A Complete Guide to Application Marketing in 2022

As you move towards 2022, you'll want to make the most benefit from your marketing campaigns for apps to engage with your audience and increase the number of users you acquire and improve retention.  To assist you in planning your app's marketing strategy for 2022, This is an extensive guide that will guide your efforts throughout the upcoming year.

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Why You Must Invest in Mobile App for Marketing by 2022

In the age of greater than 87% of the population using an iPhone in the present, you have the possibility of connecting to billions of app users across the globe. However, you have to understand your ideal market and create strategies to reach out to the people you want to connect with. Otherwise, your app will sit in the app store and draw little response and interest.

Tips for App Marketing for 2022

When you are putting together your app's marketing campaigns for this year, here are some guidelines to remember while you think about. If you follow these guidelines' suggestions, you'll have the ability to create winning campaigns that will resonate with the new users you are hoping to attract.

Learn about Your Audience

You'll be unable to reach out to people if you don't know who exactly you're trying to connect with. In the initial phase before launch, decide who your ideal audience is based on various factors. Consider, for instance, what advantages your app provides and the types of users who would be most likely to enjoy them.

Get to Know Your Audience | Paulo Simas | TEDxIowaCity, Source: Youtube, TEDx Talks 

It is also possible to look at what kinds of audience apps have in the same niche. Look at the types of interactions they receive from social media users. Also, look into the features they offer, and determine if there are features they do not provide that you can incorporate into your app's experience. It is possible that your competitor is not taking care of specific users' desires and requirements or might be ignoring the entire market due to the absence of one of the essential features.

Develop a greater understanding of Buyer Personas

As an example, you could develop an app for education that's beneficial for students in the early stages of college and highly educated professionals seeking to expand their skills. A persona might target young students, while the other targets professionals. The former is named student Susie, while the other is referred to as Professional Patricia. Each character would be unique in its traits and a story, and all of this will help you understand who the person is before promoting them.

Learn How Users Download Apps

Alongside knowing your audience, You must also think about how they could download your application. The two primary ways to encourage downloads via in-app advertising are natural and paid traffic.

How Organic Traffic Functions

The most common way to download an application is through organic traffic, which is a form of traffic that the app's owners don't directly influence.

how to make Organic traffic? Tool seo keyword free get more traffic to website LSS SEO, Source: Youtube, Le Tuan Anh

This can be a result of various sources, such as apps storefronts, Google and Apple features such as the social web, referrer system, or even the press, to name a few. The app owners have no control over the traffic they receive because they pay no money to influence it directly.

How Paid Traffic Work

While you can influence the organic flow of traffic to your website, you have more control over the paid traffic. Under the competition of your particular app, it is possible to spend anywhere between a small amount and an enormous amount to be competitive in the field of paid traffic.

There are numerous methods to boost traffic from paid. These include paid ads for search, social media ads, AdWords campaigns, YouTube ads, and various kinds of channels charged per-install or download basis. For the best results out of paid ads, it is essential to have an adequate budget to justify these efforts.

Choose the Revenue Model

When you launch an app, you should also determine how to market it. There are various ways to earn money from your app, based on the audience you are targeting and the type of app. The monetization options you have are:

What Are Revenue Models And How To Choose The Right One, Source: Youtube, Solve It Like A Marketer

A one-time download fee

This model means that users will only be charged a single fee to install and download the application. While this can bring in lots of money when people are willing to pay the price, it won't generate recurring revenue, and you'll have to make sure you are always attracting new customers.

In-App Ads

Many apps also depend on advertisements to earn revenue. Advertising can be played at various locations, like between games apps or prior to accessing specific in-app pages or features. Certain apps might also have banner advertisements. Sometimes, ads may also have an upgrade option that allows users to skip ads altogether. This could appeal to many users if the experience in the app is enjoyable enough.


