to monitor your expenses and stay within your budget.

Best for Budgeting: EveryDollar

The EveryDollar application uses the zero-based budgeting method suggested by the personal financial specialist Dave Ramsey. Zero-based budgets give every dollar a role within the budget, which is why the app EveryDollar. A built-in monthly expense tracking tool lets you connect to your bank account to import transactions to keep track of your expenditure.

EveryDollar Budgeting Review | Dave Ramsey Budgeting App Explained, Source: Youtube, Magnified Money

The tracker will display how much you've spent this month and the amount remaining to invest. With the app, you'll communicate with experts in money manager who can assist you with your budgeting. Upgrades can be made permanently via the menu on the app.


The top seven applications for managing personal finances were selected for the features they provide and the tools included in the app, its features, and the objective of the application.

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