How to Find Ads of Competitors for free on Facebook and Twitter for free

If you're not living under the surface, you've had a glimpse of the controversy concerning Cambridge Analytica as well as the vast changes related to GDPR. I believe that the massive restructuring that is currently taking place due to these two issues leads to more effective changes in the way individuals collect and manage personal information. It is likely to have a better and safer web over the long term from now on.

But, it has brought some amusing marketing tools. Large companies such as Facebook and Twitter were required to change their policies on transparency and privacy. Both of them now offer the ability to view and search for your competitors' ads-free! Isn't that amazing? Much of this information was previously available only through excellent tools, but nearly all have been shut down because of cost or privacy concerns except for AdEspresso's Advertising Examples.

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Learns from Seeing Advertisements of Competitors 

Here are some examples of how I'm using this latest data.

Ideas for fresh ideas for the marketing campaign I am running.

Different advertising copy. Even writers suffer from what I refer to as "copy block."

Alternative designs for social media posts.

Learn Facebook Ads From Your Competitors - Strategy to Scrape & Analyze Ads Library Data in Excel, Source: Youtube, Stevesie Data

I see different ad types (boosting, sponsored, carousel, etc. ).

Find out who your competition is aiming at for customer acquisition.

Giveaway ideas and eBooks.

The possibilities are limitless! If you use ads or are doing something more natural, looking at what your competitors are advertising could provide beneficial information.

How to Find Competitor's Facebook Ads (Free)

To locate Facebook ads of competitors, The process is simple!

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 | How To Spy & Steal Your Competitor's Facebook Ads For FREE, Source: Youtube, Fred Lam

Step 1

Visit the Facebook page and type in the bar at the top for the company, brand, or product you're looking to observe. In this instance, I'm using Adidas. However, it is essential to look up your rivals or other brands in your field. Be aware that this can be applied to bloggers too! Many bloggers are sponsored by their articles, and you can observe how they do it and the pieces they are pushing.

Step 2

On the left-hand side, of the left-hand side, there's an entirely new option titled "Info and Ads." When you click it, you'll view a complete listing of ads are being run by a company on Facebook. You can get quick and easy to come up with ideas for campaigns for you to consider in just 20 minutes!

Alternative Way

Facebook also recently launched its Advertising Library that allows you to type in any company and immediately see all their ads and other pertinent details.

How to Locate Competitor's tweets (Free) 

The procedure is the same as Facebook to search for competitors' Twitter advertisements.

How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Social Media Ads (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Ads), Source: Youtube, Ali Mirza

Step 1

Visit Tweet Ads Transparency.

Step 2

Like Facebook does the same thing, you can search for the company, brand, or product you wish to observe. In this case, I'm making use of Adidas.


We shouldn't fool ourselves; we've seen this occurring for a while using high-end tools. With these new features, there has never been easier to access advertisements from competitors without cost. Therefore, I suggest taking advantage of this before everyone else. This blog post may not aid in that. Let the real fight begin.

Please let me know in the comment section if you've found this helpful! Let me know if you have an alternative method or tool to view ads from competitors that I didn't mention or discuss.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.