Users might need to purchase a subscription to use the app regularly. Subscriptions are popular among financial apps, news apps, and various other apps that provide a reliable service that people might want to utilize for months or even years. Subscriptions are great for earning a recurring income and reducing the need for users to sign up.

Make sure you are practicing good app Store Optimization

Your app store could be the most crucial point for interaction with users. The app store page leads users to sign up and then install the application. If your page isn't optimized and optimized, users may not be able to locate your app on app stores but be hesitant to download the app after they've landed on it.

App Store Optimization for Beginners: What are App, Source: Youtube, App Radar

To ensure your app store's website functions in the manner it should, you'll need the proper application store optimization (ASO). If you're not sure of how you should approach ASO, There are a variety of actions to follow, including:

Use the appropriate keywords to get your message across to the right audience

As with many other SEO strategies, ASO will optimize your site with relevant keywords that people could use to find your application. It is possible to use these keywords in your app store description. You'll want to select keywords that your competitors' top users employ. However, you should avoid using keywords too much to the point that your descriptions appear strange.

Email Campaigns

Another way to communicate with customers, whether they are current or former users, is to contact them via email. Marketing efforts via email can inform users about updates, personalized offers, and more to convince them to download your application.

How to write an email marketing strategy - fast and easy, Source: Youtube, Sell Your Service

The email could also encourage users to sign up for your program and then reinstall it when they cease to utilize your app and receive SMS or push notifications.

Rewards for loyal users

You can also keep them better by showing you appreciate your customers. It is essential to provide coupons and other rewards to ensure continued use to ensure that your users do not simply leave your app after a certain period. You could also give tips to users sharing information about your app for referrals, like incentives that offer a reward for users to share the app with their friends and family.

2022: App Trends in Marketing to Keep an Eye on

To ensure you remain competitive and continue improving your marketing.

5 email marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022, Source: Youtube, Scientific activity

To ensure you remain competitive and continue improving your marketing, It is crucial to stay conscious of new and ongoing trends in in-app marketing for 2022. Specific movements may be critical to your success this year and in the future.

Apple App Store Trends

The year 2021 was when Apple introduced iOS 15, which included several new tools for app marketers to use. This comprised In-app-based events and personalized product pages, and products page optimization capabilities.

In-app events are a kind of event iOS apps can provide events, like movies premieres, competitions, and live streaming. Events can be connected to both existing and new users.

In addition, the App Store's Product Page Optimization has introduced A/B testing features native to the app. This lets you test up to three product page variations and then compare them with the initial page. This is extremely useful when you are looking to test new content in descriptions, icons, videos, or screenshots to test their effectiveness with the audience.

The developments are expected to be of importance to usage in 2022.

Paid User Acquisition Through Multiple Channels

A good ASO and other natural optimization efforts will only go so far in the current mobile-based marketing landscape. To keep and build an edge in the market, it is essential to have high-quality advertising content and organic traffic that can lead to results. Be sure that your ads are specifically focused on reaching the correct people at the right time and on the most appropriate platforms. 

Three Customer Acquisition Channels That Actually Work, Source: Youtube, Ahrefs 

Be aware that there are many advertising platforms such as search engines, applications, social media, other websites that advertisements on display, YouTube ads, and numerous others. Utilizing multiple channels in an omnichannel campaign will increase the reach of your campaign and connect with people who are most likely to use your application.

Use the right tools to Boost Your App Marketing by 2022

With these suggestions and trends kept in mind, you'll be able to make better decisions in developing your mobile app marketing strategies in 2022. A well-designed plan will make a massive difference in acquiring new users and keeping users over the long run. But, you must also have the right tools that can help you create, track, and control your campaigns.

If you need a trustworthy mobile-based growth platform to ensure the success of your app Samurai will aid you to achieve the outcomes you desire. You'll have everything you require to launch your app successfully and create marketing campaigns to market it through this platform.  


In the end, you'll get the best results possible from your 2022 app marketing plan.

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