7 suggestions to identify promising NFT Projects in the early stages

In NFTs? Are you searching for subsequent extensive NFT development? Here's how you will find the following BASIC. The currency that is not fungible (NFTs) are digital tokens that can be purchased and traded on the blockchain of cryptocurrency. With the plethora of new NFT projects coming up worldwide, it is essential to decide what is worth your money. However, given the number of NFT projects coming up, how can you differentiate which NFT grain is natural from what's not?

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1. Scour Twitter

There's a wealth of data-driven details on specific NFT initiatives and their efficacy by following particular accounts such as @bobbyquinn.

Additionally, you can sign up to Twitter Spaces, where you can follow the latest trends live and stay up-to-date on the most recent releases from genuine creators.

2. Be active on Discord

Discord is a great platform to identify promising NFT projects with a high probability of success. Nearly every primary creator or Project has Discord installed as their Discord Server, and the level of engagement varies based on the success of their Project.

How To Make Your Discord Server Active (2021) | 800+ Messages Daily!, Source: Youtube, Mr.Costi

For instance, Furu's Mint Club will announce new mints at no cost coming soon. Many Discord Servers are offering discrete Collections of the NFT.

Since Discord will require you to connect with the other players in Discord's community, it's among the most effective method of finding out what's most popular. It's an excellent opportunity to find out about new products from knowledgeable buyers and people who have played NFT since the very beginning. NFT game has been played since its inception.

3. Make use of the potential from Nansen.ai

To better understand the excited or popular projects, it is a good idea to look into Nansen.ai. Nansen is a data aggregator that collects information on the buyers of OpenSea and then presents it in various ways to its clients.

In addition, Nansen can show you the collectors buying or owning.

If you are a subscriber to Nansen, you can notify notifications whenever a specific wallet purchases a product from the collection. It's a user-friendly tool for those looking to get into the NFT. NFT game.

4. Check out the Roadmap for the Project

The most effective way to assess whether the NFT collection and its worth are to examine its roadmap. It is an essential element in any NFT project launched since it lists all the important dates, including airdrops, new events, and the strategy of the designer of the NFT collection.

How To Build A Product Roadmap, Source: Youtube, Roadmunk

The strategy for BAYC includes, for example, the confirmation of dates for events like ApeFest Annual and the launch of a brand new game and models, as well as significant dates. Other NFT creators have also mentioned collaborations and partnerships that will provide a glimpse of the game's duration.

5. Check RyzeNFT

RyzeNFT is a premium service offered by Ryzen Labs that you can quickly identify NFTs that are considerably valued at a lower level. It is a fantastic Chrome extension that lets you quickly look up the rarity ratings of particular NFTs on markets such as OpenSea.

RyzeNFT is also equipped with the ability to snipe. That is, it's possible to specify a maximum price to purchase NFTs for a low cost as soon as they are launched and available for sale. Ryze is expensive, for 1.35 ETH, but since it's classified as an NFT, you can sell it whenever you'd like.

6. Keep an eye out for any new developments in OpenSea

OpenSea has a helpful activity page that permits users to monitor the latest and well-known assortments. This tool is a great tool to track the activities within it. In contrast to other means, it is accessible to use.

This tool permits users to track activities on their own that include data or trade activities. This will provide an estimate of the level of demands that an NFT collection generates, as well as whether it's worth it.

OPENSEA PROJECTS TO LOOK OUT FOR, Source: Youtube, NFT Queen Collector

To assess the degree of demand within the NFT community, you should consider using this instrument. You can not only look at pattern patterns that indicate whales invading the entire collection and taking them away; however, you can also determine which groups have the most amount of trading.

7. Look Around Icy Tools

Another excellent tool for tracking trends and spot patterns in trends and practices in the NFT market is the Icy Tools. It collects information in real-time and provides minute-by-minute updates on activity.

It also has an option to purchase a complimentary subscription that is ideal for most customers. It provides regular updates throughout the day and allows you to check the latest trends daily. If you buy the service, it will monitor your accounts and receive updates specific to when an NFT is made, and monitor trends in intervals between 15 and thirty minutes.

Many people are hesitant to purchase online subscription software. If you're an OpenSea member, OpenSea you can use their tools without cost, but if you're looking for NFT projects with low value, These tools could be an excellent investment.

HTML0 The NFT Market is only expected to expand in the near term.


NFT market continues to grow as collectors splash out millions of dollars for a unique collection. If you'd want to join the exclusive club, here are some ideas you can follow to find potential NFT projects before it's already too far.

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