The Top Stock Trading Apps

Stock trading apps are programs that you can download on your tablet or phone that let you trade in stocks or manage your investment portfolio anywhere, at any time. They are suitably designed for those who do not invest regularly or deal periodically. The top stock trading apps are simple to use. They have features to assist you in achieving your goals in trading, provide some support for customers, and make it simple to transfer funds directly from your checking account to the brokerage account. The apps have reasonable charges and offer a wide variety of trading assets.

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BEST OVERALL: TD Ameritrade Mobile

Why We Choose It

With a wide range of accounts with no minimum deposit requirements and no commissions on trading on stocks via the internet, TD Ameritrade is our number one choice for top stocks trading software.

How to use the TD Ameritrade Mobile App, Source: Youtube, Think Stocks

Pros & Cons


Low-cost accounts with low-cost

Mobile apps for beginners and advanced users

Support for a variety of account types and assets

Extensive research resources


Uncertainty about the future following Schwab acquisition


Its basic TD Ameritrade Mobile app is ideal for novices and casual traders who wish to manage mobile investments. Professional and experienced traders can use the more advanced thinkorswim mobile app to enjoy a more professional experience.

You can access both apps when you have a TD Ameritrade brokerage account with zero minimum balance requirements and no costs to trading ETFs and stocks. The fully-featured apps include essential features for managing your budget and trading capabilities, regardless of the one you pick. The app also offers an active CNBC feed within the application.

In November, Charles Schwab announced it would be buying TD Ameritrade. 1 The deal was concluded in 2020. According to the company, services will be integrated by the end of September 2023 for all accounts.


Why We Choose It

Because it has no minimum deposit requirements, easy-to-use screens, and easy-to-learn functions, Fidelity is the choice we make as the best option for novices.

Pros & Cons


Trading and investment features satisfy the needs of the majority of traders.

Support for a variety of types of accounts

Research-based and educational resources that are extensive

Fidelity Review 2022 • Fees, Pros and Cons, Source: Youtube, The Diary of a Trader



A few advanced charting options


The brokerage is full-service and offers many different accounts and investment options. With no stock or ETF trades, you'll get many services for the lowest cost.

Fidelity Investments is Fidelity's app available for Android, iOS, and Amazon devices. It comes with everything you need to manage your Fidelity investments and enter trades. It's not equipped with as many advanced features in charting as some other mobile apps, but this is fine for novices who might not need or require advanced features.

Best Free App: Webull

Why We Choose It

Webull provides a no-commission service that does not require a minimum deposit and large stock promotions for new users. 

Pros & Cons


No commissions on the platform across the board

Paper trading is available (virtual exchange of currency)

WeBull - Opening 285 FREE Stocks, Source: Youtube, Andrei Jikh 



There are only a few assets available

Service options for customers are limited.


Webull is a technological-driven trading application best for those who have at least some prior experience. Webull doesn't have a lot of informational resources; however, it's packed with valuable features. Expert and active traders can benefit from advanced charting capabilities and upgrades for advanced quote information.

With all these sophisticated features, you might be expecting a premium price. But, Webull is almost entirely free to utilize. There aren't any commissions charged for all trades made on the app, including ETFs and stocks. But, all that's there is to do in the app. Cryptocurrencies are a new addition to the application. However, there aren't any bond funds, bonds, or any other type of asset. Although Webull is a more recent app than most other apps on this list, it isn't deficient in features that are useful for active stock traders.


Why We Choose It

Due to its unique options and features designed exclusively for options trading and fee caps, yummy works is one of our top choices for trading options.

Pros & Cons:


Options trades that have a cap on fees

Options trading with advanced features

Connect with community members to get trading ideas.

Multiple types of accounts can be supported

Basic option trade with TastyWorks, Source: Youtube, Set It and Forget It Trading



Not the cheapest fee per contract


The name of tastyworks may not be well-known as some of the largest brokerage companies. However, it doesn't mean that it's not the top in the job it's doing. The app is focused entirely on trading options. Although they aren't precisely stock shares, many options are based on price movements, and so delicious works deserve a spot in this listing.

Stock and ETF transactions are free. Options on ETFs and stocks are $1 per contract with a maximum of $10 per leg. The mobile application is the best for traders who know options since numerous features could make it difficult for new traders to understand and navigate. Delicious work is a must-have app for options traders, which allows them to enable trades quickly, without sacrificing numerous features on a desktop.

Best paired with BANKING products: Ally

Why We Choose It

Ally is our pick as the most reliable app that integrates with banking products because it lets you access your bank accounts and your trading account through an easy-to-use platform.

Pros & Cons


Connect your bank accounts and investments using one application

Stock trades that are user-friendly

Simple and straightforward to manage and use

Ally Bank Review: Still The BEST Mobile Bank?, Source: Youtube, Finance Theory



The mobile app's research is somewhat restricted

Specific advanced traders might have difficulty using trading tools.


Ally provides high-quality checking, savings, and investment accounts in one app for mobile devices. While you may have bank accounts with other brokerages on this listing, Ally Bank is one of the most reliable for online checking and savings regardless of your investment requirements. When you add in the cost-effective, simple-to-use brokerage accounts, you have an investment and bank that is a winner.

There are no commissions charged by Ally for ETF or stock trades. Data and charts are essential, yet they offer everything a new investor might need. It's not an ideal option for sophisticated features, but it will meet most basic needs and has excellent pricing.


There are many alternatives in choosing an app for trading stocks. Certain companies are famous for their cost-effective fees, while others offer user-friendly platforms for beginners. In general, TD Ameritrade Mobile is the top stock trading app. It's easy to use and provides an interface for beginners and separate platforms for more experienced traders. The platform also has low charges with no minimum balance requirement.

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