This is everything we know regarding The 2022 MacBook Air

This is everything we know regarding The 2022 MacBook Air

After the announcement of the brand-new MacBook Pro and iMac in 2021, Apple is rumored to be working on a completely revamped model of its MacBook Air for some time in 2022. The new MacBook Air could come with an entirely fresh design, an M2 processor that is new on the inside, and much more. Follow us below as we wrap all the brand new MacBook Air reports so far.

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Like the new 24 inch iMac and the new MacBook Pros, one of the most significant changes coming to 2022's MacBook Air is likely to be the design. The Leaker Jon Prosser has said that the 2022 MacBook Air will feature a flat-edged appearance, which will be the end of the MacBook Air's famous tapered body.

Since its debut through Steve Jobs, the MacBook Air has been a model with a slimmer tapering design in the front but thicker towards the back. This gives the impression that Apple's MacBook Air is far thinner. Prosser's renders, allegedly using real-world photos, depict the MacBook Air with a flat-edged design, which resembles Apple's iPad Pro and iPad Air.

M2 MacBook Air (2022) - 8 changes omitted! Source: Youtube, ZONEofTECH

Other tweaks in design to anticipate when you get the brand MacBook Air. The MacBook Air reportedly includes a white keyboard and white bezels surrounding the display for the first time. This is like the 24-inch iMac that also has white bezels.

If all the rumored changes come to fruition in the end, the new MacBook Air design will likely cause a lot of controversies. Like the 24 inch iMac, there aren't all advocates of the various colors and white bezels. We'll need to check to see if Apple will make any changes to the design with the MacBook Air to address those problems.


The brand new MacBook Air is likely to be the world's first Mac equipped with Apple's next-generation M2 chip. The M2 chip was created to balance power and efficiency perfectly. The M2 chip will become the straightforward replacement to M1; however, it is not as influential on the top end as the M1 Pro and the M1 Max.

Processor of macbook air 2022Processor of macbook air 2022, Source: Proreviewsapp

According to an article published by Bloomberg earlier in the year, The M2 processor will come with the same amount of cores for computing as the M1 processor but perform more efficiently. In addition, it will feature more graphics cores and configuration options ranging from seven to eight to nine or 10.

The M2 chip will address some of the M1 chips yet to be determined. For instance, it is known that the M1 chip is only capable of using a single external display and 2 Thunderbolt ports. The M2 chip can help with some of these issues; however, only time will determine.


In the case of new 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro models released in 2021, Apple expanded its excellent Liquid Retina XDR -- which is also known as mini-LED displays to its Mac at first. According to a couple of rumors, the 2022 MacBook Air is also expected to come with this mini-LED display.

NEW MacBook Air 2022 M2 - MINI-LED display, GINNER Design, 2022 release soon + Higher price? Source: Youtube, SaranByte

While it is true that the MacBook Air will reportedly feature mini-LED technology, ProMotion is not in the cards. ProMotion can be described as Apple's variably-refreshing technology used on MacBook Pro, the iPad Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and MacBook Pro, allowing the displays to refresh up to 120 Hz.

And lastly, what is the cutout? A few leaders have suggested that similar to the brand new MacBook Pro; the 2022 MacBook Air will also feature a cutout for a notch. This will allow Apple to reduce the bezels surrounding the display and place the FaceTime camera in the gap. Whether or not Apple decides to go ahead with its plans to include a notch on the MacBook Air is yet to be determined.


The new MacBook Pro was the first to bring backports like the HDMI connector and the SD card slot. The 2022 MacBook Air isn't expected to have the same features. Instead, this new MacBook Air is rumored to include 2 Thunderbolt ports, one on each side.

Ports of macbook air 2022Ports of macbook air 2022, Source: Proreviewsapp

The bright side is that the leaker Dylandkt who has accurately predicted many details regarding the upcoming iMac and MacBook Pro models has stated that the new MacBook Air will feature MagSafe to charge. This could mean that the latest MacBook Air includes two Thunderbolt ports to charge and other purposes and MagSafe solely to set.


When can you expect to buy this new MacBook? According to several sources, it appears that the most recent MacBook is expected to be released sometime around the middle of 2022. It could be that Apple announces it as an occasion in April, or it will wait until WWDC at the end of June.

Regarding pricing, this forthcoming MacBook Air will reportedly be "slightly" more expensive than the present MacBook Air, which begins at $999. This could be because of the higher expense of mini-LED technology.

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