Mobile Gaming Trends 2022

The pandemic's arrival brought about several changes in the expansion of the game industry on the world market, increasing players. The need for broadcasting has attracted attention due to the audiences that are following the players.

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Mobile Game Industry Statistics

The trends have been changing a lot since 2000 and appear to be continuing into 2021 and 2020 was a year that saw remarkable growth in mobile marketing through apps... Because of the spread of pandemics, more people are interested in playing games. The development of new gamers has led to the growth of this Global Gaming market. It has reached a market worth of 174.9 billion dollars and a change of 19.6 percent. The trend will continue to increase until 2023, with a market value of 217.9 billion. The mobile gaming industry is 86.3 billion. It has impacted the gaming industry and the rise in streaming services. The change brought development and change, which led to new ways to advertise and marketing strategies for applications. The early pioneers of the Android game market were multiplayer games where we could interact with.

Statistics, Trends & Advertising Strategies for the Mobile Game Industry - Summer Liu, SocialPeta, Source: Youtube, Mobidictum Business

Apple's recent changes to IDFA are causing concern for game developers. Developing strategies for marketing based on data that businesses gathered from their customers was halted due to Apple's bans. This crucial information in attracting new customers was modified with new versions.

It was much easier to collect results from those who were presented with personal ads with the aid of IDFA. Once the changes are made, it will be challenging to find an exact path to marketing campaigns. Uncertainty about acquiring users or the target audience of businesses will affect their budgets to IOS marketing on applications. This could also boost how much time on Android and various other platforms.

Social Networking Features will Keep Growing

Since the virus slowed people's conversation, they were moved to the internet. Due to the increasing demand for socialization due to Covid gaming, multiplayer games were the main point of interaction.

How Social Networks Have Changed The World!, Source: Youtube, Alex Moore

The rapid expansion of multiplayer games among friends groups instantly brought about an increase in users. The tremendous amount of attention has resulted in different games and innovative games that include video chat, which has landed on the market. One of these, Bunch, increased the number of users by 50 percent and received 20 million in investment. The development in this area will continue into 2021, and social games in combination with other types of experiences will be available shortly.

Gamers are Also the Watchers

The growing popularity of the game market and the rise of players have created a vast number of viewers. The majority of 18-25-year-olds watch digital sports rather than traditional sports. Furthermore, 71% of millennium-olds watched sports on broadcasting online platforms. It is believed that the pandemic has played a significant part in this growth. Traditional sports were halted during the outbreak due to face-to-face practice, and it was a chance for broadcasters.

Intelligent Playable Advertisements

Is the move to convert the gaming experience to ads fulfilling the players' expectations? The budget for advertising in 2019 is just 30% of 2020. Interactive ads enable users to know about the game before downloading it. 46% of manufacturers believe this is a crucial feature to generate value. The advantages of interactive ads are evident. By 2021, this advertising style will increase in popularity to bring more users. Learn more about playable advertisements by using App Samurai's Advert Platform.

Worlds Most Creative TV Advertisements Commercials | 7Trendz, Source: Youtube, 7Trendz

The pandemic outbreak brought a variety of changes in the game industry. Its development in the world market has increased to players. The broadcasting industry has gained attention because of the growth of the public following the players. Different kinds of games have emerged due to the ever-changing requirements of the public. In addition, the development of such large amounts of data has resulted in changes in security for users. The resulting changes in data caused instability in IOS marketing applications. Due to the ongoing virus, the shifts in the market for games will keep on going without a slowdown. 


The games industry is still in its growth phase; this article has detailed the predictions for the year 2022. I hope you will enjoy it.

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