Best HTML projects with Source Code

HTML is essential for web developers and designers working using the Internet as a web standard. Paragraphs, headers, hyperlinks, quotes, and images are all components of HTML. Since it's not a programming language, it does not perform any dynamic functions; It only assists with website structure and layout. The most basic code defines how every website component must be displayed.

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HTML Projects Ideas

When you develop one of your very beginning HTML projects, it's typically a fun and exciting experience for everyone with even the slightest curiosity about computer programming.

HTML project ideas for beginners to start your coding portfolio, Source: Youtube, Duomly

Therefore, when creating an innovative website or application, it is possible to make static web pages by being creative to make yourself stand out from developers learning the same methods. This way, you can develop unique HTML projects!

The Top HTML Projects for beginners

A Tribute Page

It is about time to start one of the most straightforward HTML tasks you'll ever complete. According to the page's name, it is made to remember the person who has been a source of inspiration or those you admire and respect.

freeCodeCamp - Build a Tribute Page (solution), Source: Youtube, iVuDang

To create a memorial site, you must know the basics of HTML. The tribute webpage is a page on the Internet that can be expanded to several parts or pages. Be sure that the page's background color is pleasing to the eye (use natural tones or pastel shades). 

Technical Documentation

It is possible to create a technical documentation page if you have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The idea behind the project is to create a technical documentation page that users can click on any topic on the page, then it'll load relevant content in the document.

Writing technical documentation, Source: Youtube, Fredrik Christenson

The website is a simple technical documentation website. There is nothing special about it. The website must be divided into two sections to complete this HTML assignment. You can use the backend to pull information from DB and turn it into a fully-fledged project.

A Landing Page

The process of creating the landing page requires fundamental knowledge in HTML as well as CSS. A landing page is a task that requires lots of creativity. Learn how to construct a header and footer and columns, arrange objects, and create separate sections.

What is a landing page? Source: Youtube, HubSpot Marketing 

It is essential to use CSS carefully to ensure that the elements don't overlap. Additionally, you must consider colors and margins, padding sections, paragraphs, and box spacing. Colors must blend well with different backgrounds.

The Conference or Event Web Page

Again, this is a straightforward project that you can play around with. This project involves the design of a static webpage that will display the particulars about an occasion (conference webcast or product launch, for instance.). This project will require the use of HTML as well as CSS.

How To Create An Event/Promotion/Conference Website In 2021 | Conference Free WordPress Theme, Source: Youtube, Rara Theme

To make the site appear more organized, divide it into smaller segments. Picking the correct font, the font color, and background colors for every part is vital. Make sure you add a registration button that allows users to sign-up for those who want to attend the event.

Intermediate HTML Projects, with Source Code

A Website that has an effect called Parallax

Instead of using moving images on backgrounds, the parallax website features fixed ideas in the knowledge that allow you to remain still as you scroll across the webpage to see different areas in the photo.

How To Create a Cool Parallax Scrolling Effect For Your Websites, Source: Youtube, iEatWebsites

Anyone new to HTML concepts could create the parallax website in one day! Make a parallax-like effect employing three to four background images while aligning the text in distinct parts and adjusting the margins and padding using background-position and various CSS features and attributes.

Your Portfolio

Knowledge regarding HTML5 along with CSS3 is necessary to create an individual portfolio page for your site. Your portfolio page will contain all the information you would expect to find in a resume that includes your name and photo of your projects, as well as any unique talents and hobbies.

Build and deploy a portfolio website [Full Tutorial Course] Source: Youtube,

It is possible to provide some instances of work under the description. In addition, you can include hyperlinks to your social media profile in the footer.

Restaurant's Official Website

For a successful website for restaurants, it is essential to pay careful focus on the use of attractive layouts, clear fonts, and a stunning color palette. A picture gallery that includes images that rotate different foods to your site will make it more appealing to your visitors.

How to Make a FREE Restaurant Food Ordering Website With WordPress in 1 HOUR! [DELIVERY AND BOOKING] Source: Youtube, Darrel Wilson

It is also possible to add relevant links to your website to aid your visitors in exploring the website more efficiently. 

Advanced HTML Projects that include Source Code

At this stage, you'll be putting almost all the skills you've accumulated throughout your career to the test. In comparison to novices, HTML professionals often have more success with creating knowledge; however, there's still a lot to be learned.

HTML Projects with Source Code for Beginners, Source: Youtube, Web Xplained

The work is more complicated and requires more time to complete. Therefore you'll be spending the bulk time working on tasks that require the entire stack of development tools and their deployment following becoming familiar with the standard web-based development environment.

WhatsApp Web Clone

You will develop an electronic application that works as a messenger app like Whatsapp in terms of performance. While you can customize it according to your preference, it is essential to include text-based communication technology and the foundations of data administration—clone clones the BBC News website.

The project's story revolves around the creation of a website that functions similar to BBC News. BBC News website. Creating photographs of the interface, features, and interactive components are recommended. It's also possible to express your style through the use of colors. Clone of the famous Video-Sharing Site YouTube.

WhatsApp Web Clone using HTML CSS Bootstrap with Free Github Host, Source: Youtube, Geeky Shows

The Youtube project's Clone is mainly used to test the participant's HTML, CSS, and Responsive design skills. Users must create channels and publish videos. These features must be accessible. 

In this task, you'll design a visually similar interface as you have seen before while using interactive elements. Additionally, you'll have to incorporate an engine for searching that meets the necessary specifications. Further, a separate organizational division will be in charge of the various options for payment and payment methods.


The learning doesn't end there. We've looked at some basic HTML projects that you can try in this article. However, the learning does not end there. There are endless possibilities. You can work on different interactive projects, enhance them Combine any of these projects into one project, and play around using various tags. Making responsive websites using HTML5 and CSS3 is a great course to enhance your HTML understanding and skills.

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